Creator Rob Liefeld Explains Leaked Deadpool Test Footage

Rob Liefeld's Deadpool

Rob Liefeld’s Deadpool

(PCM) It did not last long. In the course of hours, while many YouTube accounts re-broadcasted the Leaked Deadpool Test Footage from 2012 with Ryan Reynolds voicing Deadpool – it was all over. Gone, vanished. Fox put the kibosh on everyone. Well, everyone that didn’t download it like the leaked Deadpool movie script.

The footage was ideal. It was all CG, but it captured Deadpool accurately. It was R-rated, it was violent, it was irreverent and yes, Deadpool broke the fourth wall (when an actor or character addresses the audience). Watching Deadpool kill and make you laugh in the same breath is scarily Grand Theft Auto’ish. You feel guilty enjoying such mayhem.

Fox was quick to pull the leaked Deadpool test footage

Fox was quick to pull the leaked Deadpool test footage

The two minute short was first uploaded in grainy cam footage from Comic-Con 2014. Then it was up on Vimeo in full digital HD! Inside six hours it was all over. If you didn’t watch it quick. You have really missed out. Of course some smart and Internet savvy people downloaded before it vanished. Maybe you will find it bit torrented in weeks to come?

Wade plays with Crayons while waiting on baddies

Wade plays with Crayons while waiting on baddies

But as this all transpired the creator Rob Liefeld commented to keep it all in perspective.

“To ALL who have enjoyed seeing the DP footage, enjoy it for what it is. Test’s are done for films all the time and you have glimpsed process… But I hesitate to encourage your hopes on behalf of the fact that ALL Studios are run to the sound of their own particular drum… What would be more important to the bean counters at any studio are the spread sheets of the enormous Deadpool licensing Marvel generates… There is no doubt that a DP film would OPEN to an impressive number and be profitable. This is NOT Scott Pilgrim or Kick-Ass.

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds voices Leaked Deadpool Test Footage

“DP is One of Marvel’s TOP 3 popular characters of the last 20 years AND a prominent member of the X-MEN library-My 1 kernal of optimism… Is that DP will happen eventually, 5-6 years, and as frustrating as that sounds it would still be faster to screen that Spidey, X-Men and FF… Please just manage expectations, thats all I’m saying in regards to Deadpool. Nothing moves fast in Hollywood…. Except Divergent.”

Okay, let’s assume you never see the leaked Deadpool test footage shot in 2012. It’s impossible to spoil, here is a summary.

Deadpool is sitting on the ledge of an overpass outside New York City’s Manhattan skyline. References to the Hudson Parkway and the GW bridge are noticeable on green highway advisories. Deadpool immediately breaks the fourth wall introducing himself while occupying himself with crayons and rapping to Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl on his transistor radio. “Oh, hello there. I bet you’re wondering why red suit? Well, that’s so the bad guys can’t see me bleed.” Deadpool looks off camera and calls out as if trying to gain someone’s attention. “Hey!”  Deadpool turns back to the viewer, “Let’s hope these guys are wearing their brown pants.”

He drops 50 or so feet with Angle of the Morning  sung by Juice Newton accompanying his fall through the sunroof of some thugs in an SUV escorted by a motorcycle guard. He proceeds to kill all four inside while making jokes. They are Spanish in appearance so he begins in Spanish, then cuts to English, “There’s no easy way to say this.” Soap opera suspense music interjects, “I’m pregnant Trevor.”  The fighting begins.

Deadpool pops a seatbelt and shoves an assailant out the door. His leg is caught on the belt momentarily and forces his body back under the vehicle and is violently run over.

