Who is Diane Stretton The Fired Nanny That Won’t Leave Family’s Home?

By now many have heard the case of Diane Stretton – the alleged squatter nanny that was fired from her live-in job, then refused to leave the home – even going as far as to eat the family’s food from their refrigerator. Reaction across the Internet is equally as bizarre with some going as far as to side with Stretton stating the family is served right for having used Craig’s List to locate the nanny and not having used a service to vet their nanny requirements.

Marcella Bracamonte has friends help fight the fired nanny that refuses to leave her home.

Marcella Bracamonte has friends help fight the fired nanny that refuses to leave her home.

The family has shared with various news outlets their story for good reason. They want to help others avoid their fate as Stretton (age 64), has a track record of disputes that wind up in court with judgments against her. In fact Stretton’s 36 case history has landed her on California’s Vexatious Litigant List. It’s a list with no legal ramifications other than to exist and serve as warning that the people on it bring legal action against others continuously, regardless of merit, with no other purpose but harassment.

Stretton was hired by Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte of Upland California as a live-in nanny via Craig’s List in March 2014. The couple live in a subdivision with their three children all under the age of 12. Stretton was ultimately fired. Upon termination she refused the leave the family’s home. The Bracomonte family did what any law abiding citizen would do and called the police only to learn that with Stretton taking up residence through a work agreement the family had entered into a landlord tenant dispute.

Without getting into the horror this involves for landlords, consider watching the film Pacific Heights with Michael Keaton as a primer.

With Stretton refusing to leave the home for any reason, creative thinkers have offered solutions like removing the family’s food from the home which could possibly force the squatter to leave. In a morning news segment on ABC’s Good Morning America, Marcella Bracamonte showed Internet trolls she was one step ahead of them, she has a lock on the refrigerator. “I’m not going to let her eat my food.”

Marcella Bracamonte has to lock her refrigerator to stop fired nanny from eating the families food.

Marcella Bracamonte has to lock her refrigerator to stop fired nanny from eating the family’s food.

Research into Stretton’s past with the courts has revealed she is not only comfortable with court procedures, but she also knows some legalese.

While Stretton appears to be gaming the legal system by refusing to leave a home she’s not even a part of, she has in fact attempted to game the court itself. In a case judgment decided against her, she represented herself facing a storage facility (foreclosure of lien D061822) which originated in 2009. Records show the court was peppered with time wasting requests and appeals and an undue burden on the storage facility by forcing their use of a law firm to cope with Stretton. That case began due to late storage facility payments totaling over $26,000.00.

In response, Stretton filed a cross complaint for:

  • Failure to perform
  • Breach of implied covenant of good fate and fair dealing
  • Promissory estoppel
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Emotional Distress

Stretton sought over $57,000 in damages against the storage facility.

Diane Stretton is on the California Vexatious Litigant List

Diane Stretton is on the California Vexatious Litigant List

Stretton lost the case but her involvement in the legal system ultimately emboldened her. She’s learned a lot over 36 cases throughout Southern California.

If Stretton planned to trick her employers into a ‘landlord-tenant’ agreement through employment remains to be seen, however in her previous case with the storage facility she was able to stretch the case out with over two years in delays with a litany of motions and requests for continuance.

The Bracamonte's are your average American family.

The Bracamontes are your average American family.

The Bracamonte family cannot force her out of their home due to the nature of the offense making this a civil case. She’s done nothing wrong criminally. If perhaps the children in the family were thought to be in any harm’s way, the family could file for a protection order which then would remove Stretton from the home.

Stretton’s pattern of frivolous motions indicate the Bracamontes are in for a long haul. Marcella Bracamonte appears to prepared for that fight. She requested on Facebook for friends to come over and stay the night and crowd out Stretton. Could this all be over so soon? Marcella has said Stretton, “hasn’t come back to the home since yesterday (Thursday June 26th 2014) morning around 5 a.m.”

If she does return the eviction process takes months, Marcella has indicated on her Facebook page she’s in search of an attorney – an indicator that Stretton has not yet played her last card. “Anyone who looks at her crooked, she sues, “ says Marcella Bracamonte.

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Felon’s Sexy Mugshot Is Creating A Stir


(PCM) Jeremy Meeks was recently arrested by the Stockon police on weapons charges, however it is his sexy smoldering mug shot photo that is creating a ton of buzz online.

Ever since Meeks’ mugshot was released and became public it has been steady garnering attention with many women swooning over the photo claiming it is a “crime to be that sexy” and that he is “one delicious bad boy”.

