We Invade Walker Stalker Con New York/New Jersey This Weekend!


(PCM) The PCM crew will be invading the upcoming Walker Stalker Con this weekend held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

We can absolutely can’t wait to explore this zombie, horror, and sci-fi fan convention that falls just in time for the holiday season. By the looks of some of the amazing vendors that will be represented at the con, we can certainly say that our gift list this year is going to be horrifyingly delightful!

Walker Stalker Con also features an absolutely stellar list of celebrity appearances such as a majority of both the past and present  cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Appearing on both Saturday, 12/13 and Sunday, 12/14 will be David Morrissey, Norman Reedus, Jon Bernthal, Steven Yuen, Chandler Riggs, Scott Wilson, Emily Kinney, Lauren Cohan, Sarah Wayne Callies, Michael Rooker, Greg Nicotero, Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt, Laurence Gillard Jr, Sonequa Martin-Green, Brighton Sharbino, Jeff Kober, IronE Singleton, Alanna Materson, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Laurie Holden, Chad Coleman, and Tyler James Williams along with many more.

There will also be appearances by cast members of the hit CW show Arrow, the films Gremlins, Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead and Land Of The Dead, as well as, Science Channel’s Oddities and AMC’s Comic Book Men!

Majority of the celebrities appearing will be available for both autograph and photo-ops during the weekend which should provide fans with an absolutely amazing experience. Something tells us that with such an amazing guest list, we are surely going to be broke by the end of the weekend, but our little fangirl/fanboy hearts will be quite content!

Walker Stalker Con was put together by James & Eric of The Walker Stalkers podcast who wanted to create a convention that allowed fans to meet-up, have amazing experiences and become part of a greater community of zombie lovers! Walker Stalker Con is funded by the fans and is without a doubt for the fans!

Stay tuned for our live coverage and photos throughout the weekend and if you are in the area be sure to stop on by!  Weekend general admission tickets (Saturday and Sunday) as well as single day general admission tickets for Sunday still remain!  For more information or to purchase tickets click here!

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Price Is Right Contestant Becomes A Viral Dance Sensation!


(PCM) Price Is Right contestant Eliot managed to pull off a feat during his recent appearance on The Price Is Right that few have been able to accomplish.

While spinning the famous wheel, Eliot landed on the $1.00 space not only once, but twice earning him prize money in the amount of $25,000! However, surprisingly it was not Eliot’s incredible wheel spins that has caused him to go viral on the net, but rather his insane dance moves after realizing what exactly he had accomplished.

Not only did Eliot lay down and do the “worm”, but he also did some crazy butt gyrations and a few ninja kicks for good measure!  It was absolutely hilarious!

Eliot was also the showcase showdown’s big winner earning himself prizes and cash totaling nearly $60,000 when all was said and done!

Can this guy be my new good luck charm? Check out the full video below:

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Punkin Chunkin Announces A Two-Year Deal!


(PCM) It has just been announced by the Dover International Speedway that a two-year agreement has been reached for them to become the new host site for the World Championship Punkin Chunkin event, an annual contest that will be held Oct. 24‐26, 2014 on the Speedway grounds.

This year will mark the 28th year for the event! Punkin Chunkin has been held each year in Delaware since 1986, and sees teams from around the world compete in the sport of hurling a pumpkin solely by mechanical means for distance. Some devices used include slingshots, catapults, air cannons and more. The non‐profit event gives out scholarships to students each year.

Punkin Chunkin will take place on the same grounds the Speedway uses to host the Firefly Music Festival. For the seventh consecutive year, Science Channel will be on hand capturing every moment of the high‐stakes, unbelievable engineering and autumnal absurdity of Punkin Chunkin. In what has become a Thanksgiving Week tradition all of the high‐flying Punkin Chunkin action will world premiere on Science Channel Saturday, November 29 from 8‐10 PM ET/PT.

The Dover International Speedway is the ideal location to host Punkin Chunkin for the first time. It is located centrally in the state and features incredibly easy access off of State Route 1.

The organizers of the annual event claim that they had scouted over 50 locations inside and outside Delaware before decided that the Dover International Speedway was the ideal home for the event. The amount of available space was a huge plus as some of the air cannons used to fire off the pumpkins can shoot them nearly a mile away!

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Burt Jenner Shares A T-Shirt Featuring Kim Kardashian’s “Ugly Crying Face”



(PCM) Burt Jenner, the older stepbrother of Kim Kardashian, is known as the quiet brother and one who definitely spends his time outside of the spotlight that seemingly follows his famous family everywhere they travel.

