VIDEO: Meet The Royal Concept!

Rock is a dying breed of music — and that’s a shame, to be sure — but there is a band that I recently came across that gives me hope that rock, as an art, is NOT dead. Ladies & gentlemen, meet The Royal Concept!

This band — originally from Stockholm, Sweden — debuted their five-song EP on iTunes earlier this week, and also dropped the video for their first single, “Gimme Twice,” at the same time.

As soon as the single hit radio, it became the #1 most added song at Alternative according to BDS. It’s a testament to the track’s sheer catchiness and instant appeal, paving the way for even bigger things to come.

The always hard-to-impress Jason Flom — the legendary Lava/Atlantic A&R rep who signed such acts as Kid Rock, Matchbox 20, The Blue Man Group, & Simple Plan — has signed the band to Lava/Atlantic. … Read the rest…

VIDEO: Otis the Skydiving Dog

My dog, Shoko, is 3 years old, and is quite possibly the laziest dog in the history of canine-dom. This is a dog that considers the walk from my room to the bathroom as the equivalent of the ING NYC Marathon. Aside from his laziness, he is a dog of a discerning (actually, PICKY) tastes: Kibbles’n’Bits isn’t enough for this mutt’s delicate palate. No, only the finest Italian foods (pesto, cheeses, pasta) will satisfy this precocious pup (I blame my father, may God rest his soul, who often shared Italian delicacies with my dog, unbeknownst to me. Also thanks to my father, my dog only understands commands in Sicilian, and will look at you with a “CHILE, PLEASE!” look on his face if you command him in English). He barks at every squirrel that dares to scamper across the trees, but hides under the bed if the mailman comes … Read the rest…

VIDEO: Taking “Economic” To a New Level

When Luke Clark Tyler, an architect in Manhattan, was looking for new digs, he wanted something centrally located and economically feasible.

As he’s a single vegetarian with no children, he needed to go with something that made the best use of whatever little space was available.

So, for a reasonable sum of $800 per month (you can’t pay those prices ANYWHERE in the greater New York area), he found this 78-SQUARE-FOOT apartment. (Quite economic, considering that there’s a palatial 90-square-foot apartment for about $1000/month.)

According to Neatorama, Tyler has every luxury: “a Murphy bed (that he made himself), a couch, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a closet.” He shares a bathroom with four other tenants.

(And, to put this in perspective: for all of these luxurious accommodations, he’s paying $10.25/square foot.)

Peep the video tour HERE.

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VIDEO: When Farting Goes Wrong

Jack Vale has made a “living” off of fake-farting in people’s faces and/or talking in “Tiger Blood” talk. (Hey, a check’s a check — I can’t knock a man’s hustle, especially in this economy…even if that man’s hustle involves being a less-funny Dane Cook…as if Dane Cook could get any more lame & unfunny…)

Usually, he takes his Bronx cheers to the aisles of Target (I can only hope that Target cuts him a check for all the free publicity…)…but he might want to reconsider his grind after this incident.

In this video, Vale “farts” in the face of a woman in a moto-scooter. Her husband, right behind her in a similar moto-scooter, took high offense to this farting in his wife’s general direction (Monty Python references for the win!) and…well…see for yourself….


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