My Pick for Top X Factor Contestant

Get used to hearing three words Carly Rose Sonenclar as she is one talented little girl.

I first want to put out the disclaimer that I am NOT a talent show competition fanatic.

Actually, I am not I don’t put the “fan” in fanatic at all as I do not like shows such as So You Think You Can Dance?, X Factor, The Sing-Off, or American Idol. I find them all repetitive and predictable. I do like something like Dancing With The Stars, because it adds that celebrity component. You get to see stars at their most vulnerable trying to take on a whole different art form.

But, I did catch one performance on X Factor recently that gave me the chills. Ever since her performance I have gotten roped into watching Britney, L.A., Demi, and Simon pick apart the singing styles of the American civilization.

This contestant’s name is Carly Rose Sonenclar and she is not only adorable, but her voice will blow you away. She’s the size of a Mickey Mouse Club member with the voice of an award-winning diva.

This song was perfect for her soulful sound, but can she remain a top contestant throughout the competition? I think so! But, you can tune in Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7 C on Fox to see those who will make it to the next round with her.

Want more Carly Rose? You should! Check out our interview with the little diva and get in the know on this top talent!


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Glenn Beck Signs $100 Million Radio Contract

Conservative radio show host Glenn Beck just signed a $100 million 5-year deal with syndicator Premiere Networks.

This is a nice pay raise for Beck who reportedly made $10 million with Clear Channel subsidiary in 2007. Behind The Rush Limbaugh Show and Sean Hanntiy Show, The Glenn Beck Program is America’s third highest rated radio show.

Things seem to be looking up for Beck, who left his show on the Fox News Channel last year due to declining ratings and a backlash after he claimed that President Barack Obama had “a deep-seated hatred for white people.” Over the past five years, unlike his show on Fox, Becks’s radio show is aired on over 400 stations and his audience has grown 50%.

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Chris Colfer From Glee Signs A Two-Book Deal

Chris Colfer who plays the lovable Kurt Hummel on Fox’s hit show Glee signed a two-book deal. Things are moving on up for this musical buff. He plays a main character for a popular TV series, just turned 21-years-old, won a Golden Globe for his role as Kurt, and can now add “author” to his resume. We should also mention that he was recently named Time’s 100 Most Influential People.

The deal he signed is with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.  The first book is slated to debut in Summer 2012 and was written for children between the ages of 8 to 12. The book is entitled The Land of Stories and chronicles the adventures of two twins who enjoy a world of fairytale. As many stories written in 2011, the fairy tales are infused with a modern twist. The second book of his two-part deal will sequel The Land of Stories, but has yet to be titled.

“When I was 10 years old, I promised myself that if I ever had the opportunity to write this book, I would jump at the chance,” Colfer tells The Hollywood Reporter. “This book has been at the core of my imagination for a long time and I’m excited and nervous to share it.”

According to PopEater.Com, “it was recently announced that he’s penning a Disney Channel pilot based on the children’s book ‘The Little Leftover Witch’ by Florence Laughlin. But that’s not all. Colfer is also writing ‘Struck By Lightening,’ an independent feature film in which he would also star.”

Watch out Ryan Murphy, Colfer might want to start writing and directing future Glee episodes. Let’s hope if he gets to, Kurt can deliver some major Slushie-facials to all the McKinley high jocks!


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X Factor Juding Announcement! Antonio “L.A.” Reid Named As X Factor Judge!

Antonio “L.A.” Reid, former Chairman of Island Def Jam Music Group and one of the most influential names in music today, will join Simon Cowell on the judging panel of THE X FACTOR, the highly anticipated singing competition series debuting this fall on FOX.

Throughout his career, Reid has launched some of the biggest acts in music, including Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, The Killers, Bon Jovi, Pink, Usher, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. With a diverse roster of talent, 33 No. 1 hits and three Grammy Awards, Reid is one of the industry’s most respected and successful executives, as well as one of the most talented, creative and formidable forces in music.

“I am proud to stand next to my dear friend Simon Cowell, one of the world’s most gifted and charismatic talent magnets,” said Reid. “THE X FACTOR provides an extraordinary opportunity for aspiring artists of every age and genre to showcase their unique talents. I truly look forward to discovering our next generation of superstars.”

“L.A. was my number one choice to sit alongside me on the show.  In my opinion, he is one of the greatest ever music executives and of course a fantastic writer and producer.
I am thrilled he has agreed to join the show, and for any artist auditioning, they know they have the chance to meet a true star-maker,” said Simon Cowell.

“L.A. Reid is one of the most celebrated music producers and songwriters of our time and knows exactly what it takes to find and nurture a global superstar,” said Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “Not only does he have an insanely good eye for talent, but he also has the personality and savvy to go toe-to-toe with Simon Cowell, so I can’t wait to see those two music moguls together at THE X FACTOR judges’ table.”

“L.A. Reid’s renowned expertise in recognizing, producing and marketing musical talent is synonymous with some of the most successful recording artists in the history of modern music,” said executive producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz. “I am thrilled to have him judging on THE X FACTOR and look forward to seeing him apply his amazing experience and track record in the mentoring of one of our categories.”

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Jerry Springer Move Over…Jeremy Kyle Is Coming To The U.S.

Britain’s talk show sensation, Jeremy Kyle, is moving to the U.S of A!

He announced on The Wendy Williams Show today that his entire family, which includes his wife and three children, are moving to New York to live “The American Dream”.

His contentious daytime talk show, The Jeremy Kyle Show, is rated number one in the U.K. It debuted on ITV Daytime in 2005. The U.S. version of the show will debut in September 2011 on stations which are owned by FOX, Sinclair, CBS, Hearst, Cox, Newport, and CW Plus groups.

Kyle’s one hour show highlights families that are, for the lack of a better word, “dysfunctional”. His show has been said to be like Jerry Springer, English-style, but Kyle stated that “it is conflict, it is resolution, but we care about the resolution, so there’s aftercare”.

Check out more of his interview with Wendy here:

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