Kate Middleton’s Sleeping on the Street?

Duchess of Cambridge, and wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton is planning on sleeping on the streets to raise awareness for the homeless problem in London.

Teaming up with actress Lisa Maxwell, both women hope their participation will bring attention to a very important issue. Originally, it was Middleton who approached Maxwell, a well known activist, about possibly sleeping out on the street. “She asked me about sleeping out, so I said: ‘Next time I do it, you’re doing it with me. No excuses’,” Maxwell recently told the Mirror.


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William and Kate Dolls Unveiled

The royal couple has been immortalized with the release of the Prince William and Princess Catherine dolls by toy manufacturer Arklu.

The dolls, which could be described has blatantly terrifying, are being sold for $160.  However if William’s disturbing depiction is too much to handle, the Kate doll can be purchased separately for $80.

Kate’s likeness is wearing a miniature version of the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress. Accessories, such as a tiara and bouquet of flowers will also be included. William is dressed in his custom created scarlet Irish Guard’s colonel’s uniform.

Something positive about the dolls are that Arklu is donating a portion of the proceeds to charity.  Aside from the manufacturer’s website, the duo is being sold on Amazon.com.

William and Kate have not commented on the dolls, but Clarence House said that the couple “would not wish to object to the production of a doll.”

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Kate’s Wedding Dress on Display

Fans of the royal family will be happy to hear that Duchess Kate’s wedding dress is going on display!

The ivory and and white satin gown by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen will be shown at Buckingham Palace in London. The dress is the centerpiece of the summer public tours that open this Saturday.

Demand for tickets has increased 107% from last year and is expected to break the box-office record.

Kate and Queen Elizabeth will get a preview of the exhibit when they tour the collection together  today.  Kate, who made the ultimate decision to display the dress, also chose to feature a replica of the wedding cake as well as wedding shoes and other accessories.

Tickets are on sale for $28.50 and the tour includes a look at 19 staterooms and the garden. Exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut, says “visitors will see what a great example of British couture it is, and how much detail and how much work went into the creation of this dress. The beauty really is in the detail.”


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William and Kate Come to the US!

Britain’s new royal couple is scheduled to arrive in Southern California today for an official visit!

Palace officials say the couple will, “support the interests of the United Kingdom through the prism of the royal couple’s interest.”

The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge will remain in California for two days, and attend events that emphasize British trade and filmmakers, raise money for the Prince’s charity at a polo match, and visit underprivileged youth in downtown L.A. The couple will be ending their trip with a visit to a war veteran’s job fair.

California Governor Jerry Brown and his wife Anne Gust will greet the couple at Los Angeles International Airport.

The royal duo, who just finished a visit to Canada, will return to the UK after their whirlwind trip on Monday.



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Kate Middleton Related to Jane Austen

29-year-old Kate Middleton was born a commoner with no aristocratic background and yet she now holds the title of Duchess Catherine of Cambridge after marrying Prince William, second in line to the British throne.  This description alone makes her fit in with the many heroines of Jane Austen’s famed novels who end up falling in love with men of higher rank.

But this is now not the only connection Middleton and Austen share. According to Ancestry.com, the world’s largest online family history resource, the two are distant relatives. Thanks to Henry Percy, the 2nd Earl of Northumberland in the first half of the 15th century, Middleton and Austen are 11th cousins, six times removed. Percy is Middleton’s 16th great-grandfather and Austen’s 10th great-grandfather.

“Finding this connection between the Duchess of Cambridge and Jane Austen is very exciting since, in many ways, Catherine is the modern Jane Austen heroine: a middle class girl marrying the future King of England,” Anastasia Harman, Lead Family Historian for Ancestry.com explained the sites excitement.

But the interesting connections don’t end with Henry Percy. Readers of Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” may be able to place the surname Middleton elsewhere. Sir John and Lady Middleton were the distant relatives who take in the impoverished and homeless Dashwood women. Funny how things like that work out…

Austen is not the only famous individual Middleton has distant ties with. According to CNN, Middleton is also the 6th cousin of Guy Richie as well as distant relatives to George Washington and Francis Scott Key.  Due to her ties with Henry Percy, it also makes her distantly related to King Edward III.

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