The Real Housewives of NJ.. Plus Two!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey returns tomorrow at 9/8 C on Bravo, and two new housewives are introduced.

The first is Teresa Guidice’s sister-in-law, 32-year-old Melissa Gorga. She grew up in a “100 percent Italian” family in Toms River, NJ and married real-estate developer, Joe Gorga, almost seven years ago. They now live with their three children – Antonia (5), Gino (3), and Joey (11 months) in a mansion that Joe built in Montville, NJ.

Kathy Wakile is a 45-year-old mom who lives in Wayne, NJ. Wakile lives with her husband Richard and two children – Victoria (17) and Joseph (15). She is the first cousin of Teresa Giudice.

The 90-minute premiere tomorrow will introduce these two Garden state gals. The first episode will also include a christening party that starts out as a joyous occasion and turns into quite a “Jersey brawl.”


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Michael Lohan and Kim G Make Out

“I liked that he didn’t have a saggy rear end. He has a nice smile, killer eyes, and he’s devious like me,” said “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Kim Granatell regarding what she likes most about new flame Michael Lohan.

Lohan is known as the ex-husband of Dina Lohan and father to a lawyer’s biggest money-maker, Lindsay Lohan. When Papa Lohan is not attending rehab or dealing with his daughter’s legal battles, it seems he is getting hot and heavy with Kim G.

Lohan decided to give his daughter Lindsay a break from all the media coverage by making tabloids himself. In this exclusive photo by Tom Murro from, Granatell and Lohan can be seen lip locking for the public. With Granatell’s petite size and blonde locks, she caught the attention of Lohan right away. One of the first things he told her was, “Look at that … Read the rest…

New York Club Turns Away Danielle Staub At Hailey Glassman’s 24th Birthday Party

Hailey Glassman held her 24th birthday bash at Pacha night club in New York City this past Saturday. Celebrity magnet Tom Murro, along with his wife Kelly, The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Kim Granatell, and Danny Provenzano, were a few among the many who joined Glassman to ring in her new year.

Publicly known as Jon Gosselin’s ex, Glassman headed over to the festivities via the New York Waterway ferry where she met Eric Williams, who played for the Boston Celtics and most recently The Bobcats. This was the first time ever meeting the basketball star, but she felt he made a great “plus one” for her party. After she invited him to her birthday bash, he enthusiastically accepted.

With the guest list expanding by the minute, Glassman met Kim G on the other side of the Hudson. The two joined up later with the … Read the rest…

Kardashian Mess Cleaned Up By RHONJ’s Kim G

The Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, really lived up to their store name, Dash, as they did just that out of the door of the Pacha night club in NYC into their black SUV avoiding fans November 10th. Normally, it is understood that celebrities try to escape paparazzi or screaming fans. This, however, should not include fans who paid $30 plus to see the reality stars at an event the stars agreed to attend. The paying customers did not even get to see their faces, unless they bought a pre-paid Mastercard, which has the Kardashians’ faces already on it.

New Jersey’s Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro and his wife Kelly also attended the event along with his friends “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Kim Granatell and her son, Olympic boxer Eric Kelly, and Mrs. New Jersey Claire Pavlinec. They all had an enjoyable time, but could not help notice … Read the rest…

Attracting Drama at Danielle Staub’s Birthday Party

Last night Real Housewife of New Jersey, Danielle Staub, held her 48th birthday party at Scores gentleman’s club in New York City. Noel Ashman owns the club and hosted the party for her.

Ashman personally invited his friend, Tom Murro, also known as The Celebrity Magnet. As Tom’s guest he brought Kim Granatell, or Kim G, Danielle’s former friend and fellow castmember on RHONJ.

The last time viewers saw Kim G on RHONJ she was screaming and cursing at Danielle, calling her a “sneak” among other things.

Tom and Kim G arrived on the red carpet and word flew through the party that she arrived. A guest reportedly texted Danielle, who was on the way to the party at the time, and told her Kim G was there. When Staub arrived in her limo, she refused to get out for almost an hour. As Ashman asked Kim to leave so … Read the rest…

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