Young People Very Likely To Try New Products Endorsed By YouTube Stars

(PCM) Recently, a study was conducted by Defy Media, who run a multi-channel network on YouTube, that surveyed consumers aged 13 to 24 to find out just how much influence their viewing habits on YouTube have on their everyday lives and how they relate to YouTube stars.


The company chose the 13 to 24 year old age range because they are the demographic that view approximately 11.3 hours of free online video per week compared to just a measly 8.3 hours of traditional broadcast television.  According to, the survey panelists said that they viewed online video because it catered more directly to their interests.  A whopping 69% of those surveyed claimed that digital creators provided them with the content they want and 67% said that they were easily able to find content that they could relate to online. These numbers were much higher than that of traditional broadcast television.

It truly appears that this particular age demographic is much more highly influenced by new media stars online rather than traditional media, as they find these individuals to be easier to relate to and much more authentic. According to Defy Media’s survey the participants even felt like there was more of a chance that they could actually have the opportunity to be a YouTube celebrity if given the opportunity.

The study went on to show that 63% of the survey participants said that they would be willing to purchase a product that was endorsed by a YouTube celebrity, while on 48% said they would do the same for a traditional media personality.

The numbers certainly don’t lie!  You can see more of Defy Media’s fascinating study by visiting them online.

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YouTube Has Revealed The Top Viral Video For 2014


(PCM) The viral video craze is still running rampant and it seems that each year the number of views on these videos continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

The internet’s largest video sharing web site YouTube has revealed a top ten list of the most viral videos of the year. Can you guess which video claimed the number one spot?

With over 115 million views the “Mutant Giant Spider Dog” has nabbed the number one spot for the most viral video of 2014.

In the video strangers are pranked by Polish actor and director S.A. Wardego when he dressed up his dog Chica in a giant spider costume. The reactions are pretty hilarious.

Coming in second place with over 99 million views is the Nike Football commercial titled “Winner Stays” featuring Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

You can check out the full list below:

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YouTube Has Created An Epic 2014 Rewind Video Featuring Over 120 Creators


(PCM) YouTube and Portal A have teamed up once again to put together an epic 2014 year end rewind video that features over 120 different creators from around the world re-creating the most viral videos of the year set to the top songs of the year remixed by DJ Earworm.

The video opens with PewDiePie on top of a city building pulling out the YouTube logo from his backpack. He then belly flops through the roof to Lil Jon and DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What” and that begins the videos epic journey.

The journey takes the viewer around the world as many of our favorite and most lovable YouTube stars dance to the mix and recreate videos such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, spider-dog, snap selfies and more!

Check out the epic 2014 YouTube Rewind video below:

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Grandmas Get High and Play Cards Against Humanity, Hilarity Ensues

Marijuana(PCM) If you’re in the need for a good wholesome laugh to usher in the beginning of the end of the week, look no further than Cut’s video of three sweet grandmothers all smoking marijuana for the first time and hanging out.

Cut, a media/news/publishing outlet uploaded the video to their Youtube page, Cut Video, on Wednesday. Within hours the video went viral, gaining over 5 million views after being shared by various popular outlets like BroBible, social networking site Reddit, and more recently Buzzfeed.

The six minute long video starts with a music video-worthy slo-mo shot of the three grandmothers taking hits from a bong while JenRo’s “Malt Liquor” sets the scene before cutting to grandmothers introducing themselves, pre-hit.

All three acknowledge that they’ve never smoked pot before, saying that they were too busy raising their children or had never forayed into the land of illegal drugs, content smoking cigarettes and drinking cocktails as housewives.


Filming in Washington, one of four states in the U.S. where recreational use of marijuana is legal, the grandmothers proceed to take turns hitting a bong. Doing their amateur’s best, each grandma takes a rip, one even coaching the other one, saying, “There, do it like you mean it!”

The sight of three affable, straight-laced grandmas taking hits from a bong, then a vape is enough to inspire laughter, but the three go on to discuss various topics, play a short-lived game of jenga, and learn new words while playing Cards Against Humanity.

Reactions have been mixed with most people embracing the humor of the video, recognizing that three women in the 60+ age range partaking in a recreational drug is hardly harmful or offensive, but some have called the women and those who created the video poor role models, citing marijuana’s status as illegal in the majority of states and its possibly harmful and unstudied effects.

Watch the extended cut of Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time below and visit  Cut’s Facebook and website here.

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Shia LaBeouf’s New Role as Actual Cannibal?

Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, you name it; it seems you cannot go anywhere on the internet without hearing the reference of “Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf” from some corner of the globe.

However, the reference has nothing to do with a new film role Shia’s booked for the upcoming year. It also has nothing to do with Shia’s personal dietary habits. Where the reference comes from actually
is from the delightfully twisted and hysterical new song written by songwriter Rob Cantor, entitled “Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf”.

Originally posted on SoundCloud, Cantor’s little diddy tells the story of the listener getting lost in the woods, where they are attacked by actual cannibal Shia Labeouf. The listener then engages in a series of dramatic steps in an attempt to escape the woods safely. The song is absolutely hysterical, with just a touch of an absolutely frightening quality to really make the listener respond to the song, positively or negatively.

And trust me, there is no in between with this song.

The song has taken off with tremendous speed. Fans everywhere are posting pictures to go along with the song, as well as videos of reactions, dramatic readings, even getting celebrities like Josh Groban to promote the song on Twitter.

Here’s one of the fan made videos made by a tumblr user:

Shia Labeouf has responded to the song with the utmost confusion, taking to Twitter as well to inquire why everyone thinks he’s a cannibal.

The song is available for purchase here and you all can follow Rob on twitter @Robcantor!

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