Performer And Poet Rod McKuen Dead At Age 81


(PCM) One of the history’s best selling poets, the Oscar nominated Rod McKuen has sadly passed away at the age of 81.

McKuen died while at a rehabilitation center in Beverly Hills, California where he was being treated for a bout of pneumonia. McKuen had been hospitalized with the illness for several weeks and was unable to digest any foods.

McKuen pretty much stepped out of the limelight back in 1981, however prior to then he had released hundreds of poems, songs and records throughout his career. He was nominated for an Oscar for the song “Jean” from the 1969 film “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”.

Many people throughout the years were absolutely captivated by McKuen’s work and his material was recorded by various celebrities over the years including Frank Sinatra, Madonna and Dolly Parton to name a few. He, himself, with his incredible signature voice recorded over 200 albums and has released at least 30 books of poetry.

Majority if McKuen’s best known work was released in the late 1960’s and he was able to write in a style that was easily accessible to everyone. During the height of his career he would sometimes write at least one song or poem per day and he had absolutely no literary or musical training.

McKuen made several appearances on The Late Show with Johnny Carson and also formed a production company with Rock Hudson. He was constantly on the road as well until taking a much needed break back in 1981.

Some of his most quoted phrases are “Listen to the warm” and “It doesn’t matter who you love, or how you love, but that you love.” Many of his books are now out of print, however he still continued to churn out new poetry and also did some voice-over work for Disney in his later years.

Our sincere condolences go out to the the family and friends of Rod McKuen during this incredibly difficult time.

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Sassy Delaware Police Officer Jams To Some Taylor Swift

(PCM) Even Taylor Swift, herself, has responded to the hilarious video that captures a Delaware police officer jamming out to her hit single “Shake It Off”.


The Dover State Police department said that they came across the video while reviewing police cruiser dash cam footage and discovered the footage of Officer Jeff Davis to be quite amusing.

Officer Davis has been with the Delaware State Police for 19 years and watching him start jamming out to the tune (hand gestures and all) was just too good not to share.

The Dover State Police said that they are planning a new web series called “Dash Cam Confessionals”.  While the rest of the video was staged a spokesperson for the Dover State Police said it was done in fun and only took about 15 minutes in total to film.

The video has been viewed over 14 million times and we think Officer Davis is hoping for a duet!

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John Kerry Brings Along James Taylor To Repair Relations With France


(PCM) The utter cheesiness of this move is enough to make me cringe. It has been revealed that Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to France to offer his condolences and repair relations with the nation and also happened to bring singer James Taylor along to acoustically perform “You’ve Got A Friend”.

I don’t know, but if I were France I would be pretty insulted by this move, as it is a pretty pathetic attempt to smooth over world relations with a cheesy song and a few strategic hugs.

It is hilarious that the U.S. would think that this move somehow makes up for our failure to show up and support last week’s anti-terrorism rally of world leaders that took place in France after the recent attacks that have taken place in the country.

In fact this is not the first time that the U.S. government has put Mr. James Taylor to use for smoothing over political relationships. Taylor was brought in to perform “You’ve Got A Friend” during German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to the White House back in 2011.



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Liam Neeson Prank Called Maggie Grace’s Ex-Boyfriend As His Taken Character


(PCM) It seems as though actor Liam Neeson is very protective of his on-screen daughter actress Maggie Grace. Awhile back when she was going though some relationship issues with an ex-boyfriend, Neeson and Grace decided something had to be done and he pranked called the guy as he character from the “Taken” film franchise.

Lucky for us, Maggie Grace taped the prank call and the audio recording was recently played during an episode of on “Conan”.

Check it out! It definitely brings out the LOLz!

Another one of our favorite celebrity prank calls was when Matt Healy of The 1975 was playing a phone prank game during a radio appearance on BBC 1. During the game he hand to prank call One Direction’s Harry Styles and ask to borrow five thousand dollars claiming he was in an emergency.

The funniest part is that he had never spoken to Styles before and listening to the call it was apparent that Styles was still ready to help him out. Healy later tweeted out an apology to Styles for the prank.

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Year In Review: Our Top Ten Picks For Movies, Music And TV

(PCM) As we near the end of 2014 and get ready to welcome in 2015, we have put together a list of some of our top picks in the the realms of movies, music and TV that were released in 2014.

Other than the recent news in regards to the Sony hack and the company’s decision to not released “The Interview” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, 2014 was a fantastic year for film. Below find our picks for the top ten films of 2014:

Guardians11. Guardians Of The Galaxy
2. Gone Girl
3. Captain America: The Winter Solider
4. Birdman
5. Nightcrawler
6. The Theory Of Everything
7. The LEGO Movie
8. X-Men: Days Of Future Past
9. Boyhood
10. The Babadook

2014 was also quite an interesting year for music releases as well!  Our picks for the top ten album releases span a variety of genres and styles and certainly contain certain key elements that make them each stand-out and apart from the rest. Below find our picks for the top ten album releases of 2014:

Crobot11. Crobot – “Something Supernatural”
2. Taylor Swift – “1989”
3. Royal Blood – “Royal Blood”
4. Slipknot – “.5: The Grey Chapter”
5. Foo Fighters – “Sonic Highways”
6. Miranda Lambert “Platinum”
7. Sam Smith – “In The Lonely Hour”
8. Pharrell – “G.I.R.L.”
9. Lana Del Rey – “Ultraviolence”
10. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – “Hypnotic Eye”

The year of 2014 also brought us quite a few new TV shows to feed our binge watching addictions. There are quite a few of these new shows that stand out and we certainly keep looking forward to what’s next on the horizon. Below find our picks for the top ten new TV shows of 2014:

Gotham51. FOX’s Gotham
2. HBO’s True Detective
3. CW’s  The Flash
4. ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder
5. Showtime’s “The Affair”
6. FX’s Fargo
7. Starz’s Outlander
8. FX’s The Strain
9. HBO’s The Leftovers
10. WGN’s Salem

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