NASA Interns Parody Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”


(PCM) Who said an internship at NASA couldn’t be fun? A group of NASA interns have created a hilarious parody of the hit Meghan Trainor song “All About That Bass” changing the title to “All About That Space” showcasing their love for all things intergalactic.

The video specifically spotlights NASA’s new space exploration craft Orion and the interns delightfully dance their way around the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

As you may have read, the Orion spacecraft completed it’s very first successful space flight back on December 5th and the video was created to help keep the excitement going about the spacecraft and its’ mission to one day take astronauts to the planet Mars.

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YouTube Has Revealed The Top Viral Video For 2014


(PCM) The viral video craze is still running rampant and it seems that each year the number of views on these videos continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

The internet’s largest video sharing web site YouTube has revealed a top ten list of the most viral videos of the year. Can you guess which video claimed the number one spot?

With over 115 million views the “Mutant Giant Spider Dog” has nabbed the number one spot for the most viral video of 2014.

In the video strangers are pranked by Polish actor and director S.A. Wardego when he dressed up his dog Chica in a giant spider costume. The reactions are pretty hilarious.

Coming in second place with over 99 million views is the Nike Football commercial titled “Winner Stays” featuring Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

You can check out the full list below:

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Young Girl Puts Disney’s Gaston In His Place


(PCM) An adorable video of a young girl confronting the character of Gaston from Disney’s “Beauty and The Beast” has gone viral. The encounter took place at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The young lady in the video named Isabella marched up and confronted the very chauvinistic character of Gaston saying that her favorite character from “Beauty And The Beast” is Beast and that Gaston stood no chance of ever getting to marry Belle.

The person dressed as Gaston hilariously played along with Isabella and said he was indeed going to marry Belle, to which Isabella responded “The Beast is gonna beat you!”.

Gaston went back and forth with little Isabella playing along with the sexist role of his character saying things like “No more thinking for you, you’ve done enough of that” and “somebody get this girl back to the kitchen”.

Isabella reveals to Gaston that Beast is really a prince and it is then that Gaston finally admits defeat to this snarky young lady.

The video was uploaded back in early November with the permission of Isabella’s mother and has since be viewed over 3 million times.


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YouTube Has Created An Epic 2014 Rewind Video Featuring Over 120 Creators


(PCM) YouTube and Portal A have teamed up once again to put together an epic 2014 year end rewind video that features over 120 different creators from around the world re-creating the most viral videos of the year set to the top songs of the year remixed by DJ Earworm.

The video opens with PewDiePie on top of a city building pulling out the YouTube logo from his backpack. He then belly flops through the roof to Lil Jon and DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What” and that begins the videos epic journey.

The journey takes the viewer around the world as many of our favorite and most lovable YouTube stars dance to the mix and recreate videos such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, spider-dog, snap selfies and more!

Check out the epic 2014 YouTube Rewind video below:

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Pregnant Turkey Prank Hilarious Ends With A Girl In Tears

(PCM) The pregnant turkey prank has been a popular one on Thanksgiving for a good number of years, but this lady might just be the most gullible of them all.

To set up the prank the turkey is stuffed with a small cornish hen, so when scooping out the stuffing the prank victim discovers another smaller bird was cooked inside the larger turkey giving the illusion that the turkey was actually pregnant at the time of cooking.

Just to let everyone know, turkeys actually lay eggs, but this poor girl had absolutely no idea and her hilariously emotional response to discovering the “pregnant” turkey has made her a viral sensation. The video has already racked up over 1 million views on Youtube!

Check out the video below:

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