Selena Gomez Adds ‘Executive Producer’ to Her Resume

Selena Gomez is moving up in the world, fast. The Spring Breakers actress will be returning to the Disney Channel, taking the reins as executive producer on a special episode of “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Hollyscoop has obtained a sneak peek of Selena’s interview with Ernie D on Radio Disney in which she talks about the new challenge. “I’m not ready for it [‘Wizards’] to be over, so I just kind of want to do one more thing,” she says.

The idea to reboot “Wizards” series after a four-season run came to light after a strong effort from Selena herself, thus earning her the EP credit…

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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Who Would You Call? Bieber-Gomez or the 2012 Olympic Swim Team!

(PCM) Carly Rae Jepsen you have done it again! The 26-year-old Canadian recording artist has put out quite the blockbuster this year with her smash hit, “Call Me Maybe.” Not only does it play on the top pop stations for every other song, but major celebrities are joining in on the madness too.

Similar to a vampire series, this song as taken over! It all started back when Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, and Justin Bieber put out their video for the song. Not knowing who Jepsen was yet, I actually got confused on who the singer was for this song. I actually thought it was something that the three stars had produced.

Little did I know they were just having some fun, goofing off and lip-syncing to Jepsen’s playful masterpiece.

Fast forward months later, and now you have an Olympic team doing the same thing? I think this video is definitely more elaborate than the Bieber-Gomez original. This is also so impressive that the 2012 USA Olympic swim team not only knows this song and enjoys this song, but they made an entire YouTube video about it.

After viewing both videos, which one do you declare as your favorite Call Me Maybe rendition? And, which one do you wish you were in?

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Hudgens and Gomez Team Up

Put one Wildcat and one Waverly Place Wizard on Spring break and what do you get? Craziness. That’s exactly how High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens described her character to E! Online… “She’s a crazy party girl.”

Her character Candy pairs up with Wizards of Waverly Place’s Selena Gomez and Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson in their new movie Spring Breakers.

In hopes to afford their spring break plans, the three “fun-loving girls” decide to hold up a bank. James Franco plays a sketchy drug dealer who bails them out of jail.

Shooting began this week in Florida for the ladies, and fella. They all get to let loose with their inner party animals – wonder where their dream spring break will be. Cancun? Miami?

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Bieber Off the Market

Bieber fans across the world our in tears today as they were forced to face the truth. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are a REAL couple. The duo showed up to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party last night in color coordinated Dolce & Gabbana. This is the first time that the couple have made a public appearance together.

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Selena Gomez EXCLUSIVE UNICEF: Trick-or-Treat for Charity Concert!

Selena Gomez and her band The Scene will perform a small intimate concert next Tuesday, October 26th at 5:00p PT/8:00p PT direct from The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. All proceeds from the concert will benefit the United Nation’s Children’s Fund in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Trick-or-Treat for (UNICEF).

For 60 years, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has served as the Original Kids Helping Kids® campaign for generations of American children providing them with the most impactful way of making a difference in the lives of the world’s children. Viewers around the world can experience the exclusive event first-hand and interact by posting comments and questions using Ustream’s Social Stream or chat. Watch, chat, or embed the stream at

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