Fun New Thing for a Summer Sunday Night: Major League Soccer

I was in for a big surprise when I went to my first Major League Soccer game last night. I know a bit about soccer, but I never watch the games at home because I get bored. But I was far from bored at the game. The biggest surprise of the evening was the “supporters” section. There is a big section at the end of the field filled with insanity, they sing and chant the entire game and never sit down. To sit in this section you have to be a member of a club. To become a member of the club, you have to prove that you know all of the chats and songs and pledge to never sit down. During the game there were people leading the chats, giving signs and pounding on drums. When I say they never stopped chanting, I am absolutly serious. They even all stood up and turned their back to the field when they introduced the opposing team. The “supporters” section set the tone for the entire game. It felt almost like a college American football game with an enthusiastic student section. So, it was no surprise the excitement that exploaded when the home team scored a goal. Banners came over the supporters section and the entire stadium was jumping, cheering and singing for the team.  The fans certainly know how to have a good time. And finally, everyone at the statium was so nice, curteous, helpful and polite. I have never gotten so many greetings and thank-you’s while leaving a sporting event. Overall it was a great experience. So check your closest city for a Major League Soccer game and enjoy some Sunday Night entertainment in the summer