Facebook Looks At Featuring A New Button

Facebook2(PCM) While I was hoping for a “dislike” button, the latest news from Facebook is that the company is currently testing a read-it-later “Save” button. The button would allow you to essentially bookmark pages that come up on the web News Feed and store them on your profile page for you to read at a later time.

Almost two years ago, Facebook purchased Spool, a read-it-later app, that featured the ability to save not only articles, but video and other content to your phone so that you could read it at a later time. The app could also be used with or without internet capability.

Facebook has been toying with the idea of the “Save” button for quite some time and conducting tests, but the feature has never seen a complete roll-out and full release. It appears that right now the “Save” button is only appearing on the Facebook website … Read the rest…

Facebook Denied Whatsapp Co-Founder Brian Acton For A Job In 2009

(PCM) Talk about one heck of a comeback!  There has been a ton of internet buzz lately circulating around Facebook’s purchase of the messaging app WhatsApp founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum for the price of $19 billion dollars in cash and stocks.

However, recently tweets have surfaced from the account of WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton that claim he was turned down for a job with both Facebook and Twitter back in 2009.  How’s that for irony! We are fairly certainly Acton is laughing himself all the way to the bank after closing the recent mega-deal with Facebook.


Both Acton and Koum, who were both formerly employed by Yahoo!, left Yahoo! to form WhatsApp back in 2009. The company grew in record numbers over the past five years and currently boasts 450 million users worldwide. It is hailed as the most popular messaging app for smart phones.

The new … Read the rest…

Why Facebook Will Implode By The Year 2017

Facebook-broke1(PCM) It goes without saying that many, if not all of us are completely and totally addicted to social networking especially Facebook. Just think about how many times throughout the day you are checking your page, liking the statuses and pictures from your friends and family, laughing over silly memes, etc. But have you really thought long and hard about what Facebook really is and just how long it can last.

It seems that more and more people are beginning to realize that what you share on Facebook essentially belongs to Facebook. The social networking juggernaut is the ultimate data collection tool and a good portion of that data is information that most people probably do not want collected.

While Facebook is an absolutely wonderful tool in keeping people connected, many people are beginning to think twice about their privacy and just how much of their personal information is being … Read the rest…

Snapchat Refuses $3 Billion Dollar Offer From Facebook!

snapchat(PCM) There have been so many acquisitions of various social media networks between various companies these days that is incredibly hard to keep track of who owns or controls what anymore. Today it has been announced that Snapchat has refused a $3 billion dollar offer from Facebook, who were looking to overtake  the internet start-up that is wildly popular among teens.

Snapchat allows users to post/share smartphone photos which then vanish after appearing for a few seconds. Because Snapchat is so popular with the teenage demographic there has been concern over inappropriate content, but because there is no real trail it is hard to track down anything specific.

Many are speculating that the reason behind Facebook’s offer to buy out Snapchat is due to a recently announced decline in daily use by teenagers in the U.S. and they are trying to stay ahead of trends in the demographic.

Rest assured … Read the rest…

Sponsored Video: #UnfoldFun with Trident’s Fun Audit

Audits abound this time of year, but that doesn’t mean they all have to be fun-sucking, day-ruining things and Trident is here to prove just that with their brand new Fun Audit.

What is a Fun Audit, you may ask? Well, it’s the end report you’ll get after the Fun Auditor, Stephen, rigorously analyzes your Facebook friends, photos, likes and more all because Trident takes fun seriously.

While we may not all work at the Bureau of Fun where there are edible phones, spontaneous jet pack excursions, mid-day bowling, the “deadlines schmeadlines” motto or a uniform that includes floral printed board shorts, we think the results of your Fun Audit may surprise you!

Be sure to pop a piece of Trident gum and “Like” Trident Chewing Gum on Facebook or visit the link here so that you can see what enfolds for your own Fun Audit! Here’s to spontaneity, … Read the rest…

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