CelebrityMagnet Tom Murro’s New York Fashion Week Experience

That’s a wrap! CelebrityMagnet Tom Murro and Food Network Chef Chris Nirschel are done with their New York Fashion Week outings, but have one more night of models and margaritas to dish about. Tuesday of last week, The Real Housewives of New Jersey Kim Granatell went with the dynamic duos to the Sachika Twins Style 360 Fashion Show at Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan.

While mingling, the crew bumped into former Jersey Shore member Angelina Pivarnick. Pivarnick was part of the original cast for this MTV reality show until she was kicked off the first season by her boss, and then she was kicked off the second season by her housemates. Either way, it seemed Nirschel had an easy time getting along with the feisty brunette as they sent flirty texts to each other throughout the show.

Murro and the gang enjoyed the view from the front row of all the exquisite dresses worn by the beautiful models. “We then all hit the red carpet where we met up with DMX’s wife Tashera Simmons who posed for the cameras with myself, the Sachikas, Angelina Pivarnick, Kim G and Nirschel,” said Murro. “Tashera is very cool, tough on the outside and sweet on the inside.”

After the flashing lights became less frequent, they all headed to Indashio’s Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s Ready2Wear Collection at the Audi Forum location on Park Avenue around 9 PM. “We were driven by a Mandingo Tribe member name Maleek,” said Murro. “We actually snuck Maleek into the show with us since he was such a big fan. Boy was he thrilled!”

It was quite the Italian affair on Tuesday as the crew also ran into Jerseylicious star Tracy DiMarco and Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano. “I quickly showed Renee the way to the VIP where she gracefully grabbed five cocktails at one time to bring out to her friends,” commented Murro. “I was pretty impressed by her cup holding skills.” She attributes that to her profession as a cocktail waitress in her previous life. Renee offered to have everyone over to her house for dinner where her and NIrschel will have a meatball making contest. “I’m really looking forward to that,” exclaimed Murro. Ready, set, Mangia!
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VH1’s Premiere Party For Season Three of Basketball Wives

CelebrityMagnet Tom Murro and good friend The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Kim Granatell attended the season three official premiere party for VH1’s hit reality series, Basketball Wives. The Friday event was hosted by stars Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozado, and Jennifer Williams at Club 4Sixty6 in West Orange, NJ.

The party was held to celebrate the successful premiere of the show, which features the power players behind the NBA’s most sought-after men. The night was packed with plenty of ballers, surprise celebrity guests, and camera crews galore. The attendees were asked to “dress to impress” considering the cameramen were filming the festivities for a future Basketball Wives episode.

Although CelebrityMagnet and Kim G were not too well-versed on the content of the show, they felt what a better way to find out about it than on a weekend at a nice club in New Jersey. As soon as they entered, they were quickly brought past the huge crowds and up to the VIP red carpet where they began the night chatting to a familiar face in a sequin dress. It turned out to be Tiffany Rios, one of this season’s contestants from American Idol.

After they flashed their pearly whites for some pictures to document the night, Kim G spent some time settling a “pressing” issue that had come up. The paparazzi had caught Kim entering the Intercontinental Hotel on Thursday morning with Michael Lohan. In response to all of their antagonizing words and persistent questions, Kim G playfully responded, “Can you keep a secret? Well, so can I.”

The guests at the party not only took photos and enjoyed cocktails, but also got a chance to shop like the basketball wives themselves. Revboutique.com set up shop for guests to browse outfits, even some that the stars may be wearing on the show. Celebrity stylist Meital B. was also on hand to give some expert tips on how to dress like the ladies.

“As Kim and I were standing in our section, I noticed the ladies pointing to Kim and then waving hello,” said Murro. “They actually recognized her and called us over for a photo.” Basketball Wives who watch The Real Housewives? How funny! It makes sense they might share a lot in common since the VH1 series is simply a version of the Bravo hit, but with a basketball theme!

Speaking of themes, the club brought out a Cake Boss-style cake in the shape of a basketball and hoop.“They were very sweet, and while we were taking our picture with the ladies, Kim actually sat down on the cake,” said Murro. “The poor thing then had to drive home with a chocolate covered backside, and in the photo you can actually make out the lines of the basketball on her dress.” Thankfully the stain came out the next day; however, that was quite a party “foul.”

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Kim G and Andy Cohen’s Twitter Battle!

Hell hath no fury like a housewife scorned! A celebrity “Twight” (Twitter fight) broke out last week after a few words were exchanged during the 6th Annual Made in NY Awards event at Gracie Mansion in New York City. Each year this awards show honors individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to New York City’s entertainment industry, and this night was definitely “entertaining” to say the least.

CelebrityMagnet Tom Murro made his rounds at Made in NY where he ran into the executive of Bravo programming and TV personality Andy Cohen. The two posed for a picture and started to chat about Murro’s best friend and partner-in-crime Kim Granatell, also known as Kim G on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, who couldn’t attend the event since she was at a jewelry show in Las Vegas.

