Facebook: Still The Devil!(?)

He do this for the hood…for real though… Houma Today (a local newspaper in Southern Louisiana) tells us the tale of how Larry Luther — father of TWENTY THREE children — got upset over a Facebook post that was made by a child-support hearing officer that claimed he had “too much time on his hands.” From the report: “Dunckelman has de-activated the Facebook page that includes the post, which never mentioned Luther by name but which judicial-ethics experts say likely crossed acceptable lines of conduct such judges are obligated by law to uphold. “Just had a fellow leave child support court. He works as a bouncer and has twenty-three (23) children!,” the post reads. “Of course he gets paid cash and thus pays no (0) taxes. I think he needs another job as he has way too much time on his hands! What do you think?” What Luther thinks is that the post has negative and unfair implications. His two youngest children are 3 years old. There are three 14-year-olds and the rest are in their upper teens and in their 20s. He fathered his oldest child when he himself was 17. “Even with the number of children I have, I am a very supportive father,” Luther said Friday after calling to tell his side of the story. “Sometimes I have no rest tending to those kids.”