Hello Kitty Is On An Outer Space Mission


(PCM) Japan has finally sent Hello Kitty into space! The adorable pop culture icon is currently on a government-funded mission to space. The mission has been put in place to promote Japan’s high-tech industry, as well as, engineer economic growth.

The 4 centimeter tall Hello Kitty figure is on-board the Hodoyoshi-3 satellite and has recently been seen looking through the window at the planet Earth. The satellite was developed by Japanese researchers as part of a $40 million dollar that has been funded by the education and science ministries. 

Opening October 11th and on view through April 26th, 2015, Hello! will explore the phenomenon and evolution of Hello Kitty through an extensive product retrospective featuring rare, unique and vintage pieces from Sanrio’s archives that embody the company’s mission of fostering and sharing happiness, friendship and fun, and an art exhibit featuring 40 mixed-media works by contemporary artists. Workshops, lectures, and panel discussions will be offered during the run of the exhibition.

Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty is a key element among several events and collaborations celebrating Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary, including Hello Kitty Con 2014, the first-ever Hello Kitty fan convention in partnership with Target at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA running October 30th – November 2nd. Fans can purchase their tickets for Hello Kitty Con 2014 now at http://www.sanrio.com/hellokittycon-tickets/; Hello Kitty Con 2014 ticket holders will also have same-day access to the museum exhibition at JANM located next door to MOCA.
Unique collaborations with a diverse list of brands, new product releases, and Hello Kitty appearances around the globe to promote the Share a Hug with Hello Kitty! campaign will round out the year of festivities. Further details and updates on Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary celebration can be found at http://www.sanrio.com/hellokitty40th/.
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Iron Man, Spider-man, and Elmo Arrested In Times Square


(PCM) While it may sound like some kind of comic book gone wrong, the NYPD are completely following through with their mission to get rid of all of the costumed super-hero panhandlers found throughout Times Square.

Two men dressed up as Iron Man, a Spider-man and an Elmo were all nabbed for blocking pedestrians trying to get around the tourist hot-spot and Spider-man was accused of physically grabbing a pedestrian to pose for a picture.

Police in the area began diligently handing out fliers earlier that day to Times Square visitors which said “Photos with costumed characters are free. Tipping is optional”. The flier also urged visitors to talk to a police officer or call 911 if they had any complaints.

NYPD-Flier1For years now, these men and women wearing super-hero or cartoon character themed costumes have been roaming the Times Square area attempting to get as many people, especially children to take photos with them. Once the photo has been taken, they then demand money for allowing people to snap the picture. It is all a huge pan-handling scam.

The four “characters” were charged with disorderly conduct and the Spider-man was also charged with aggressive panhandling because he laid his hands on the intended victim. Officers were still spread about Times Square even after the arrests were made going up to visitors after they had taken a photo and telling them that they don’t have to pay.

Majority of the costumed characters/panhandlers are Hispanic immigrants and the head of the immigrants rights La Fuente visited Times Square as well over the weekend. She snapped photos and videos of the police passing out the filers and telling people they didn’t have to pay.

There are several meetings planned to try to organize the costumed characters and assist them with any upcoming court proceedings.

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Sleeping Baseball Fan Sues ESPN For $10 Million


(PCM) Recently, 26-year old Andrew Robert Rector was caught by cameras catching a quick nap during the major league baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankee at Yankee Stadium in New York.

Normally, when they are not focused on the game at hand, camera operators at professional sporting events will pan the crowd looking for someone doing something interesting they can focus on the jumbotron and of course out to us a home.

The camera stayed on Rector as he was snoozing for few minutes while ESPN commentators Dan Shulman and John Kruk chatted and speculated just how he was able to sleep through the cheering fans at the game, whether he would suffer neck issues due to his positioning and whether or not the guy sitting next to him was his buddy.

Apparently after the game, Rector received quite a bit of ridicule for being caught sleeping on national television and has now decided to file a lawsuit against ESPN to the tune of $10 million dollars.

In his lawsuit, Rector claims that “substantial injury” to his “character and reputation.” He also suffered “mental anguish, loss of future income and loss of earning capacity.” He also goes on to claim that the commentators called him “fatty” and “stupid” but those words do not appear to be in the clip that is circulating online. (I think someone is taking advantage of the situation)

The lawsuit was filed by a relatively new lawyer based out of Jamaica, Queens and sources claim it is not even written professionally. Somehow I don’t see this one going anywhere…but you never know, after all there have certainly been stranger lawsuits filed over the years.

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Chinese Man Spends $40,000 On Movie Tickets To Impress His Ex


(PCM) In a move to show off his new found wealth to his now ex-girlfriend a Chinese man recently purchased over $40,000 in movie tickets. He ended up block-booking IMAX screenings of Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction” at theaters all over the city of Bejing.

When asked what triggered the movie ticket buy out, the man explained that when he and his ex were still together he could not afford to take her to the cinema and she broke up with him seven years ago.

In the time after the break-up the man spent the seven years building up his own company and personal wealth, which eventually led to him being able to pull off the showy stunt. According to the newspaper in China, the man spent about $250,000 yuan on the tickets, which according to him is only half of his monthly income.

The man went on to claim in a blog post that he would giveaway tickets to anyone who shared his post and story online, in an effort to get the news back to his ex-girlfriend. He claims in the blog post that he only wanted her to realize that she may have been wrong about her decision.

Well, we are sure she knows that now, but it definitely seems like quite an excessive way to prove a point!

Over 1,500 online bloggers and social media users shared the mans story and received free tickets to the film. No word if the ex-girlfriend ever found out! We are guessing Michael Bay can thank the man for at least part of the estimated 97 million the film grossed in China!

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Man Sues British Airways For His Trip To Grenada Rather Than Granada

Grenada1 Granada1

(PCM) It is easy for some of us to confuse the gorgeous Caribbean Island of Grenada with the Spanish city of Granada…I mean seriously it is only the difference of one letter….but for an airline to make that mistake, it is definitely a little concerning.

Edward Gamson, an American dentist, was planning a trip the Spanish city of Granada but instead found himself on the Caribbean Island of Grenada during his recent vacation and he is now suing the airline for the mix-up.

Gamson was booked on what he assumed was a two-hour flight from London to Grenada, but instead found himself on a nine-hour flight to the island of Granada. He claims that he made it very clear with the booking agent when he planned the trip that he wished to travel to the Spanish city as he has an incredibly strong interest in Islamic art. He also says his return flight was book from Lisbon back to America, so it would truly make no sense for him to want to end up so far away in the Caribbean.

Gamson and his traveling partner spent $4,500 on the first class airline tickets which British Airways refused to reimburse. He is now in the process for suing the airline for $34,000 in damages.  No word yet on the response from British Airways regarding Gamson’s lawsuit.

We know he was planning on enjoying Grenada in Spain, but there are definitely worst places he could have ended up than a gorgeous tropical island!

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