Lindsay Lohan Sues The Makers Of “Grand Theft Auto V”


(PCM) We have to wonder what took her so long, oh right…legal trouble of her own! It seems that actress Lindsay Lohan is suing the makers of “Grand Theft Auto V” for using her likeness for a character in their hit video game.

In the lawsuit, Lohan accuses Take-Two Interactive Software Inc and its’ subsidiaries Rockstar Games and Rockstar North, of basing the game character “Lacey Jones” off of to quote the lawsuit filed “her image, likeness, clothing, outfits, plaintiff’s clothing line products, ensemble in the form of hats, hair style, sunglasses,[and] jean shorts worn by plaintiff that were for sale to the public at least two years before the defendant’s release of the GTA V game”

The lawsuit also questions the games use of the Hotel Chateau, which is similar to that of the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood where Lohan lived and frequented for quite some time. The game character of “Lacey Jones” is an actress who is often times chased down by the paparazzi, other aspect that is eerily similar to that of Lohan’s own personal life.

There has been no comment from Take-Two Interactive in regards to the lawsuit. Do you think it has merit?

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Michael Lohan’s Advice for Fathers on Father’s Day

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Michael Lohan has faced some supersized dad dilemmas in his day.  Say what you will, but the man definitely knows a few things about Xtreme parenting that most of us, thankfully, never will.

Michael Lohan and his nuclear family meltdowns through the years are a cautionary tale for us all about how NOT to handle a troubled teen, particularly when she is a movie star with a full security contingent, a publicist, and your ex-wife is still on her payroll.  But a near-death experience that he says brought God into his life has made Michael Lohan reform his bad dad ways.

Since then, Michael has made it his mission to share his parenting wisdom with other moms and dads and kids, who seem more willing and able to listen to him than his own family has been, on his talk radio show on ArmadaFM. Michael is also turning his dad skills into a premise for a reality show about a floating teen rehab unit, which he shot recently in Miami with Kim “G” Granatell, who knows a thing about family meltdowns after two seasons on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“Michael couldn’t do enough for those kids” Kim G said, reflecting on her time spent with the teens. “He talked about Lindsay, and shared his feelings about being a father and having a daughter in their situation.  He was calm and soft spoken, and spoke from the heart, and the kids were really listening.  He really did a great job with them.”

So this father’s day I decided to turn to pop culture’s most famous and infamous pop, and asked Michael Lohan to share his five top tips for fathers, some of which we all know he had to learn the hard way.

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Michael Lohan and Kim G Make Out

“I liked that he didn’t have a saggy rear end. He has a nice smile, killer eyes, and he’s devious like me,” said “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Kim Granatell regarding what she likes most about new flame Michael Lohan.

Lohan is known as the ex-husband of Dina Lohan and father to a lawyer’s biggest money-maker, Lindsay Lohan. When Papa Lohan is not attending rehab or dealing with his daughter’s legal battles, it seems he is getting hot and heavy with Kim G.

Lohan decided to give his daughter Lindsay a break from all the media coverage by making tabloids himself. In this exclusive photo by Tom Murro from, Granatell and Lohan can be seen lip locking for the public. With Granatell’s petite size and blonde locks, she caught the attention of Lohan right away. One of the first things he told her was, “Look at that body. I can’t believe you had three kids.” Perhaps, with pickup lines like that, Lohan has been watching another New Jersey show — “The Jersey Shore”.

Murro got right to it and asked Granatell if her new boy toy was a good kisser. She responded, “He is a good kisser; he just needs to ditch the cigarettes.” So along with refraining from alcohol, Lohan should also refrain from smoking Marlboros to increase kissing satisfaction.

It seems rare that these two would cross paths, let alone cross lips. Lohan lives on the West Coast and is mostly known for any drug-related or rehab-related tabloid stories. And Granatell lives in New Jersey and is known for being the one who stirs the pot on Bravo’s hit reality TV show about New Jersey housewives.

Although they live on opposite sides of the country, Lohan has offered to have Granatell visit him in his L.A. home, but she explained that she didn’t go because, “I didn’t want to end up like the Silahi’s.”

Granatell has dealt with a lot of drama on the RHONJ, from her interactions with Danielle Staub to, well, her interactions with Danielle Staub. But perhaps the tri-state area has not seen the type of drama a Lohan can bring. After seeing this make-out media photo, Lohan’s ex-fiancé, Kate Major, had some disturbing things to say about this 50-year-old dad. Major, a 28-year-old former reporter for Star magazine, confronted Lohan for weaving a web of lies, womanizing, and shockingly during a brawl, Lohan punched her female friend in the face, as reported. “In the meantime, Michael ripped a bracelet off my hand and it was all caught on camera,” said Major.

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Lohan Suing Jewelry Store?

Lindsay Lohan will be heading to court this week to face her grand theft charges, but it looks like plantiff, Kamofie & Co. may have to face Lohan herself.

According to E! Online, Lohan’s camp is claiming that the jewelery store sold the footage of Lohan trying on the $2500 necklace in question. As a result, Lohan is considering suing the company.

Rumor has it, Entertainment Tonight pad $25,000 to obtain the exclusive footage. The jewelery store is claiming that they had no involvement in the sale.

What do you think? Does Lindsay have a case?

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Lindsay Lohan’s Drug Tests Come Back Clean!

Having left the Betty Ford Rehab center two weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan has taken ten random alcohol and drug tests, which have all come back clean!

According to her father, Michael Lohan, the star “is doing four or five tests a week and  has passed all of them with flying colors.

He continued to say, “she is serious about staying healthy and is avoiding all the old things she used to do.”

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