Chris Brown Vs. Drake: They Take It To The Ring

They’ve been rumored to be fighting for the heart of Rihanna for months and there’s still no 100% clear winner. So Chris Brown and Drake are doing exactly what any red blooded American/Canadian boys (in the 1840s) would do: box it out.

Hollyscoop reports that after several offers for an official match, Brown and Drake have agreed to punch it out during three one-minute rounds (such babies!) in 24 oz. gloves for a charity match at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.

The match is a carry over ‘grudge match’ from their brawl at the W.i.P nightclub in June. Tony Parker, who was hurt in the fight and is currently suing the club, is going to ref the match, which will go down on Saturday, September 22nd.

Brown and Drake signed the contract through their reps. Drake’s rep has said that Drake is going to “End it in 2 rounds” and Brown’s rep’s only comment was that it would be a “great fight.”

If you want to see them brawl, tickets go on sale this week!

For more info, head over to Hollyscoop – More details to come!

photo credit Zap2It/Getty Images

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Fire at Rihanna’s Hotel

A fire broke out in London this past Wednesday at the luxury Corinthia Hotel, forcing Rihanna and 300 other guests to evacuate onto the street.

Rihanna tweeted to her fans news of the fire saying, “Roamin da streets since 6am! Fyah in da telly.” including a picture of a fire truck parked outside of the hotel. Ten firefighters dealt with the blaze on the seventh floor of the Corinthia Hotel and no injuries were reported.

The singer was in London on tour preparing for her show at the outdoor Hackney Weekend concert on Sunday.

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Awkward Award Mix-Up At 2011 BET Awards

Usually a savory celebration of African-American accomplishment, this year’s BET Awards was a semi-circus. Human error in the ceremony’s blueprint produced  a string of accidental awards, one being a messy mix-up between hostile exes Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Last night, instead of seeing a fantasy fulfilled, the  ill-fated fan selected to present the award endured a nationally boradcasted nightmare. The poor girl’s fifteen minutes of fame were occupied by the awkward award screw-up that lasted just about that long; after reverently rewarding Chris Brown, the king of R&B with the ‘Viewers Choice’ award, the presenter quickly retracted her words and deemed Rihanna the winner.

As if mistaking former lovers caught in a domestic dispute wasn’t enough, the speaker thought the third time would be a charm when she finally asserted that Drake was the vocal victor. Drake made his way up to the stage to accept his trophy and state the obvious saying, “This is awkward”.

Little did he know, the confusion would become even more cumbersome for the champion who won by chance; after the award show ended, a BET rep announced that Chris Brown was indeed the award’s winner. BET attributed the tangle to human error and claimed that a producer put the wrong name on the teleprompter. Minutes of mid-show mayhem and this post-program revelation quickly turned the Shrine Auditorium in LA into a three-ring arena.

Click to see the gawky glitch!

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Rihanna Shoots a Man Down, Striking Controversy With Parents

Beautiful Barbadian vocalist turned dark, resentful rocker Rihanna, 23, has reached a climax in her dynamic musical journey. No longer the island princess with a dance-pop, reggae forte, RiRi has taken a turn down an obscure and gloomy path which manifested itself in her controversial new video, “Man Down”.

The then-edgy but still innocent singer’s transition gained its acceleration from an alleged altercation with boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009. This domestic violence-case hardly operated in the star’s private sphere; the incident was entirely publicized when Chris was charged with assault and making criminal threats and pictures of Rihanna’s visibly battered face were leaked by paparazzi.

Some fear that the remainder of Rihanna’s career and life narrative will be shaped by the detrimental and humiliating episode. The Parent’s Television Council sees traces of the painful incident in her most talked about “Man Down” video and questions the impact the morbid video will have on young women. After being physically assaulted (really, suggestively raped) by a man behind a club one night, emotionally distraught Rihanna shoots and kills her offender in the middle of a crowded street in broad daylight.

The Council is concerned that the mini-movie presents a ‘cold, calculated execution of murder’ as a means to achieve justice. Adolescents in similar situations, after seeing their role model take the life of the man who caused her pain, may hereafter see murderous revenge rather than counseling, legal action or therapeutic healing as an immediate solution. The Council also points out the clear double-standard that comes with the video’s presentation, “”If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass …”

Singers undoubtedly use music as an expressive outlet, but  perhaps Rihanna should stop letting her painful past erode her better judgment and capacity to reason. It’s as if before she walks into the recording studio, she envisions herself settling into a psychologist’s office for a draining therapy session, and her listeners become her shrink.





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Chris Brown’s Nude Photo

Chris Brown lost his good boy image when he physically assaulted his girlfriend of the time, popstar Rihanna. Ever since then he has been following the law, and trying to get back into the good graces of the music industry. Now Brown is making headlines for a less than positive reason.

A nude photo of the Brown has been leaked onto the internet. The photo was taken by Chris himself, and supposedly sent to a former girlfriend. One can only wonder if the ex-flame was Rihanna?

Brown has yet to make any comment on Twitter about the release of this photo. which is quite unusual for the outspoken singer.

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