Kid Destroys A LEGO Sculpture Worth Nearly $15,000


(PCM) Anyone that has seriously played with LEGO’s knows that it can take weeks or even months to build some of the more elaborate creations, many of which are often put on display in museums or at conventions for people to see and they look absolutely incredible. You also know that it can only take a moment for these types of creations to be destroyed as they are very fragile and can come apart quite easily. Unfortunately, the latter occurred when a young boy in China pushed over a giant LEGO sculpture of a human sized fox creature that was currently on display as part of the┬áLEGO Expo in Ningbo, China. The sculpture was said to be worth close to $15,000 and it was destroyed in a moment when the young boy unleashed his wrath of destruction. Hardly anyone in attendance for the expo was able to see the sculpture, as the incident occurred after the expo had only been opened to the public for an hour.


It is quite apparent that a sculpture of that size took quite a bit of time to create and artist Zhao confirms that it took him about three days to complete. He says the child’s parents were incredibly apologetic about the incident and he is not currently seeking any sort of compensation from the boy’s family as he feels the incident was purely accidental. He did add that he was heartbroken at seeing his work so quickly destroyed.