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Potato Photo Sells For Over 1 Million Dollars! Seriously!


(PCM) We sometimes question what is wrong with the world, when a photo of a potato (not even a very appetizing one) can sell for over 1 million dollars! It’s just unbelievable! On the surface the image of the potato looks just like any other photo of a potato one would be able to find online with a simple Google search, however this very special potato was photographed by elite photographer Kevin Abosch.

Abosch is well known for his “iconic black backdrop” photos that have become a must have collectors items for the rich and famous in the Silicon Valley. These individuals will pay upwards of $150,000 for a photo shoot with Abosch and upwards of $500,000 if the image is for commercial use.  That is why it is no surprise that someone would pay such an exorbitant amount for his photo, titled “Potato #345 (2010)”!

The deal went down after buyer who collects Abosch’s work saw the image hanging in the photographers Paris home. The price was non-negotiable: €1,000,000, or about $1,083,450 with today’s exchange rate. The buyer agreed to the price and purchased the photo, making it Abosh’s largest sale of a single image to date. Who are we to tell people how to spend their money, but we can certainly think of a lot better ways to spend a million bucks!

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