Dark Knight Rises Character Role Announced

Details have been VERY slowly trickling out about the third and possibly final installment in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises. The character roles of Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy were revealed, but the role of Joseph Gordon-Levitt remained ambiguous. Well fret no longer, the rumors have been set straight.

JGL will be playing the role of Alberto Falcone a.k.a The Holiday Killer. I’m sure many of you are rusty on your comic book characters the cliff notes are that he starts killing off some of Gotham’s worst criminals during a holiday. Makes sense right?

Sure seems like alot of villains are being worked into this movie. Are there any other surprises you have for us Nolan?

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Who is the New Batman Villain?

Little by little, information has been leaking out about the supposed final installment in the Batman franchise, Dark Knight Rises. Although, there is one fact no one can get confirmation on. Who will be the next villain?

Casting roles were recently announced, with Anne Hathaway snagging the coveted role of Catwoman and Tom Hardy appearing as Bane. Another Inception star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been casted for an unknown role. Does this mean Levitt is the new villain, but which one?

Gary Oldman aka Commissioner Gordon, told E! Online that “It’s not going to be the Joker. For me, Heath was the definitive Joker,” he said. “It wouldn’t feel appropriate to readdress that character.” We couldn’t agree more!

Through tight lips Oldman did say he thinks the new villain is “from one of the old, old, from way back from the old comics.” Interesting? Any guesses?

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Reviews Are In… How did Anne and James Do?

It’s the morning after the Oscars, and along with the winners, everyone is talking about the show’s hosts. The reviews are in and they are not looking so good. The Hollywood Reporter said James Franco “bombed.”

According to Rob Shuter from Popeater.com, a TV executive stated, “This was a disaster. Before the show began something was wrong with James. His live interview on ABC backstage should have been a warning sign. He was awkward and looked as if he knew what a terrible evening was ahead for all of us.”

We agreed that Franco appeared to be a a little out of it, and Anne Hathaway seemed to have a case of nerves and the giggles. Although, she definitely gave the night the old college try. I don’t think the show went as The Academy planned, and that they will probably go back to their old, traditional ways next year.

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Oscars’ Hot Hosts

When Academy Awards producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer settled on the idea of staging the Oscars as a visual journey through movie history, they decided the hosts should be young, energetic actors who could pull it off. Come Feb. 27, viewers will see James Franco, 32, and Anne Hathaway, 28, travel back in time in an ambitious opening montage and become immersed in a digitally-enhanced “virtual” set. To kick off Oscar week, The Hollywood Reporter corralled Franco and Hathaway on Feb. 21 for their first interview together.

If you want to know why Hathaway originally turned down the gig, Franco’s thoughts on Twitter, and their extent of involvement of planning the show pick up The Hollywood Reporter at newsstands.

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Oscar Nominations Announced!

Nominations were announced today for the 83rd annual Academy Awards.

The King’s Speech led the way with 12 nominations, including Best Actor, Supporting Actress, Supporting Actress and Supporting Actor nods for stars Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush. True Grit notched 10 noms, while The Social Network and Inception tied with eight each.

The Best Picture nominees were predictable, with The King’s Speech, True Grit, The Social Network and Inception going up against Black Swan, The Fighter, The Kids Are All Right, 127 Hours, Toy Story 3, and Winter’s Bone.

The Hosts of this years show will be Anne Hathaway and James Franco!

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