Danny Trejo Joins The Brady Bunch In New Snickers Super Bowl Spot


(PCM) Many people are already calling the recently unveiled Snickers Super Bowl commercial featuring Danny Trejo as an honorary member of the Brady Bunch family the winner of the Big Game, at least as far as the commercials are concerned.

The 30-second spot created by BBDO New York, features Trejo playing out the infamous Marcia and Peter football to the nose episode of the hit sitcom series. The ad also feature a cameo from another surprise guest.

The ad has already generated over 2 million engagements via social media since it was released. You can watch the full ad clip below:

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Performer And Poet Rod McKuen Dead At Age 81


(PCM) One of the history’s best selling poets, the Oscar nominated Rod McKuen has sadly passed away at the age of 81.

McKuen died while at a rehabilitation center in Beverly Hills, California where he was being treated for a bout of pneumonia. McKuen had been hospitalized with the illness for several weeks and was unable to digest any foods.

McKuen pretty much stepped out of the limelight back in 1981, however prior to then he had released hundreds of poems, songs and records throughout his career. He was nominated for an Oscar for the song “Jean” from the 1969 film “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”.

Many people throughout the years were absolutely captivated by McKuen’s work and his material was recorded by various celebrities over the years including Frank Sinatra, Madonna and Dolly Parton to name a few. He, himself, with his incredible signature voice recorded over 200 albums and has released at least 30 books of poetry.

Majority if McKuen’s best known work was released in the late 1960’s and he was able to write in a style that was easily accessible to everyone. During the height of his career he would sometimes write at least one song or poem per day and he had absolutely no literary or musical training.

McKuen made several appearances on The Late Show with Johnny Carson and also formed a production company with Rock Hudson. He was constantly on the road as well until taking a much needed break back in 1981.

Some of his most quoted phrases are “Listen to the warm” and “It doesn’t matter who you love, or how you love, but that you love.” Many of his books are now out of print, however he still continued to churn out new poetry and also did some voice-over work for Disney in his later years.

Our sincere condolences go out to the the family and friends of Rod McKuen during this incredibly difficult time.

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Taylor Swift’s Twitter And Instagram Hacked

(PCM) Without a doubt Taylor Swift has one of the most popular celebrity accounts on both Twitter and Instagram, so it was definitely a shock to fans when we learned that our beloved Taylor’s account had been hijacked.

A series of suspicious and now deleted tweets began showing up on Taylor’s account and they were tagging Twitter users @Veriuser and @Lizzard urging Swift’s nearly 52 million followers to follow their accounts.

taylor-hack2 Taylor-hack1

The hackers also posted several disturbing images on the page as well. A vast majority of Taylor’s fans caught on to the scam right away and hilariously many others began begging the hackers for highly esteemed follow-back from Taylor’s account.


Sources say that @Lizzard threatened to release nude image of Taylor in exchange for bitcoin, but there has been no word yet if any exchange has taken place. The accounts for both @Lizzard and @Veriuser have since been suspended.

Taylor posted a message on her Tumblr page in response to the hack and let fans know that her team was aware of the hack and they were in the process of updating and changing all her passwords.

Once everything was updated and changed, Taylor posted the following tweet directed at the hackers:

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WWE’s Triple H Breaks Character To Console A Crying Young Fan Ringside


(PCM) It is incredibly rare that fans ever get the chance to witness any of their favorite WWE wrestlers break character, especially in the middle of a match, when that wrestler happens to be one of the biggest heels in the current story-line.

That is why it was shocking when fans in attendance for a recent WWE RAW show says Triple H completely break character and console a young fan who he saw sobbing in the front row.  As the current story line goes, 13-time World Champion Triple H is currently the bad boy leader and evil COO of an organization called The Authority.

During the evenings main event which was a handicap match between John Cena, Shawn Rollin, Kane and The Big Show, Triple H noticed the young fan in tears and shockingly completely broke character and leaned over the barrier, patted the boy on the head and apologized. The moment was captured by many fans and was immediately posted on various social media channels.

It was also revealed that Triple H’s wife in real life and on RAW, Stephanie McMahon also broke character to speak to the young boy as well.

Photos show Triple H smiling at the boy and consoling him in hopes of cheering him up. Later that evening, after the taping of RAW, security was seen escorting the young boy and his father toward the backstage area where we are sure he got to meet many of his favorite WWE superstars.

We certainly have a ton of respect for the way that Triple H handled the situation and it was wonderful that he was able to share such a touching and memorable moment with a young fan, who will now surely become a fan for life.


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Actress Betty White Celebrates Her Birthday Viral Style!


(PCM) Actress Betty White recently turned 93 years young so the cast and crew of her TV Land series “Hot In Cleveland” decided to treat her to some fun loving birthday hi-jinks that have since gone viral.

It has been stated that everyday White’s assistant greets her with a hula dance everyday on the set. In honor of her birthday the entire cast and crew of “Hot In Cleveland” put on lei’s, grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts and performed a choreographed flash-mob dance number much to White’s surprise and delight.

The video begins with White being driven around the lot by comedian Dave Foley on a golf cart and just prior to the flash-mob starting, he says that there may be a little celebration in store for her birthday. It is then that her assistant appears dancing solo at first and is then joined by dozens of other cast and crew, including White’s “Hot In Cleveland” co-stars.

A “Happy Birthday Betty” banner is rolled out and always one for comedic timing, Betty exclaims “As 93, you shouldn’t be doing this!”. The video was uploaded to the TV Land Youtube page and has since surpassed over 5 million views and counting.

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