TMZ.com reports that Meeks is currently being held on $900,000 bond for illegally possessing firearms and ammo, carrying a loaded firearm in public, and criminal street gang activity.

There has now been a public fan page set up for Meek and monetary donations have been coming in by the dozens to assist with posting Meeks’ bail. It is a little scary that yet again our society is solely passing judgement on someone based on their appearance and totally looking over the fact that this man is indeed a wanted criminal.

Meeks’ has recently spoken out from his jail cell after learning about his popularity online and wanted to be sure that his legions of lustful admirers know that he is not a kingpin and is claiming to no longer be involved with gang activity.

Meeks previously served nine years in prison for grand theft auto prior to his most recent offense. Also, for as good as his mugshot photo appears, there have been quite a few other photos of Meek’s circulating the net that are no where near as flattering. Just goes to show you that one picture certainly can speak a thousand words and in the case of Meeks’ thousands of dollars and suitors as well!


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Toronto Library Asked To Remove Dr. Seuss Classic “Hop On Pop”


(PCM) Here is yet another case of people just taking things way too far. Recently, a Toronto area library received a request to remove six book titles and a DVD from their shelves one of which was the Dr. Seuss classic “Hop on Pop”.

“Hop On Pop” is one of the most beloved children’s book of all time, so why would someone want to have it removed? Well, one man claims it “encourages children to use violence against their fathers”.  Seriously!?!?!  The man is also demanding that the library pay for damages that resulted from the book.

The Materials Review Committee for the library has reviewed the complaints and has declined to remove “Hop on Pop” as well as the other titles from their library shelves. One of the other books in question was Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Kennedy” and the DVD “That’s My Boy” starring Adam Sandler.

The library claims that “Hop on Pop” is a humorous tale that is meant to be taken lightly and if the man who made the complaint had actually bothered to pay attention to the whole story he would see it actually encourages “anti-pop-hopping” at the end of the story by rhyming the word “Stop”!

Unreal!  We are glad the library decided to keep the title!

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JPMorgan Chase Bank Closes Porn Stars Accounts


(PCM) In a move that is causing a big stir throughout the adult entertainment community, JPMorgan Chase bank has made the decision to exploit an FDIC warning and close bank accounts belonging to porn stars/adult entertainers.

Notification was sent out to all Chase customers who work in the adult industry that they must close down all of their accounts with the bank by May 11th. Chase has failed to provide the customers with any specific reason for terminating their accounts.

While banks have had the choice to close these types of accounts since 2012 when a warning issued by the FDIC was issued that included adult entertainment on a list of businesses that might have a higher risk of consumer fraud. However, it should be noted that the warning did not require the banks to refuse service to those who work in the adult entertainment industry.

Many porn stars have had additional issues when trying to find new banking elsewhere, as many claim that they were rejected by institutions such as Bank Of America. Not to worry, however, it seems that Wells Fargo is ready to welcome the porn industry accounts with open arms. A representative from Wells Fargo told TMZ.com “Of course we encourage these industry workers to come to us with their business and we will gladly help them”.

The adult entertainment community is outraged by Chase’s decision and many have become quite vocal about it on social media claiming they are being unfairly stereotyped.

One can only be led to believe the Chase does not want accounts from the adult entertainment industry to tarnish their reputation, however it seems they are doing a pretty good job of doing that all on their own.

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George Zimmerman Did Not Paint A Picture Of Trayvon Martin And Sell It!


(PCM) Despite reports to the contrary, George Zimmerman did NOT sell a painting of Trayvon Martin for $30,000 dollars. The news was first reported via the satirical news website, The News Nerd and many people are falling victim to believing in this newest viral hoax.

The News Nerd featured an image of George Zimmerman holding up a painting that he allegedly made featuring Travyon Martin against the backdrop of an American Flag featuring the words “God one nation with liberty and justice for all.”

Despite the fact that is quite easy to see that the image has been photoshopped together, many people began sharing the story via social media and it has created an outrage. Many were commenting that they were sickened and disgusted by the painting and none bothered to find out if the story was either true or false.

Had this been a true story, then yes we certainly agree that it would be incredibly disturbing and downright offensive, however this is not the case, at least this time. Zimmerman has been using his fame from the tragic case to make a bit of cash and even went as far as to do a painting of some of the other people involved with the prosecution for his case in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The AP has since filed a cease and desist letter claiming Zimmerman’s painting was a copy of one of their photos.

Zimmerman claims that painting is a theraputic activity for him and something he can safely do indoors. One of his painting that features the same phrase as the alleged Trayvon Martin painting is rumored to have fetched up to $100, 000 dollars.

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