Canadian Prime Minister Visits Yankees Stadium!

CelebrityMagnet Tom Murro really got his money’s worth last Sunday, when he had a special guest sitting five seats to his left at the Yankees versus Blue Jays game. The gentleman had security guards surrounding him at every angle; all equipped with Yankees hats to blend in. However, the men wearing heavy blazers with special Canadian leaf pins on their lapels in 90 degree weather was revealing enough to distract other attendees from the game’s activity.
Everyone seated in that section did not know who this mystery guest was until he left the stadium. After using everyone’s best friend, Google, Murro was able to find out after typing in “Canadian Politicians” that this Yankees fan was Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He is actually the current and 22nd Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Conservative Party. He actually became prime minister when his party formed a minority government after the 2006 federal election.
The Prime Minister was seated in the Yankees’ highly coveted Legends box Suite. In this all-inclusive seat package, one can get anything he or she wishes. The Prime Minister can order some prime rib as he watches Nick Swisher wave to the crowd and Francisco Cervelli try to throw someone out at second. He didn’t even have to get up out of his seat and risk missing the 7th inning YMCA dance, because they serve lobster, steak, and any treat one could want right at his seat.
“I shook the Prime Ministers hand on his way out and snapped this nice picture of him signing a fans ball,” said Murro. “He seemed like really nice guy. On a surprising note, he appeared to have more Secret Service around him than President Obama, who I have played golf with and have been around a few times.”
When asked by National Post if the Prime Minister’s allegiance to the Blue Jays looked obvious, Murro responded, “He had a Blue Jays hat on. He seemed to get pretty excited when things were looking good for the Blue Jays, which wasn’t all that often. [Derek] Jeter hit a three run homer in the third inning that locked up the game for the Yankees.”It seemed the Prime Minister was smart by cutting out early, as the Yankees one nine to three. Go pinstripes!