Virgin America Pokes Fun At Long Tedious Flights With New Ad Campaign


(PCM) Nearly all of us at one point or another have had to deal with a long and tedious flight, especially one that is headed cross-country. You are dealing with issues such as screaming children, lack of food, zero leg room and of course obnoxious seatmates.

Virgin America has decided to poke a little fun, as well as, make a statement about just how long and boring cross-country travel can become with their new ad campaign. The campaign also reminds individuals that there is indeed a better way to fly!

The new ad campaign features an over five hour long video that shows us the pains associated with flying cross-country on the humorusly titled “BLAH Airlines” through the eyes of a mannequin who is stuck on the flight.

Adweek recently featured the campaign and obviously the mannequins represent actual passengers who are often time forced to suffer on these long and grueling flights. The point of the lengthy ad is to bore individuals into flying with Virgin America to avoid the “BLAH Airlines”.

According to Virgin themselves, “Just trying to watch the video is downright painful—and that’s the point. If you wouldn’t sit through the entire film, why would you pay money to experience it in real life?” We can’t see anyone actually sitting down to watch the entire five hour and forty-six minute ad. If you would like to give it a shot, the entire five plus hour ad can be viewed below:


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Twitter Sues The U.S. Government


(PCM) Social media giant Twitter has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government for the right to disclose and publish the full amount of government surveillance requests they receive.

Twitter has always been a huge advocate for free speech and would like the opportunity to be more forthcoming with its’ users about the full nature and the total number of requests for private user information that they receive from government agencies.

The lawsuit is based off an agreement made between internet companies such as Google and Microsoft which allow these companies the right to disclose the number of orders they receive, however only in broad ranges for example zero to 999.

In their lawsuit Twitter is stating that they should have the right to disclose the exact number of request that they receive rather than a broad range. Twitter vice president Ben Lee had the following to say “It’s our belief that we are entitled under the First Amendment to respond to our users’ concerns and to the statements of U.S. government officials by providing information about the scope of U.S. government surveillance — including what types of legal process have not been received”.

Twitter made an attempt to send a full disclosure report over to the FBI for publishing approval back in April of this year, but were denied their right to publish. Do you think as social media users we should have the full right to know the number of requests and just who may be looking at our accounts? Or do you feel it is an issue of national and international security and should remain secret?

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Republican Social Media Campaign Showcases A Major Ad Fail


(PCM) We are sure that someone is in some hot water after eagle-eyed readers noticed a major advertising fail in the new “ImARepublican” social media campaign advertisement.

In the ad a young man is shown reading a newspaper with the following text “Republicans read The New York Times in public”. This would not be an issue if the man pictured were actually reading a copy of The New York Time, however it is quite apparent that the newspaper is rather a copy of The Wall Street Journal … opps!

Wall Street Journal reporter Jacob Bunge was one of the first people to notice the mistake and proceeded to call them out on Twitter. The man in the ad is actually reading the Money & Investing section of The Wall Street Journal. If you look very closely you can see the large “ING” at the top of the paper.

The company behind the ad, Glass House Strategies, did confirm that the newspaper was actually The Wall Street Journal rather than The New York Times, however we are guessing they assumed that because it was blurry no one would know the difference. Think again!

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Sexy “Frozen” Costumes Are Number One For Halloween!


(PCM) In fact, the sexy “Frozen” Halloween costumes are so incredibly popular this year that many costume retailers are completely sold out and are unsure if they will be able to get any more back in stock in time for Halloween.

Keep in mind that we still have about a month before Halloween, so if your heart is set on dressing up as a sexy Elsa, Ana, or Olaf, we would suggest getting your hands on a costume soon as the demand is certainly very high.

Other popular pop culture costumes this year include characters from “The Walking Dead”, “Game Of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad”. Also, individual characters such as Black Widow, The Joker and Miley Cyrus are among the popular choices this year as well.

Many people are looking for creative group costumes for going out and partying with friends this Halloween. Some clever ideas were discovered were for the ladies, dressing up as the Rockford Peaches baseball team featured in “A League Of Their Own” and for the guys, dressing up as “Care Dudes”, which is basically men sized “Care Bear” suits.

Social-Media-costume1We also loved the sexy social media icons costume which we found on Pinterest. It is incredibly clever. Of notable mention or to help you generate ideas we also liked the ideas of dressing up as your favorite video game characters, classic childhood cartoons or classic TV shows i.e. Rugrats, The Peanuts, I Love Lucy, or even The Golden Girls.

We certainly hope you are able to find your perfect costume this Halloween season and feel free to share some of your ideas with us at PCM!


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Due To Data Security Concerns Both Apple And Google Phones Will Be ‘FBI Proof’


(PCM) Ever since the recent celebgate iCloud hack during which many celebrities discovered nude images of themselves that were stored in their private accounts suddenly released on the web and the credit card security breaches at both Target and Home Depot many cell phone users are concerned about their levels of date security.

Both Apple and Google have now announced that they will no longer be unlocking phones even at the request of law enforcement officials. The FBI is not thrilled with the decision of the companies and claims that the FBI is “very concerned’ about the announcement and feels that it in a sense puts phone users “above the law”.

Both companies stand by their decision and say that the protection of their customers privacy is their utmost concern. While the announcement does not mean that the FBI cannot still listen in on calls, it just means that they would no longer have access to any type of information that is stored on the phone or device.

The FBI is currently in talks with both Apple and Google in an attempt to urge them to rethink their policy. There has been no update on a final decision at this time.

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