March Madness Is Upon Us, But Employers Are Paying The Cost


(PCM) A new report has surfaced which claims that college basketball’s March Madness, which is very nearly upon us, cost employers a staggering $2 billion in work productivity. However, many fear that banning March Madness brackets and pools in the office would be incredibly damaging to workplace morale, heck, even the President of the United States makes his picks for a March Madness bracket.

$2 billion sounds like an incredibly high number, but when employers look at the amount of time their employees spend filling out brackets, taking part in office pools and both watching and talking about the games it equals out to quite a bit of lost productivity in the workplace.

Some companies are not at all worried about a loss in productivity during March Madness and are even beginning to embrace it in some very unique ways. Some companies are trying to prevent unplanned absences during the tournament, but offering up catered luncheons during the first two days and even going as far as to bring in TV’s so that people can watch the games. These companies feel it is better to join in on the fun rather than prevent it from occurring.

Seems like a good idea to us!  Will you be participating in March Madness? Do you feel it has an effect on your overall work productivity?

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Fan Uses Twitter To Score A Prom Date With An Eagles Player


(PCM) High school senior Hannah Delmonte had her dreams come true when she managed to use her Twitter account to score a date to the prom with Eagles player Emmanuel Acho.

At first, Delmonte used her Instagram account to reach out to Acho with her proposal, he responded and issued her a bit of a challenge before accepting her date invitation. She was first asked to get 2,000 retweets on her request and then he upped the challenge to 10,000 retweets to secure the date.

Katy Perry’s Legal Team Attacks Those Trying To Profit Off The Left Shark


(PCM) Katy Perry’s legal team is hunting down any artists who are trying to make a profit off of the incredible popularity of the infamous Left Shark that danced with her during her recent Super Bowl Half Time performance.

It was without a doubt the Left Shark that truly stole the show during the Half Time performance. While there were indeed two dancers dressed as sharks performing with Perry during the show, it was the Left Shark that ultimately caused the most attention. Left Shark was hilarious off-beat and spent time flailing around the stage trying to catch back up with the routine.

Left Shark quickly became one of the most talked about occurrences in Super Bowl history and quickly popped up in various memes and social media postings across the internet. Now it seems that some businesses have popped up and are trying to take advantage of Left Shark’s popularity and Katy Perry’s legal team is on the attack.

Both a 3D printing company and t-shirt company each received cease and desist letters from Katy Perry’s lawyers telling them to stop selling their products that feature Left Shark as it is the intellectual property of Katy Perry and her Super Bowl Half Time performance.

Many fans were also incredibly sad when Left Shark did not make an appearance during her performance at the 2015 Grammy awards last night and of course a ton of new memes popped up as a homage to his lack of appearance. Something tells me we have not see the last of Left Shark, but only time will tell, just don’t look for a t-shirt or a 3D sculpture any time soon.

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Warren Sapp Fired From NFL Network After Arrest Altercation With Prostitutes

sapp-arrest-photo(PCM) It’s almost hard to imagine how quickly 42 year old Warren Sapp’s life has turned on him. On February 1st, Super Bowl Sunday his image was projected on the the stadium’s big screen. Less than 24 hours later he is without a job.

Warren Sapp is a retired defensive tackle who played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers almost ten years. Sapp has seven (7) pro bowl appearances, and won a Super Bowl. His affable nature made him great for TV after football retirement. He’s called the NFL Network home since  2008 as an on air analyst.

On February 2nd, the Monday morning after the Super Bowl 49 post game festivities in Phoenix Arizona police booked Sapp on a single count of solicitation for prostitution. It was not a sting operation. While the charge is a misdemeanor, in the wake of recent sexual assault scandals involving men against women, and the NFL’s image at stake – the NFL reacted swiftly in firing Warren Sapp.

sad-sappIt all happened within a window of eight (8) hours. It started at 7:00 AM at a Phoenix Hotel. According to a Phoenix Police Department statement, “Officers working security at a Downtown Phoenix hotel (Renaissance Phoenix Downtown) were investigating a noise disturbance when they were contacted by a female alleging she had been assaulted.”

It’s alleged Sapp and the guests he was involved with escalated an argument over money. A physical altercation took place which spilled into the hallway of the hotel. When police arrived injuries consistent with a struggle validated the women’s claims they were assaulted.

This is in no way a defense of Sapp, but consider that for police to consider marks consistent with a struggle, a victim need only be wrinkled, or have torn clothing. It does not necessarily mean bruises or cuts. However with police indicating ‘injury’ it is more likely the injuries were little more than a wrist burn or mild bruising due to one woman being detained once again later at another hotel for violating the city’s escort laws. At the time of Sapp’s arrest one woman was cited for prostitution and released.

Sapp was arrested. As the morning progressed he was taken to police headquarters and admitted to his involvement in the act of prostitution and booked into the Maricopa County Jail on suspicion of soliciting prostitution. Sapp stated he was not responsible for any assault of the two female guests he was with at the time. Before noon, Sapp was charged with two counts of assault and one count of soliciting a prostitute.

