Go Daddy Pulls Controversial Puppy Ad Prior To The Super Bowl


(PCM) Amid a ton of critical backlash on social media Go Daddy has announced their decision to pull their controversial puppy commercial from airing during the Super Bowl.

The ad, which was titled “Journey Home” featured an adorable puppy that get lost after falling out of the back of a pick-up truck. “Buddy” (the puppy) eventually manages to find his way home and his owners are overjoyed to see him … why? Because they have just sold him online using a website they created from Go Daddy.

Immediately everyone was up in arms about the commercial, as it was seen as promoting private breeding and puppy mills. A petition was started via Change.org to have the commercial pulled. Those offended by the ad claim that there are plenty of shelter dogs who are searching for forever homes or to be euthanized. The petition also states that Go Daddy is also promoting the purchasing of animals offline and to portray animals rights as something funny or satirical is very irresponsible and cruel of the company.


There was a news release on Go Daddy’s website prior to the airing of the commercial which stated that “Buddy” had been adopted by the company and has the role of Chief Companion Officer. The release also mentioned the planned Super Bowl commercial that featured “Buddy”.

The ad’s creator claims that it was created to “reflect the journey of small business owners who have to be tenacious to triumph”.  It was also rumored to be Go Daddy’s way of poking a little bit of fun at the Budweiser commercials that also feature a puppy.

Go Daddy said they were floored by the amount of highly emotional and direct responses they received after previewing the ad and upon serious consideration reached the ultimate decision to pull the ad from the Super Bowl.

The company already has a back-up ad in place, which makes us suspicious that they many have already expected something like this to come out of the “Buddy” ad, and they promise to deliver laughs during the Big Game. .

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Twitter Adds Video To Its’ Mobile App!


(PCM) There is some incredibly big news for Twitter fans as the company announced several new features including video. According to Tubefilter.com, the new video service allows users to access their phones camera with a single touch of the button.

Users can also snap photos and edit those photos and video clips without having to leave the app. Twitter, enlisted actor Neil Patrick Harris to announce the new services and he uploaded a quick video of himself and an Oscar night sneak peek. As many know, NPH will be hosting the upcoming Academy Awards broadcast.

Twitter also happens to be the owner of Vine which allows for only six second video clips, while the new Twitter video service will allow up to 30 second long clips, beating out Instagram which only allows users to post no more than 15 second long clips.

In addition to the video capture news, Twitter also revealed that they are no offering the ability to group message.

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Exploding Kittens Card Game Raises 2 million on Kickstarter


(PCM) You want to know the best part? Not only did the Exploding Kittens card game raise 2 million dollars via Kickstarter, but they did it in only one day!  It is unbelievable and the donations are still continuing.

The idea for the Exploding Kittens game comes from Michael Inman, who also happens to be the creator of the popular comic site, The Oatmeal. When Inman launched the Kickstarter campaign for Exploding Kittens, he never dreamed it would catch on in such as way. The campaign reached it’s initial goal for $10,000 in just a few minutes of being live.

Currently, Exploding Kittens has racked up over $2 million in donations and the numbers continue to climb. In fact the Kickstarter campaign does not even end until midnight on February 19, so we can only begin to imagine what the donation amount will look like by that point.

According to Mashable.com, “In the vein of Russian roulette, players go around in a circle, drawing cards from a deck, until one of them picks up an exploding kitten. That player immediately “explodes” and loses..”Players can strategically use other cards they’ve picked up to negate an exploding kitten, or make it more likely for other players to pick one up. All of the cards feature Inman’s signature Oatmeal-style drawings, and many include drawings from his past comics.”

The game sounds a little disturbing, but then again we are a society that truly enjoys a good round of “Cards Against Humanity” as well so …


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Annual List Of The ‘Worst Passwords’ Has Been Revealed


(PCM) Let’s hope you don’t see one of yours on the list!  The threat of password stealing and cyber hacking is a huge threat and a major fear now that majority of our lives take place in a digital universe. SplashData has released their annual list of the ‘worst passwords’ that people still continue to use and are incredibly easy to hack/steal.

Still coming in at number one and number two respectively are “1234” and “password” and many people still continue to use the names of pets, children, birthdays, etc to protect their valuable online assets. SplashData urges people to make an attempt to create passwords that are more difficult to decipher and good ones should contain a solid mix of letter, numbers and symbols.

SplashData was able to create their annual list by looking at 3.3 million passwords that were leaked during a multitude of cyber hacks last year.

SplashData’s list of the “Worst Passwords’

1. 123456
2. password
3. 12345
4. 12345678
5. qwerty
6. 1234567890
7. 1234
8. baseball
9. dragon
10. football
11. 1234567
12. monkey
13. letmein
14. abc123
15. 111111
16. mustang
17. access
18. shadow
19. master
20. michael
21. superman
22. 696969
23. 123123
24. batman
25. trustno1

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XBox & PlayStation Networks DDOS’d Again After Christmas

xbox-live-psn-new-price-list(PMC) On Christmas Day a pre-announced DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack was set upon both Microsoft’s Xbox Live Network and Sony’s PSN. No one took it serious. Then it happened. Both gaming networks were down for over 5 hours. As gamers looked into the real reason why, Lizard Squad – a network of hackers from around the world became a better known name.

While other white hat hacker groups such as “Finest Squad” (see finestsquad.com) outed the names and addresses of the Lizard Squad, a well known name in tech community paid what amounts to a payoff to Lizard Squad to cut the attack. Kim Dotcom promised vouchers to Lizard Squad which he stated he’d cancel if they did not halt the attack.

For whatever reasons, the DDOS attack was history by the end of Christmas Day.

One day later the attacks were back on. Maybe the morning network news coverage announcing their name gave them all the reason to continue, after all – these hackers have nothing better to do than to do what they do for notoriety. They are often poor, socially inept and rarely leave the security of their computers. They have zero reason to hack other than to show the world they have power. It means everything to a hacker.

Hacking groups such as Lizard Squad won’t be stopped easily. In fact it is safe to say that even as one was arrested in early December (see their twitter feed) they are not likely to give up what they do until they are all arrested and their computers are taken away.

Most every hacker has no fear of justice as they believe for one they won’t be caught and if they are, they will then become government sanctioned hackers through the misperception they are computer gods. While some most prominent hackers are caught and serve jail time, others pay no mind and fill the vacuum.

The new era of computer terrorism is here. With the Sony corporation hacked recently forcing Sony to temporarily halt release of the film “The Interview” a huge fire was stoked for hackers to continue to terrorize the world for attention. The hacking world demonstrated they could control the behavior of a major world corporation. The world had to see the next move coming and yet it did not.

For now hackers don’t have an agenda, even if they claim they do. But over time organized crime will find these hackers and put them to work to earn money by threatening any business that is dependant on Internet to pay for protection.

It takes huge problems to get enough attention to fix a huge problem, and only when money is on the line do things change. Companies will be forced to pay for peace on the Internet. That is the new age of the Internet. Sony and Microsoft are only the beginning.

To learn more about Lizard Squad, you can search their name on Twitter.

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