“He was acting like my friend Kim G didn’t exist,” said Murro. “So I started talking about her blog on my site and all the parties we go to, and he says, ‘Kim G who? Is there really a market for Kim G?’” CelebrityMagnet defended his friend explaining she does in fact have a strong fan following. One thing we have learned from real housewives is that there will always be real drama. “I told Kim about my conversation with Andy,” said Murro. “I think I might have started something.”

A fight did actually ensue, or at least harsh words were exchanged, through Twitter at least. Kim G sent out these Tweets after her conversation with Murro: “Andy, stop being a flaming A…hole!!!” “There r birdies all around. Is there really a market for ….????” “Glad to be in Vegas dripping in “Real Diamonds” and not with Tom Murro @ Made iin NY Event with that DB A.C. JO,” “Can everyone understand initials??? Keep guessing!!” “Hey Tom get burnt by any flames tonight? Flying home with my jewels, having sweet dreams and not about u know who. Goodnight!” “if the “flaming” guilty shoe fits, then WEAR it!!!” Andy Cohen responded, “@Kimgranatell I know you of all ppl have a better sense of humor than that kim g!” Can you say #BravoBrawl?

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Our Top 5 Memorial Day Media Whores

The Hamptons kicked off Summer 2011 last weekend with the usual wave of celebrities flooding the south fork and churning up the usual ravenous school of tabloid press in their wake.  It’s pretty hard to get noticed in such a feast of plenty, and yet, every year, a lucky few manage to rise above the rest.  Publicity whores?  Maybe. All we know is that in the midst of an all you can eat celebrity buffet like Memorial Day in the Hamptons, it takes some real talent to stand up and be counted.

Here’s our top 5 list of the Most Outstanding Memorial Day Media Whores of 2011

Number 5: Pop singer Shontelle, whose surprise performance of her hit song “Impossible” at the Angel Wings benefit could be heard all the way to the Montauk Highway when the restaurant’s doors were open.

Number 4:  The Sharks of West Hampton, who managed to shut down Cupsogue Beach for the whole weekend and make headline news without even biting anybody.

Number 3: Kim “G” Granatell of Real Housewives of New Jersey, for being in the hotel room next to Melissa Berkelhammer’s 3 A.M. soup tantrum and then leaking the story to Page Six.

Number 2: Socialite Melissa Berkelhammer for managing to turn chunky soup into a media event.

Number 1: Vice President Joe Biden, for providing the only topless shot of the weekend and for tying up traffic on Main Street in South Hampton for hours. The guys who were under the umbrella behind him on the beach talking into their wrist watches were a nice touch, too.

With the summer season in the Hamptons starting off with a bang like this, we can’t wait to see the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

By: Beverly West

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Michael Lohan and Kim G Make Out

“I liked that he didn’t have a saggy rear end. He has a nice smile, killer eyes, and he’s devious like me,” said “The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Kim Granatell regarding what she likes most about new flame Michael Lohan.

Lohan is known as the ex-husband of Dina Lohan and father to a lawyer’s biggest money-maker, Lindsay Lohan. When Papa Lohan is not attending rehab or dealing with his daughter’s legal battles, it seems he is getting hot and heavy with Kim G.

Lohan decided to give his daughter Lindsay a break from all the media coverage by making tabloids himself. In this exclusive photo by Tom Murro from Celebritymagnet.com, Granatell and Lohan can be seen lip locking for the public. With Granatell’s petite size and blonde locks, she caught the attention of Lohan right away. One of the first things he told her was, “Look at that body. I can’t believe you had three kids.” Perhaps, with pickup lines like that, Lohan has been watching another New Jersey show — “The Jersey Shore”.

Murro got right to it and asked Granatell if her new boy toy was a good kisser. She responded, “He is a good kisser; he just needs to ditch the cigarettes.” So along with refraining from alcohol, Lohan should also refrain from smoking Marlboros to increase kissing satisfaction.

It seems rare that these two would cross paths, let alone cross lips. Lohan lives on the West Coast and is mostly known for any drug-related or rehab-related tabloid stories. And Granatell lives in New Jersey and is known for being the one who stirs the pot on Bravo’s hit reality TV show about New Jersey housewives.

Although they live on opposite sides of the country, Lohan has offered to have Granatell visit him in his L.A. home, but she explained that she didn’t go because, “I didn’t want to end up like the Silahi’s.”

Granatell has dealt with a lot of drama on the RHONJ, from her interactions with Danielle Staub to, well, her interactions with Danielle Staub. But perhaps the tri-state area has not seen the type of drama a Lohan can bring. After seeing this make-out media photo, Lohan’s ex-fiancé, Kate Major, had some disturbing things to say about this 50-year-old dad. Major, a 28-year-old former reporter for Star magazine, confronted Lohan for weaving a web of lies, womanizing, and shockingly during a brawl, Lohan punched her female friend in the face, as RadarOnline.com reported. “In the meantime, Michael ripped a bracelet off my hand and it was all caught on camera,” said Major.

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