At one point a backseat thug presses his face into the seat cushion. “Rich…Corinthian leather…”

Using his ability to self heal, Deadpool purposely rolls the vehicle. The motorcycle guard takes notice of the wreck occurring.demonstrating superhuman agility by stopping and drawing his weapon with ease to machine gun the rolling SUV which quickly rolls towards him. In slomo the open sun roof exposes Deadpool casually holding up a crayon picture of himself cutting off a man on a motorcycle’s head complete with helmet. At this point the SUV is suspended in air over the guard and returns to normal speed. Deadpool slashes his head off and we cut to the SUV resting still with an open passenger window. The helmet rises up out of the window then suddenly shakes as it’s suspended from Deadpools fist.

Keep in mind, Liefeld saw this footage two years ago and he’s had to suffer longer than anyone knowing how good something is yet so far out of reach. The best you can really do is just keep reading the comic. It’s damn good, it’s strangely original. And it gently immerses you into the Marvel universe if you are a reluctant comic book reader.

Ryan Reynolds voices Leaked Deadpool Test Footage

Ryan Reynolds voices Leaked Deadpool Test Footage

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Leaked Deadpool Test Footage from Comic-Con gets official release!

(PCM) Why should everyone at Comic-con get all the fun? First the leaked Deadpool test footage was put up on YouTube with all its bad cam glory for anyone to enjoy.

But Marvel knew that if you can’t beat em’ join em’.

Here it is in full digital HD!

If you are a true Deadpool fan that you’ll forgive Marvel (actually Fox has rights) for getting Deadpool so wrong in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

From the test footage we can see it’s completely computer generated (CG), with Ryan Reynolds reprising the role from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Prior to Wolverine’s release, Ryan swore he was meant for the part and really got “Deadpool”.  Here he proves it.

If you’ve played the Deadpool video game, you may be used to Nolan North’s voice. It seems Ryan may have even modeled some of his inflections and attitude based on North’s approach. That’s not true, you see the footage was shot in 2012, and the video game was released in 2013.

As for the segment, it too captures the essence of Deadpool in all his R rated glory.

Fans have been lamenting openly on the Internet for the past few years that Marvel and Hollywood would never have the guts to deliver Deadpool as he should be. R-rated.

Could it be that Hollywood producers finally had the guts to say, “R is the only way to do this character, so let’s do it right.”

Well, the producers of this short may think that way but ultimately it’s not been put into production because violence and humor at this level is too risky.

The question is now, will Deadpool be just as R-rated for the X-Force movie?

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Comic-Con Showcases Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

(PCM) There’s the print universe and there’s live action. Wow does live action do something illustrations can’t… Check out Wonder Woman!

DC’s Batman V Superman: “Dawn of Justice” has lead to questionable choices such as Ben Affleck portraying Batman, but there is no doubt Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is a winner.

Gal Godot in her Wonder Woman costume revealed at Comic Con 2014

Gal Godot in her Wonder Woman costume revealed at Comic Con 2014

Comic Con 2014 in San Diego California was bound to roll out many secrets to the Dawn of Justice film such as a leaked trailer with both Batman and Superman sharing screen time, but this Wonder Woman image trumps grainy footage (taken off YouTube as fast as users post it) by far.

What do you think? Will the addition of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and others muddy up the Dawn of Justice film or do you think DC will make a play to compete the quality of the Marvel film universe?

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#SDCC 2014 Early News # 1 Rumors Abound

Antman(PCM) So far at Comic-Com International (#SDCC) we’ve learned the following:

  • It looks like Paul Rudd and/or Michael Douglas could be Giant-Man as well as Ant-Man in the upcoming film…. but who will but who will be who(m)?
  • Robert Downey Jr is is serious talks about Iron Man IV
  • Sharnado 2 (The Second One) will have many cameos
  • Dwayne Johnson may either going to be Shazam! or his nemesis, Black Adam in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Film
  • The Star Wars Darth Vader Hot Wheels car features a 526-horsepower 6.2-liter LS3 V-8 engine from ChevroletDarthCar
  • DC let us see another (dark) closeup of Ben Afflec’s Batman
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is coming to theaters this December.
    Word is “Smaug will be a Killing Machine”BatHob
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