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Facebook Finally Agrees To Test A “Dislike” Button!


(PCM) For years Facebook users have been requesting that the social media giant add a “Dislike” button alongside the “Like” button and at long last Facebook has acknowledged their demands.

The company revealed that they are set to begin testing a “Dislike” button and depending on the feedback it receives they will roll it out to a broader audience.  Facebook now understands that not every post, especially if it is of depressing or sad, does not warrant getting a “Like” and users can be left in an awkward position having no option of how to respond to a friends’ posting.

During the Town Hall Q & A held at Facebook headquarters Mark Zuckerberg revealed the news and said the simple request for a “Dislike” button was “surprisingly complicated”. He went on to say “The company had hesitated to launch a dislike button, but it has realized that people want to ‘express empathy’ on posts about unpleasant news. ‘Not every moment is a good moment’.”

There has been no official date for the “Dislike” button to unveiled, but we are definitely excited!

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