Watch Your Favorite Actors Lock Lips in New York Times’ “9 Kisses”

9Kisses(PCM) New York Times brought together some of the biggest actors of the year and created 9 Kisses, a short film featuring 9 different pairings of what the publication has deemed the best actors of 2014.

These encounters include a rushed tryst between Benedict Cumberbatch and Reese Witherspoon, a long awkward silence between Steve Carell and Laura Dern, Kristen Stewart tackling and stealing a kiss from her celebrity crush, Chadwick Boseman, and Shailene Woodley acting out her impulses on Jack O’Connell.

Jason Schwartzman is bewildered by an eskimo kiss from Patricia Arquette, Gugu Mbatha-Raw reminds Miles Teller of what’s important, Rosario Dawson and Jenny Slate share celebratory affections, Timothy Spall bests David Oyelowo, and Julianne Moore and John Lithgow get down on the dancefloor.

Photographer and filmmaker Elaine Constantine directed all nine encounters, resulting in touching, sweet, funny, and sometimes off-beat interactions. Watch New York Times’ 9 Kisses below and visit the interactive site here!

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