Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Mashed With An 80’s Aerobics Video Equals Perfection

(PCM) The incredibly over-the-top and cheesy Crystal Light Aerobics Championship video from the 1980’s has been slowly becoming an internet viral sensation over the last few weeks.

The video has now be mashed with Taylor Swift’s single “Shake It Off” and eerily it is a perfect fit. A YouTube user by the name of Thomas Jung is responsible for the brilliant mash-up and even came up with the equally brilliant hash tag #TomsTayrobics

While “Shake It Off” is already a delightfully catchy tune, this video mash-up just takes it even more over the top! It definitely tops our list of viral video picks lately and without a doubt made our day!

(Note: The original video uploaded by Thomas Jung has been blocked on YouTube due to a copyright claim, however the video below is the next best one we could find!)

Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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The Softer Side Of Celebrities

(PCM) It is not everyday that we get a chance to report on the softer and more human side of celebrity culture. Most of the time the focus seems to be on the latest celebrity legal scandal, relationship woes, and fashion, essentially the superficial elements. Recently, two celebrities made headlines by showcasing their more human side.


The story about actor Tom Hanks and the NYC cab driver was one such story. A cab driver was traveling down Park Ave at the end of his shift and noticed a passenger attempting to hail a cab.

When he pulled over to talk to the passenger, he at first told him no because the passenger needed to get to 47th street which was way further away than the driver wanted to be at the end of his day. When the passenger looks disappointed, the cab driver had a change of heart and decided to make the trek out of the kindness of his heart.

It turns out that as the very thankful passenger who was chatting away with the cab driver was none other than Tom Hanks!  Once the cab driver made the realization he yelled out “WILSONNN!!” and he and Hanks, who starred in the film “Castaway” had a good laugh over the character reference.

Being the super-friendly guy that he is Hanks even agreed to pose for a selfie with the cab driver and also invited him out to a viewing of his new play “Lucky Guy”, as well as, greeted him backstage at the performance. Kind of an ironic title for the show, don’t you think?

Other such heartwarming celebrity story comes from American Badass himself Kid Rock, who recently made a very touching and surprise visit for one of his number one fans birthday celebrations.

Dan McGurk has Down’s Syndrome and has made it no secret that he is truly Kid Rock’s number one fan. He and his family tireless worked to get an invitation out to Kid Rock to attend his 30th birthday party which was held at Clarkson Union Restaurant in Clarkson, Michigan.

McGurk even made a YouTube video in hopes of garnering Kid Rock’s attention and it looks like it worked. Rock showed up to the party and the look of utter surprise on McGurk’s face was absolutely priceless and adorable.

Kid Rock sang “Happy Birthday” to McGurk and presented him with a limited edition photo, hat ,an autographed custom Kid Rock guitar and of course tickets to an upcoming show.

You can watch the truly touching meeting below:

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The Battle Is On Between Disney And Deadmau5


(PCM) EDM superstar Deadmau5 is gearing up for quite the legal battle between himself and entertainment company Disney. The fight is over the similarities between Deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman’s mouse ears logo and the famed Mickey Mouse logo owned by Disney.

Zimmerman brought the fight into the social media realm when he posted a series of tweets urging Disney to “lawyer up” after they filed a motion in opposition to Zimmerman’s attempt to trademark his own logo in the U.S.

Zimmerman is also filing a counterclaim against Disney, as he discovered that they were using one of his most popular tracks “Ghosts N’ Stuff” in one of the promo videos on their website. The video in question has since been removed after Zimmerman called them out on social media.


The Deadmau5 logo, which is a forward facing mouse head with large circular ears and two large eyes, is a registered trademark in over 30 countries and Zimmerman has been using the logo in the States for many years. Thus far, Disney is only opposing the U.S. trademark filing.

Zimmerman’s attorney claims they are ready for a fight to protect his intellectual property and that they will not be bullied by a large corporation such as Disney.

Disney had made no official statement in regards to situation.

