Taylor Swift Makes A Savvy Business Move And Purchases Porn Domains


(PCM) In an incredibly smart business move to help protect her brand, pop superstar Taylor Swift has purchased two porn domain names: TaylorSwift.porn and TaylorSwift.adult. It is the hope that by her owning those domains it would put a stop to any internet trolls who would make an attempt to dirty up the singer’s image online.

Over the past few years the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers have significantly expanded the amount of generic top-level domains that one can purchase. In early days you could purchase the normal .com, .net, or.org, but now there are some more interesting choices available such as .adult, .porn, .xxx, and .sucks.

We are actually kind of surprised that Swift and her team did not purchase .sucks as well! While not open to the general buying public yet, certain individuals were given an opportunity to register these new generic top-level domains before everyone else. They will be open for public consumption on June 1, 2015.


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March Madness Is Upon Us, But Employers Are Paying The Cost


(PCM) A new report has surfaced which claims that college basketball’s March Madness, which is very nearly upon us, cost employers a staggering $2 billion in work productivity. However, many fear that banning March Madness brackets and pools in the office would be incredibly damaging to workplace morale, heck, even the President of the United States makes his picks for a March Madness bracket.

$2 billion sounds like an incredibly high number, but when employers look at the amount of time their employees spend filling out brackets, taking part in office pools and both watching and talking about the games it equals out to quite a bit of lost productivity in the workplace.

Some companies are not at all worried about a loss in productivity during March Madness and are even beginning to embrace it in some very unique ways. Some companies are trying to prevent unplanned absences during the tournament, but offering up catered luncheons during the first two days and even going as far as to bring in TV’s so that people can watch the games. These companies feel it is better to join in on the fun rather than prevent it from occurring.

Seems like a good idea to us!  Will you be participating in March Madness? Do you feel it has an effect on your overall work productivity?

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Why ‘Hello Barbie’ Could Be Soon Saying “Goodbye”


(PCM) Recently, at the 2015 American International Toy Fair Mattel unveiled their brand-new super hi-tech talking Barbie doll called ‘Hello Barbie’. The doll comes embedded with a microphone which is activated by pressing a button. It is then able to record the child’s voice that is playing with the doll, upload the conversations to a cloud server and then by using voice recognition and detection data, analyze the recordings and allow the doll to actually think and make sense of the conversations.

A bit creepily, Barbie will actually be able to understand the child’s thoughts, emotions and hobbies and bring them up in the conversation the next time the doll is activated. While this is a huge leap for toy technology, many people are on the fence about whether or not the doll will act as an invasion of privacy.

Many feel that Mattel would be able to manipulate the recordings and somehow find a way to sneak subliminal advertising into the child’s interaction with the doll. They feel that the child is not just talking to the doll anymore during playtime, but actually sending information directly to a giant company for marketing tactics.

Critics are asking for the doll to be removed, while Mattel stands by the product and claims that they in no way plan to use the children’s interactions with the doll for any type of advertising or marketing purposes.

Yet another scary fact about the doll is that the child’s parents can request weekly emails of their children’s conversations with the doll. A lot of children play privately with their dolls and stuffed animals and often will confide in them during play time, this is often information that the child would rather keep private or they say certain things only because they are playing and this could cause much unnecessary concern by parents.

Do you think Mattel and ‘Hello Barbie’ are taking technology too far? Is this what we should be expecting for toys of the future?

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Restaurant Missed Connection Posting Goes Viral


(PCM) A waiter from Missouri posted a hilarious Missed Connection ad on the Kansas City Craigslist page. The posting was titled “ISO 2 SWF Who Walked Out On Tab After Class On Thursday – m4ww”. The man decided to make the hilarious post after two women left the restaurant where he worked without paying for their drinks.

The post also included a physical description of both the women and the two male companions that they were with, as well as, what type of drinks they ordered. The waiter, Stephen O’Laughlin also made sure to note that the women may have been drinking prior to entering restaurant and perhaps they mistakenly thought that their male companions were going to be paying.

O’Laughlin also went on to hilarious describe the way that the women made use of the lemons in their drinks, where as one apparently squeezed it very hard and the other one just plopped it right into the drink, he felt this subconsciously revealed that the three of them might have quite a bit in common.

He then requested that the women contact him with the name of the next bar they are planning to go out to if they felt a connection or just want to pay for their outstanding tab. He did not reveal the name of the bar/restaurant in which he works and is surprised by all the attention the post is receiving. He has yet to actually hear back from the women involved.

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It’s Take Your Action Figure To Work Day


(PCM) March 6th, marks the date of the unofficial holiday Take Your Action Figure To Work Day. So how many of you remembered to bring your favorite figurines to the office today?

Take Your Action Figure To Work Day was started by accident back in 2014 by a man named Randall Ham brought his Variant New Teen Titans White Raven action figure to work. Ham posted photos of the action figure doing various tasks around the office on social media and the posts quickly went viral.

Due to the popularity, Ham decided to create the unofficial holiday of Take Your Action Figure To Work Day and the response has been outstanding. There has even been a Facebook page created to commemorate the day. People who wish to celebrate the holiday are urged to use the hashtag: #AFWD2015

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