Taking a major dig at his stepsister, Jenner posted a photo that features a mosaic of six pictures that all feature Kim’s infamous “ugly crying face” on a t-shirt.  He captioned the post with “My new favorite shirt…”.  Ouch!

The shirt was created to mock an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” where sister Kourtney reveals to Kim that she has an “ugly crying face”…not that anyone truly looks good when they are crying!

Burt Jenner is the son of Bruce Jenner and his first wife Chrystie Crownover and his a co-owner of Jenner Racing with his father and brother Brandon Jenner.

Now the only other question we have is where can we get our hands on one of those shirts…Christmas is less than six months away!

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What We Loved (And Hated) At Comic Con 2014


(PCM) Trust us, there was a lot to love at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, but with all major events there is bound to be a few things that left us a tad bit disappointed!

Here is our list, in no particular order of the things we loved the most:

1. Although we have to wait until 2015 for any new episodes, the Game Of Thrones casting news and video was surely a highlight of the weekend.

2. The surprise, unscheduled appearance from director Christopher Nolan and actor Matthew McConaughey to promote their upcoming film “Instellar”. Getting to see some more footage of this sure to be epic film was definitely an added treat.

3. During the press conference for his film “Kingsmen: The Secret Service” actor Samuel L. Jackson picked up a random reporters cellphone that had begun ringing by accident in the middle of the conference. Listening to Jackson have a hilarious phone conversation with the unknowing person on the other end of the line was priceless!  This man can do no wrong!

4. The abundance of TV trailers, clips, and pilots that were screened during this year’s convention was fantastic. We got our first looks at shows such as Constantine, Gotham, The Flash and more!  Epic trailers were revealed from both The Walking Dead, Arrow, and Sons Of Anarchy and attendees were left hungry for more!  The fall of this year, into early 2015 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for television!


5. The amazing panels for both The Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The ravenous Hall H crowd was overjoyed by both the footage show from both films, as well as, appearances by the talent. Both films are incredibly highly-anticipated and audiences are starving for any information they can get their hands on!

6. We scored an invite to the hottest party at Comic Con this year, which was A&E’s Bates Motel/Playboy party!  It was epic, so epic in fact that several celebrities looking to attend were turned away at the gate, due to fire marshals regulations not allowing anymore people to enter the venue. We had a blast enjoying the Bates Motel themed cocktails, noshing on food truck delicacies, and dancing our hearts out with cast members from Bates Motel, of course, as well as, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Grimm and so many more!  When it was time to relax, there were several comfy beds, set up to look like Bates Motel guest rooms, to chill out on!  It was very well-done!

7. Cosplay, Cosplay and more Cosplay!  Seeing everyone’s absolutely amazing costumes at this year’s SDCC was incredible. The sheer amount of time and effort that people put into creating some of these outfits is mind-blowing!  Be sure to check out our gallery coming soon!  Some of my favorites were whole families that got in on dressing up, it was great to see everyone so involved and getting into the Comic Con spirit together.

8. While it was absolutely heart-breaking, attending the final Hall H panel for the beloved FX series Sons Of Anarchy. It was not easy to watch series creator Kurt Sutter break-down and cry on stage, the amount of love and respect that this cast has for one another is incredibly inspiring and it was a beautiful moment to behold.


Now on to some of what we hated at this year’s Comic Con (it’s not a very long list)

1. Lines, lines, and more lines!! It seems as if everywhere you turn there is another type of line that you have to wait in. There were so many that we often times had to give-up and move on to the next event or panel, as we would run the risk of being stuck endlessly waiting all day long. For some this may not be a problem, but for those of us on deadline, it became increasing frustrating throughout the course of the weekend.

2. We were definitely hoping for some news about Jurassic World, Doctor Strange, and The Fantastic Four. While there is still quite a bit of time for all of those titles to make their Comic Con appearances, we were holding out hope for a couple of answers, but alas none were given.

3. The very silly and completely non-relevant questions posed by fans during the Q&A portions of several of the panels. Also, as a side note, due to time constraints many of the fan Q&A sessions were cut down by quite a bit, leaving many fans disappointed.

4. Individuals bum-rushing the booths on the floor to get their hands on every exclusive possible, and purchasing multiples. There were times where I felt that I was getting completely mowed over just making an attempt to walk through the exhibition floor. It was a little bit scary.


That’s about it for our complaints!  Again, we had an absolutely wonderful year at San Diego Comic Con 2014 and we absolutely can’t wait to be part of the Comic Con craziness again next year! Let the countdown begin!


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