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Budweiser Receives The Go Ahead To Create A Fantasy Town In Colorado


(PCM) Anheuser-Busch and Budweiser have certainly had quite a busy summer this year with the success of the recent Made In America Festival’s in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles and now the company has just received the green light for creating a fantasy town in Colorado.

The company will paint the town of Crested Butte, Colorado blue for an upcoming ad campaign titled “Are You Up For Whatever” for Bud Light. Crested Butte will be turned into Whatever, USA.

While some residents in the town were opposed to the Budweiser takeover, others are incredibly excited to see what is in-store. The company claims that its’ #UpForWhatever weekend at Whatever, USA is going to be “off the charts”.

Crested Butte town officials were secretly debating the company’s original offer of $250,000 for the takeover, Budweiser sweetened the deal, doubling the amount of money to be sure all was secure.

The town officials accepted the second offer immediately, however did not let residents in on the news. The officials say the secrecy was for good reason, as it was a matter of safety and security for the town, as they did not want a bunch of people traveling to the area for the event which will take place from September 5th thru the 7th.

MIA3We were able to catch up with Budweiser’s marketing and brand director Tom Kraus at the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, PA to chat about both Made In America, as well as, some of the company’s upcoming initiatives.

When asked how the company feels about the success of Made In America, Kraus tells us “It feels great. Obviously, this is our third year here in Philadelphia, so we have a nice kind of flow going and the line-up this year is amazing.”

When speaking out the expansion to L.A. this year, Kraus comments “The whole theory here is how you unite the east coast and west coast together here, so it is one giant festival held on each individual coast. It is a way to bring everyone together under the Budweiser Made In America theme on one weekend as we get ready to celebrate Labor Day”.

We were curious about some of the other endeavors that the company has going on for the rest of this year into early next year to which Kraus reveals “As we look at the rest of the year, we have a big holiday push as we get closer to Thanksgiving and then the New Year. Into the first quarter of next year we will be getting back into Major League Baseball and some of the sporting activities that we do and you will see a renewed focus for the company, Budweiser specifically, around food. Beer pairings for example Budweiser and burgers together will be something you will see us roll out during the first quarter of next year”.

It seems that both Anheuser-Busch and music go hand and hand to which Kraus comments “We have a long standing tradition with Budweiser being in music. A lot of heritage over the past hundred years as a brand, so it has been part of our DNA for many many years. As we look at today’s millennial consumer, certainly they are very into music and it’s a passion point for them and it is a place as a brand that we can connect very organically with them. It is a natural tie to Budweiser”.

Kraus goes on to tell us that there is truly never a dull moment in his daily schedule working with such a great company with great brands. He reveals that as soon as Made In America 2014 comes to a close they will already be back at work on bringing Made In America 2015 to life as it is a year long operation. Kraus praises the amazing team behind planning the events and their partners such as LiveNation, Rocnation, Penn Distributing in Philly saying “We really couldn’t do it without the partners we have”.

When asked about something that may be misconstrued about the company, Kraus responds “I think that sometimes we get viewed as big corporate America and it’s really not about that, it’s about the authenticity and true belief that we have great brands behind us. Budweiser has stood the test of time and is now a global brand and I think those are all benefits to the company and consumers”.

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Watch President Obama Rap To Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”


(PCM) We really don’t think these lip-dub videos will ever get old!  A team of people with a lot free time on their hands and some excellent video mash-up skills have put together a video that features President Obama lip-dub rapping to Iggy Azalea’s hit song “Fancy”.

While, of course, President Obama himself is not actually rapping in the video, the clip is made up of a bunch of clips cut from Obama’s speeches at various public events, press conferences and appearances.

If you found this version of President Obama getting “Fancy” than you are in luck because the creators have a whole YouTube channel title “Baraksdub” which features other hilarious mash-up. The channel will have another President Obama lip-dub video for Ariana Grande’s “Problem” set to go live next week.

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