Peaches Geldof Overdosed on Heroin

Geldof's in happier times

Geldof’s in happier times

(PCM) The worst has finally been confirmed in the April 2014 death of Peaches Geldof. Daughter of 80′s rocker and frontman of the Boomtown Rats, died of a heroin overdose. The coroner describes it as ‘accidental’ ruling out any foul play or intentional suicide.

The tragedy was one Peaches herself desperately tried to avoid. Sadly the legacy of Peaches mother Paula Yates death (Peaches was age 11) by a heroin overdose has overshadowed what was by most accounts a life of success. Peaches was a writer, TV executive and former model.

However Peaches lifestyle had its trappings starting with marriage to two musicians.

Peaches Geldof-Cohen & husband Thomas Cohen

Peaches Geldof-Cohen & husband Thomas Cohen

In 2008 it’s rumored she had to be revived from an overdose. Her modeling contract with Ultimo was canceled after they allegedly learned of a drug binge outing she participated in that resulted in leaked nude photos.

Peaches heroin addiction was thought to be under control. She had been on a road to recovery using drug substitutes under a doctor’s guidance. In what had thought to have been two years of clean recovery was undermined by what can only be described as a relapse.

Her husband, Thomas Cohen, is on record stating Peaches relapsed as early as February 2014 when he witnessed her flushing what he suspected was drugs down the toilet. It was her husband that found her body after her death.


Upon Peaches Geldof Death, the UK's Mirror immediately speculated suicide.

Upon Peaches Geldof Death, the UK’s Mirror immediately speculated suicide.

The initial Internet response to her death was that Peaches was selfish for leaving children behind. What people who do not suffer any additions fail to understand is that addicts don’t try to take their lives and hurt others in the wake. They believe they are easing sadness in search of happiness. Peaches did not intentionally kill herself.

From the autopsy results, pathologist have learned Peaches was using a drug of higher purity content, similar to an alcohol of higher proof.

In addition to finding heroin in Geldof’s system there was also trace amounts of codeine, methadone and morphine.

Peaches leaves behind two children, sons Astala and Phaedra under the care of their father Thomas Cohen. She also leaves behind father,Bob Geldof, who is most recognized as the organizer of Live Aid, but to himself and adoring father.

Peaches Geldof and Family

Peaches Geldof and Family

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Mark Ruffalo Lost His Wallet and Twitter Helped Him Find It

MarkRuffalo(PCM) The 21st Century has proven to truly be the age of connectivity with one in four people engaging in social media globally, and Mark Ruffalo can thank his lucky stars that the twitter user who found his wallet in the back of a Chicago cab fit that statistic and also happened to be a Good Samaritan.

Mark Ruffalo was in the “Windy City” over the weekend serving as Grand Marshall at Chicago Speedway for Saturday’s NASCAR race when he apparently left his wallet in the cab.

Twitter user @Tredezuet must have slipped into the cab not too long after the actor, well known for his roles in such films as The Avengers as the Hulk and Shutter Island, and was courteous enough to reach out to Ruffalo through Twitter, alerting him that he was in possession of his wallet.

Mark Ruffalo retweeted @Treduzuet and thanked him for his kindness, remarking “Another point for the decency in people.”

Mark Ruffalo is currently filming Avengers: Age of Ultron and is gearing up to film Now You See Me 2, reprising his role as FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes.

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Forever Young Skye Bartusiak Dies at Age 21

(PCM) Actress Skye Bartusiak was about direct her first feature film at only 21 years of age. Sadly the young actress died in her Texas apartment behind her parents home of natural causes.

Skye McCole Bartusiak

Skye McCole Bartusiak


The exact cause is yet to be determined but according to her mother she had recently been suffering from epileptic episodes which may have caused her to choke to death.

Skye was found by her boyfriend sitting up in bed. He alerted Skye’s mother. She in turn performed CPR until paramedics arrived. They worked in vain for 45 minutes. Skye apparently died in her sleep.

Skye Bartusiak as Susan Martin in the Patriot (2000)

Skye Bartusiak as Susan Martin in the Patriot (2000)

Skye’s career started as a child actress without suffering the pitfalls other childhood actors stumbled upon. Skye’s first film was The Cider House Rules in 1999, however her most notable role was in the 2000 feature film, The Patriot. She played the part of lead actor Mel Gibson’s daughter Susan Martin.


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Teen Raises The Epic Selfie Bar Even Higher!


(PCM) We think the epic “selfie” bar just continues to rise higher and higher, especially now that an Omaha, Nebraska teen has captured a “selfie” with both Sir Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett.

Buffett is certainly one of Omaha, Nebraska’s best-know residents, however to capture him literally just relaxing on a park bench with none other than Sir Paul McCartney is certainly an epic feat.

The billionaire and the former Beatle were relaxing on a bench outside of the E-Creamery in the city of Omahas’ Dundee neighborhood, when teen Tom White captured the amazing selfie!

McCartney was in town for a performance which will take place tonight at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska!

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Today Is Embrace Your Geekness Day!

The-Geekie-Awards(PCM) With SCCD2014 & The Geekie Awards coming upon us , Kristen Nedopak, creator of The Geekie Awards, has a special project for ANYONE to show what they are geekie about and to be a part of this year’s award show!

The nominees for The Geekie Awards 2014 will be announced on Monday, 7/14!

Embrace Your Geekness Day
By: Kristen @Nedopak

(photo credit: Joe Lester)

Just before Stan Lee sang a hymn about being a geek at The 2013 Geekie Awards, he asked a legit question, “What is a geek?” Though we are familiar with the traditional definition of words like “geek” and “nerd,” in this modern day, we’ve been forced to let go of stereotypes and realize people are a unique mix of interests. Our passions are more similar than we think, and it’s these passions that tie us together as human beings. A football player who loves comic books. A comic book geek who loves football. The days of exclusive clubs are over.

The Geekies melds many of these worlds together through our categories—gaming, entertainment and digital content, comic books, art and fashion—but also by celebrating the pure heart and soul that is indie. Artists who have passion for what they do drive independent creations. That’s what the show stands for. Passion.

To us, “geek” means someone who is wildly passionate about something. Anything.

To honor “Embrace Your Geekness Day,” we want to invite you to show us your passion. Do you have a wall of superhero toys? A shrine to your favorite soccer team? Whatever your geek may be we want to see it.

Take a photo and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag #EmbraceGeekies2014—by July 31st. Have fun. Get creative. We’ll pick our favorite photos and show them during The 2014 Geekie Awards show on August 17th, 2014, broadcast live on Twitch TV and Xbox for the world to see.

We’re proud of what we’re passionate about, and we want you to be too. Embrace your geekness!

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