North Korea Threatens US over Hollywood Comedy – The Interview

(PCM) Is US media over-selling North Korean threats? It all started last week when Executive Director for the Center of North Korea-US Peace, Kim Myong-choi took offense to a Hollywood Comedy slated for fall release.

The Interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

The Interview, starring buddy film stars, Seth Rogen and James Franco is about two low brow news reporters recruited by the CIA to kill Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. Despite the Center Director’s well placed misgivings, Kim Myong-choi conceded that Kim Jong-un would most likely watch the film anyway. Can the news reports be that accurate?

Kim Jong-un

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

And doesn’t North Korea have a somewhat legitimate gripe? After all, how would the US like a film depicting our president being assassinated?

For now the hype has begun. Remember “The Mother of all battles”? Few know the infamously dead Saddam Hussain said that. That battle was perhaps the most one sided in history.

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

Crazy leaders make huge mistakes when dealing with America. If you think the Iraq soldiers walking away from battle against ISIS is a short battle, that is nothing compared to them running towards the Americans in surrender during the Iraq War.

If trailers indicate quality, The Interview is a comedy that doesn’t even look very good. Yet representatives for crackpot Kim Jong-un have sworn Merciless Retaliation towards the US if The Interview is released in America in the fall of 2014.

James Franco offends North Korea in the Hollywood Comedy The Interview

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

It could be that the leaders’ minions are just towing the company line in slamming America. Considering Jong-un has control of nuclear warheads, this may not be as funny as it appears on the surface. There hasn’t been any statement on behalf of Jong-un made as of yet. To date it’s all through North Korean state agencies.

One case is the state run news KCNA releasing a statement by the North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson, “The act of making and screening such a movie that portrays an attack on our top leadership… is a most wanton act of terror and act of war, and is absolutely intolerable.”

If it’s true that Kim Jong-un is as highly upset as his terrified followers imply, then Kim Jong-un doesn’t have the sense of humor his father Kim Jong-il had when Trey Parker and Matt Stone (Creators of South Park) skewered the leader in 2004’s World Police. In World Police, Kim Jong-il was lampooned well beyond good taste and while never publically remarking on the film did request Czech Republic ban World Police.

According to rumor Jong-un loves cinema as much as his father. It appears impossible to merely ignore the film. No matter who specifically has made the threat it has all but made The Interview a success regardless of its quality.

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

North Korea is offended by Hollywood Comedy

Seriously, can you get better press than a foreign government statement such as this: “Failure to stop the release of the film on 14 October in the US would result in a resolute and merciless response.”

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