Ellen’s Tweet That Broke The Internet!

(PCM) True selfie history was made during last night’s Academy Awards telecast, when host Ellen DeGeneres took an epic selfie and literally broke the internet!

The selfie was snapped by none other than Bradley Cooper and now we all know why Ellen was wishing that his arms were just a little bit longer!


And it gets better! This amazing tweet is officially the most retweeted tweet of all time!  Its’ sheer awesomeness was even enough to crash the major social network for a few moments.

Sorry, our bad. #Oscarspic.twitter.com/VrjKjZ4YGl

— The Academy (@TheAcademy)

Truly, will there ever be a better selfie? We think not!


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Walt Disney’s Grandniece Believes He Was A Racist

Abigail-Disney1(PCM) There was a bit of controversy stirred up after actress Meryl Streep made comments during a speech at an awards gala calling filmmaker and entrepreneur Walt Disney both ”gender bigot” and person who “supported an anti-Semitic industry lobbying group.”

Now, Disney’s grandniece, Abigail Disney, who works as a filmmaker and social activist, has posted commentary on her Facebook page agreeing with Streep’s sentiments about her late uncle Walt Disney, who is the subject behind the new film “Saving Mr. Banks”.

Abigail posted the following:

“… Anti-Semite? Check. Misogynist? OF COURSE!! Racist? C’mon he made a film (Jungle Book) about how you should stay ‘with your own kind’ at the height of the fight over segregation! As if the ‘King of the Jungle’ number wasn’t proof enough!! How much more information do you need?” Abigail wrote. “But damn, he was hella good at making films and his work has made … Read the rest…

The Most Drama-Filled Moments From The 71st Annual Golden Globes Red Carpet

(PCM) The 71st annual Golden Globe Awards took place last night and when you have that many celebrities and that much alcohol, it is without a doubt going to lead to some definite drama on the red carpet.

Today, as we sort through the aftermath of the year’s first big awards show, several celebrities created a little bit of controversy with some of their comments and/or actions.

Hayden2First, we have the case of poor Hayden Panettiere. When asked who designed her dress for the awards show, she immediately name dropped famed designer Tom Ford. While it is true that Ford did design Panettieres’ dress, she was not specifically styled by Ford for the red carpet, meaning she purchased the dress off the rack at retail.  Oh the horror!

Most celebrities that you see at the awards show are strutting down the red carpet in borrowed dresses.   The unwritten rule of … Read the rest…

The Big Winners Of The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards Are…

Golden-Globes-14(PCM) It was big night for many celebrities as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association celebrated the very best in both film and television with the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards last night.

The evening was filled with zingers from hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, which led to some hilarious moments making up the 2014 awards telecast. The pair always do an amazing job with hosting and have signed off to host again next year. Some stand-out quotes from the 2014 Golden Globe Awards are:

-When comparing nominee for “Behind The Candelabra” Matt Damon to other stars in the room “Matt on any other night you’d be a big deal… but tonight, you’re basically a garbage person.”

- Calling out winner Matthew McConaughey for his weight loss in “Dallas Buyers Club”.Fey joked that losing weight is just par for the course in Hollywood; it’s what actresses call “being in a … Read the rest…

The Ultimate Quest For Super Stardom….The EGOT!

EGOT1(PCM) Many have attempted but only a select few can say that they have completed the quest for true super stardom and have received the quad-awards that make up an EGOT.

What is an EGOT, you ask? EGOT is an acronym for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony and is used to reference those select individuals that have won all four coveted awards. The acronym was invented by actor Philip Michael Thomas of Miami Vice fame, who had big plans for winning all four awards, despite never being nominated for any thus far. He did receive a People’s Choice Award and was nominated for a Golden Globe, neither of which are part of the EGOT category.  The term further gained popularity when mentioned several times on the hit TV series “30 Rock”.

According to Wikipedia, winning all four awards can be compared to winning the ultimate Grand Slam Of Show Business and … Read the rest…

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