Select A Perfect Laptop For College This Summer!! Check out Cool Laptops

The idea of studying from textbooks has become a school with the evolution of technology in our life. Not only education, but the modernized world of technology has been changed.  Nowadays, most of the college work is done on a laptop, which is why one should select a Best laptop under 500 for students. This article will primarily deal with some of the top choices which one can go for.

Using a heavy weighted laptop is quite an only school habit as there some of the best options available. It is very common that while watching HD videos, one has to deal with constant buffering, as the laptops of heavy configurations. But the selection of the latest technology laptop can solve all the problems.

Which one is the best?

Selecting among some of the best laptops for college students under 500 should be done very wisely, as budget plays an important role. Some of the top choices of laptops include,

  • A 6th generation, Asus Zenbook (model no- UX305) contains a graphics range of 515 to 5300. Internal RAM is of eight GB. This system is known to be a perfect combination of light weight and incredible performance. This system launched by Asus, can easily knock off the Apple’s macbook as it is known to be the best ultrabook with an affordable price.
  • Another good options which one can go for is the chomebook by HP. It is a sixth generation Celeron by Intel, with a RAM of two to four GB. The keyboard is excellent, with an incredible trackpad. The operating system of the laptop is quite crisp and responsive, providing a good battery life.
  • Macbook pro with retina display functionality is also a good option for college students. College students often needs a system with a long battery life, and this option of macbook pro, is known to be perfect choice in such case.
  • Chromebook 15 by Acer is another fifth generation laptop with an Intel Celeron processor. With a RAM of 2-4 GB range, the graphics provided are of high definition. The product contains a storage range of 16-32 GB. The range of processors which is available in such systems is known to make it a perfect choice for college students.
  • Macbook air with a thirteen inch size is another god option which one can consider while purchasing a laptop for college use. The prime reason behind this is that the battery life which is offered in this system is quite effective as it can run for hours without any problem.

Talking of the price range, it is not always necessary to purchase the best laptop at high prices. Knowing about the perfect piece of information about the different varieties of laptops can actually be of great help when cracking the perfect deal. So, if you are planning to purchase a perfect light weighted laptop for college purpose, then make sure that you go through different reviews available on the internet, and then select the perfect one, based on your budget.

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