Taylor Swift’s Twitter And Instagram Hacked

(PCM) Without a doubt Taylor Swift has one of the most popular celebrity accounts on both Twitter and Instagram, so it was definitely a shock to fans when we learned that our beloved Taylor’s account had been hijacked.

A series of suspicious and now deleted tweets began showing up on Taylor’s account and they were tagging Twitter users @Veriuser and @Lizzard urging Swift’s nearly 52 million followers to follow their accounts.

taylor-hack2 Taylor-hack1

The hackers also posted several disturbing images on the page as well. A vast majority of Taylor’s fans caught on to the scam right away and hilariously many others began begging the hackers for highly esteemed follow-back from Taylor’s account.


Sources say that @Lizzard threatened to release nude image of Taylor in exchange for bitcoin, but there has been no word yet if any exchange has taken place. The accounts for both @Lizzard and @Veriuser have since been suspended.

Taylor posted a message on her Tumblr page in response to the hack and let fans know that her team was aware of the hack and they were in the process of updating and changing all her passwords.

Once everything was updated and changed, Taylor posted the following tweet directed at the hackers:

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Twitter Adds Video To Its’ Mobile App!


(PCM) There is some incredibly big news for Twitter fans as the company announced several new features including video. According to Tubefilter.com, the new video service allows users to access their phones camera with a single touch of the button.

Users can also snap photos and edit those photos and video clips without having to leave the app. Twitter, enlisted actor Neil Patrick Harris to announce the new services and he uploaded a quick video of himself and an Oscar night sneak peek. As many know, NPH will be hosting the upcoming Academy Awards broadcast.

Twitter also happens to be the owner of Vine which allows for only six second video clips, while the new Twitter video service will allow up to 30 second long clips, beating out Instagram which only allows users to post no more than 15 second long clips.

In addition to the video capture news, Twitter also revealed that they are no offering the ability to group message.

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Is One Direction More Popular Than President Obama?

(PCM) Well, it seems that according to Twitter that very well may be the case. It appears that now a tweet made by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has officially been retweeted more times that President Obama’s infamous re-election tweet.


The tweet from Tomlinson was posted back in 2011 and was a simple love note to his fellow One Direction band mate Harry Styles that read “Always in my heart @HarryStyles. Yours sincerely, Louis.”

The heartwarming message has now been retweeted 757, 822 times which surpassed President Obama’s “Four more years” re-election tweet which has been retweeted 757,460 times.

President Obama’s tweet was record-breaking at the time, however it is now been ranked down to third place as the most retweeted message of all time. Tomlinson’s tweet is now in second place and of course we can all probably guess which tweet still hold the number one spot.

It is the famous Oscar night selfie from Ellen DeGeneres, which shattered all retweeting records and nearly broke the internet. It has been retweeted well over 3 million times to date.

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Troubled MLB Star Jose Canseco Tweets A Marriage Proposal To Shania Twain


(PCM) Things have not been going too well for troubled MLB star Jose Canseco these days. He recently blew part of his finger off while cleaning his gun at his home in Las Vegas, NV. Doctors were able to reattach his finger, however he then decided it would be a really funny joke to say that it fell off again during a poker game. Newsflash Jose … not funny!

After all the drama with the finger, Canseco then got into an altercation with his girlfriend and her mother that ended with the police showing up at his door. His girlfriend ended up breaking off their engagement and moving back to Los Angeles.

Now it seems that Canseco has made an attempt to look for love online and recently sent a tweet to country singer Shania Twain asking for her hand in marriage. He also tweeted a bare chested picture of himself as well!  Just bizarre!


The tweets, which have since been deleted said “Already tired of being single looking to get married asap.” Followed by his proposal to Twain which read “@ShaniaTwain want to get married we were supposed to meet when I played for the Blue Jays in 1998″.

There has been no word as to whether or not Twain saw the tweets! Canseco must be truly getting desperate, as Twain happens to be a happily married woman.


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Twitter Sues The U.S. Government


(PCM) Social media giant Twitter has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government for the right to disclose and publish the full amount of government surveillance requests they receive.

Twitter has always been a huge advocate for free speech and would like the opportunity to be more forthcoming with its’ users about the full nature and the total number of requests for private user information that they receive from government agencies.

The lawsuit is based off an agreement made between internet companies such as Google and Microsoft which allow these companies the right to disclose the number of orders they receive, however only in broad ranges for example zero to 999.

In their lawsuit Twitter is stating that they should have the right to disclose the exact number of request that they receive rather than a broad range. Twitter vice president Ben Lee had the following to say “It’s our belief that we are entitled under the First Amendment to respond to our users’ concerns and to the statements of U.S. government officials by providing information about the scope of U.S. government surveillance — including what types of legal process have not been received”.

Twitter made an attempt to send a full disclosure report over to the FBI for publishing approval back in April of this year, but were denied their right to publish. Do you think as social media users we should have the full right to know the number of requests and just who may be looking at our accounts? Or do you feel it is an issue of national and international security and should remain secret?

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