By 12:30 PM on Monday Sapp’s bio was wiped from the NFL Network website. By 1:00 PM the NFL’s initial response stated Sapp is suspended indefinitely. By 2:00 PM Warren Sapp is fired by the NFL Network. At 4:00 PM on Monday he was in court to face arraignment.

sad-sapp2Shortly after, Alex Riethmiller of the NFL Network stated, “Warren Sapp’s contract has been terminated and he no longer works for NFL Network.”

Sapp does have a history that would lead one to believe this could happen to him. From his sudden departure from HBO’s Inside the NFL, to domestic battery charges (dropped), Warren Sapp may have reached the end of the line in visual media.

If convicted, Sapp could face a maximum penalty of a $2,500 fine, six (6) months jail time and three (3) years probation. A conviction on the prostitution charge has a mandatory 15 days in jail.

While Sapp’s fall from grace is current headlines, the fact is altercations with alleged prostitutes happens often with men in celebrity power. Maybe it’s perceived power or a feeling of self-importance that leads to a violent physical end. Other cases include CBS Sports announcer Greg Anthony arrested recently on January 16th for solicitation of a prostitute.

shamwow-vince-offer-arrest-photoIn 2009, Shamwow infomercial pitchman Vince Offer was arrested in Miami Beach after an altercation with then 26 year old prostitute Sasha Harris. These two truly went at it with many allegations hurled on both sides. The charges were later dropped.


To put all this in perspective, celebrities are routinely caught breaking the law, and Warren Sapp was not the only celebrity at the Super Bowl who was arrested.

marcus-arrestOne celebrity not arrested in connection with prostitution is former child star of Moesha, Marcus T. Paulk, now age 28. He was arrested after the Super Bowl on DUI charges. In 2013, he too was arrested for physical abuse with a girlfriend.

Celebrities and prostitution is not a new story. Do you remember 1995 when Hugh Grant was caught paying $50 for oral? Many other cases of celebrities caught with prostitutes include the unapologetic Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods, Eddie Murphy, Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, Lamar Odom,.

Politicians include,  Eliot Spitzer, Barney Frank and Silvio Berlusconi.

Other NFL players include Vikings players, Fred Smoot and Bryant McKinnie.

Warren Sapp is the latest celebrity to be caught in a pay-for-sex situation. 2015 is young, if the past is any indicator, more will come.



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Super Bowl’s Worst Play Call? Not.

russle-wilson-telegraphed-pass(PCM) It was bound to happen. The Monday morning quarterbacks are in full swing after the sudden twist in fate of the Seattle Seahawks loss in the Super Bowl when it appeared they had it in the bag. It took NBC’s commentator Chris Collinsworth zero time to bloviate how bad the call was. Morning talk shows hailed it as the worst call ever. What?

If you missed it, the controversy surrounds an interception by Patriots defender Malcolm Butler at the zero (0) yard line on what would have been the go ahead score for the Seahawks with a few seconds left on the clock in Super Bowl 49.

That touchdown score by the Seahawks would have all but sealed their win over the Patriots in Super Bowl 49. Instead the Patriots held on to their 28 to 24 lead after the interception turnover.

Immediately after the game, anyone that had any knowledge of football condemned the decision to pass in attempt to win the game. No one put the blame on the Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson who is rumored to be the next highest paid quarterback in NFL history. Instead the world could only blame the call to pass and the coach for making the call.

But was it a bad call?  The real answer is no. Here is the argument of why passing into the endzone was an acceptable call if not the right call.

  1. It was not fourth down it was second down. There were two (2) more scoring opportunities remaining.
  2. The Patriots expected a run with the formidable back Marshawn Lynch.
  3. Pass plays are no longer high-percentage risks.
  4. Pass plays at the one yard line are common place. Many have been performed in the current season and post-season.
  5. The Seahawks have the most reliable quarterback in the NFL.
  6. A pass play did in fact operate as a surprise tactic.
  7. The defensive alignment was geared to a run, only the compressed playing field changed the dynamic.
  8. A pass play allowed the Seahawks more opportunities to score with little time on the clock.
  9. An incomplete pass stops the clock, a failed run does not.
  10. The Seahawks attempted to both control the clock and score with as little time left as possible. The pass play fit their plan in that if it failed they took some time off the clock but left enough with a pause to plan and execute their next play effectively.

Consider the Seahawks had one remaining timeout. Passing on 2nd down allowed the Seahawks to run on 3rd down, then use their final time-out to plan 4th down most effectively. The Seahawks would not be pressed to hastily execute the final and most important play of the season.

The fact is the quarterback made the pass a bit long. Not much, but enough. The defensive back Malcolm Butler read the route early and jumped it. It was a play that is not generally made by defensive backs but in most interceptions it is due as a result of a defender taking a bit of a risk, because if they miss – the receiver has a free run as-soon-as they catch the ball while the defender’s momentum has taken them in the opposite direction. Due to the compressed playing area, the defender had little to risk by attempting to jump the route.

Malcolm Butler, the hero for the Patriots answered reporters in the post game stating he too was expecting a run, but his training kicked in once the play started and he recognized the route. He jumped a pick and the route. No easy task. That the undrafted rookie made it look easy may the reason everyone wants to condemn the call.

Blaming the Seahawks is a waste. Crediting the Patriots for training and Butler for execution seems a better answer.

What could go wrong for the Seahawks, did go wrong. That is sports. That is life.

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