If You Haven’t Checked Out The Funny Or Die Series “Frenemies” Now’s The Time!


(PCM) We found ourselves cracking up over Funny Or Die’s “Frenemies” videos, so we felt compelled to share the latest one below!

When Eliza Coupe (Happy Endings, Scrubs, House of Lies ) has an awkward run-in with her longtime frenemy at a bakery, not even the cupcakes can sweeten the bitter feelings of mutual contempt.

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Marvel Imposes Affirmative Action Avengers on Free Comic Book Day

(PCM) There is something going on at Marvel, and it’s all about the money. While it may appear the Disneyfication of Marvel has hit a higher gear by flipping superhero genders, races and sexuality, Disney isn’t behind the latest change. Money is behind it.

No one can argue that over the past few years the political correctness of comic books has become a hot topic with hard core comic book readers who are being looked over to appeal to the next generation of comic book readers. Yet if you think Marvel  is making changes simply because they want to appease the needs of a minority of readers, you are wrong to think that. Marvel isn’t that naive. Sure hiring writers that fit that agenda (Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar and Laura Martin) help, but the bottom line is always money.

The latest change however is more in your face that ever.

Look at this upcoming issue of the Avengers. What do you see?


Depending on who you are you could be celebrating or rolling your eyes or somewhere in between. Of course many long time readers will hit Tumblr, 4Chan and reddit, shouting “Marvel imposes affirmative action avengers.” The opposing argument will accuse bigotry throwing words like “inclusive” and “diversity” back in response. It will be a fun ride for Marvel as they try to steal the spotlight of an issue brought about from smaller publishers like Boom Studios Push Comics Forward initiative.

What? You don’t see it? Then let’s clear it up. Marvel even spells it out for you in the title, “All-New” and “All-Different”.

To put it bluntly there is a female Thor, a Muslim Ms. Marvel, and a bi-racial Spider-Man and black Captain America (Sam Wilson previously Falcon) as part of the new crew. Yes there is still Iron Man, Vision, and  Nova (Sam Alexander).

Does it matter if Marvel imposes affirmative action Avengers? No and yes. It doesn’t matter because the Avenger’s constantly change. And those changes often include female super heroes from Spider-Woman to She-Hulk. The Avengers has included minorities and diversity for many years. Again, changes are to be expected and that is the argument as to why it doesn’t matter.

Yet it does matter because the editors and writers at Marvel do in fact have an agenda designed to provoke. They may appear to be catering to the highly charged politically correct atmosphere of present day. And while this change may thrill and appease the social justice warriors on Tumblr that are just as much a bully as any playground or lunch money antagonist, Marvel isn’t out to appease Tumblr’s social justice warriors.

The fact is Marvel’s elite want controversy in order to increase sales and they know by creating a super hero affirmative action program, they can appear to have taken the high ground while everyone argues the point. All the while, sales go up.

Don’t be fooled by Marvel, they don’t care if you like or dislike the changes in the Avengers. They want the title to sell.  How can this assertion be proven?

Just look at the characters. Some changes have proven smart business moves. Thor’s sales a have doubled and only begun to fall slightly since the title changed to a female in October. Other changes such as Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales have not eclipsed the original character’s title, Miles has not broken the top 50 in sales. Neither has Ms. Marvel,  Kamala Khan, the 16 year old Pakistani (American) Muslim, written by a female Muslim (G Willow Wilson) with declining sales. Captain America is more of the same.

There is no question why Marvel is making a sweeping change to the Avengers. The controversy should earn them money. Combining an “All-Different” crew of Avengers is a hip way to code word, “diversified” which begs controversy.

The question lost to most comic book faithful, or legacy readers is why take beloved characters and change their gender, race, or sexuality?  Why not just create new characters with the gender, race or sexuality newer readers call for?  Again, that argument is being drowned out by accusations of bigotry while the answer is right before everyone’s eyes. Marvel’s motivation is increased sales. So don’t get your feelings hurt by the changes. You always have back issues that may just become more valuable for you the comic book reader. Everyone can be a winner. In fact, FREE comic book day is always the first Saturday every May. You can pick up this first group appearance on free comic book day.


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Actor Billy Zane Thinks Zayn Tweets Are About Him


(PCM) Aww … how adorable!  Actor Billy Zane think that all of the heartbroken tweets about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction are directed at him.

While he is certainly a bit confused, Billy Zane certainly appreciates all of the Zayn support on Twitter! He appreciates it so much that he even made a video about it.  Check it out below:

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Florida Hotel Wakes Spring Breakers With The Lion King


(PCM) This story was too good not to share!  The Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach, Florida found quite the unique way to get vacationing Spring Breakers up and moving for check-out time by blasting “Circle Of Life” from the Lion King as a massive wake-up call.

The very special wake-up call begins promptly at 11am each morning and it has truly been a hit with visiting guests. Many have even begun calling the hotel to request the song be played during their stay.

The hotel’s director says that the song works well because it has a very loud beat in it and it has a message that relates well to what kids are going through these days. No matter what he says, we just think it is hilarious!

You now have Spring Break kids standing on balconies with Lion King stuffed animals and waving flags when the song begins!  There was even a guy stationed in the pool recently with his arms raised in the air mimicking the famous Disney film.

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Stop Everything And Watch The Max Landis Film “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling”!


(PCM) Talk about finding an incredibly unique and hilarious way to relate wrestling and pop culture! Max Landis has created a wonderful short film titled “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” that tells the story of WWE’s Triple H’s rise and fall in the ring. The film has already surpassed over 1 million views on YouTube and continues to climb.

“Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” is relatable to both fans and non-fans of the WWE and the story-telling by Landis is absolutely spot-on. Also, don’t even get us started about the sheer number of guest appearances that are packed into this short film, we gave up counting after awhile. Keep your eyes peeled for Seth Green, Macaulay Caulkin, Darren Criss, Haley Joel Osment, Josh Peck and David Arquette to name a few! There are also appearances by a ton of former WWE wrestlers as well!

As we follow along the story of Triple H is told in various sketches and each one is honestly more and more hilarious. I love the fact that the story was told with women playing the male characters and males playing the female characters … just brilliant.

Landis sums up the film at the end by explaining that wrestling is a form of entertainment and should be looked at as such, he says “A lot of wrestling sucks, but when its’ good it’s f**king great”.

Watch the full “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” film below:


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