Griselda Blanco Passes Away

When people think of drug dealers, cocaine cowboys, and ruthless gangsters, they tend to think of Scarface-types — Tony Montana stereotypes, Godfather-like wiseguys with pinky rings and Italian silk suits.

The last thing people think of is grandmotherly types like Griselda Blanco.

Yet, that was also part of her effectiveness: because the so-called ‘cocaine godmother’ looked more like the abuela next door than the ruthless murderers of lore, Blanco was able to rule the Colombian drug cartel with an iron fist — she, in fact, was the first to introduce the concept of assassination-by-motorcycle to Miami in the 1980’s (when the cocaine trade was at an all-time high).

Alas, you live by the sword, and you die by the sword. The Huffington Post is reporting that the 69-year-old unlikely gangster — who has been the subject of many documentaries, including ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ — was gunned down in Medellin (the second-largest city in Colombia) yesterday. She had returned to Colombia after a 20-year prison sentence in Florida; after she returned to her homeland, she kept a low profile.

In her prime, Blanco ordered hits on over 250 people. It’s fitting — Kafka-esque — almost expected, then, that she would die the same way she lived.

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Have You Seen This Chain? If So, You Can Get $20,000!

Houston rapper Sun (first on left, next to Lloyd Banks) had his chain stolen from him yesterday from a Denny’s parking lot.

In addition to his chain, the Zoo Life rapper — who has worked with everyone from Tony Yayo to Slim Thug — has also lost his laptop (with all of his files) and a few other items of value.

However, the rapper’s concern right now is the chain. Here’s a closer photo of the chain in question:

(and yes, that’s Lil’Kim next to Sun)

Sun is offering a $20,000 cash reward, no questions asked, for the return of the chain. If you know where it is, Tweet @Sun_Days on Twitter & let him know. In this economy, we could all use a little something extra for our troubles. (If I were in Houston, instead of in this ridiculous NYC heat, I would be PERSONALLY invading the Alamo looking for this thing. Call me Pancho Villa if you want…a girl’s got investments to make.)

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Follow FuseTV As It Goes “Behind the Unsigned” & with “The Docu-Tape Series.”

It’s not often I come across a show that I actually WANT to watch. But “Behind the Unsigned” actually seems like a lot of fun, as does its sister show, “The Docu-Tape Series.”

The first show takes us through the journey of the independent artist on the road to making their dreams a reality. Whether it be music, acting, or sports BTU’s mission is to give you a glimpse of unquestionable talent in its most true element. Stars include Fred the Godson & Nitty Scott MC.

Then there’s “The Docu-Tape Series,” which is what The Voice would be if the participants had talent. With a tag-line of “it’s not about the drama, it’s about the struggle!” this gritty show focuses on such breakout stars as producer collective Buda da Future & Grandz Muzik, who have produced hits for nearly everyone in hip-hop that has mattered within the past 10 years (older viewers may think of this duo as sort of a hip-hop Laurel & Hardy, with the fluffy Buda serving as a foil for his more wiry counterpart).

Both series premiere on FuseTV on — appropriately enough — Independence Day, July 4th 2012.

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Modeling 101: How NOT to Be Unprofessional

In this day & age of the Internet, it’s ALL TOO EASY to call oneself a “model” when one is nothing of the sort. It seems, today, that a photo & a 3-second appearance in a video can lead people to believe that they are Claudia Schiffer.

Would it be that this were the case.

In the world of modeling, a PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE is as an important of a tool as a camera is to a photographer, and as a hair dryer is to a hair stylist.

When one gets a bad reputation in modeling, it’s difficult — if not impossible — to shake it off. When one becomes blacklisted because of the bad reputation, it is both funny – and sad – at the same time.

It’s too easy to forget that social media sites are frequently checked & observed by industry professionals and potential employers, but as KUSH’s recent statement proves (site NSFW), sometimes unprofessional models need a reality check.

If you’re an aspiring model, read his statement & observe what NOT to do.

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Gumby Falls Silent: Dick Beals, Voice of Cartoon Icon, Dies

As a spokesman for more than 3,000 products beginning in the 1950’s, Richard “Dick” Beals certainly made his voice work hard for the money.

But the iconic voice was best known for giving life to the iconic green cartoon Gumby, best known for his adventures with his horse Pokey.

Now, unfortunately, that voice has gone forever silent.

Beals was 85 when he passed away today in Southern California, according to the Los Angeles Times. He often got jobs that required a “child-like” sound, because his voice hadn’t changed since elementary school due to a glandular issue.

A family friend reported his passing to the paper.

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