Throwback Video… Evolution of Dance!

Thanks to Throwback Thursdays we get to bring back nostalgic memories! Whether it is a song you used to listen to in middle school, a game you used to play against your friends, or a movie you had forgotten about that suddenly shows up on an HBO or Encore channel – we love when events, ideas, films, shows, songs give us a snapshot into our history. When a certain Backstreet Boys song comes on I can tell you exactly where I was in my life and what I was doing.

Recently, I have been circulating back through old YouTube videos that I watched in college. As the date of this video reveals, I just graduated a couple of years ago. But, as soon as I saw this again, it brought me back to my old (or newer) college days.

It was actually my parents that introduced me to this man. They were so impressed with his talents that they made me play it for EVERYBODY at EVERY family party. Since I love to dance my mother even tried to get me to memorize this… about six years later it is safe to say I am not getting around to that.

Judson Laipply is not only an inspirational comedian, but a great dancer. If you find this entertaining you should watch his other YouTube installments.

After his family and friends saw this (as I am sure they made up the 200,000,000 people that watched it), there is no doubt in my mind that he had to do this dance at every wedding, engagement party, birthday, or get together thereafter.What is your favorite part of his dance?


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A Dog That Does it All

If you have three minutes in your day, I’d suggest watching this to brighten it up. Or, it will make you feel very lazy to see a dog be able to clean an entire house while you don’t even make your bed.

I stumbled upon this video a few months ago, but it came across my lap (or laptop) once again. I don’t care what year, month, day it is – this little bugger is incredible.

I know they train seeing eye dogs to do many of the tasks that “Jesse” does, but putting it all together in one video just makes him seem unstoppable.

From the time little Jesse wakes up to the time he goes to bed, he is working around the house and around the clock. I am at least happy to see he got the chance to eat in between shifts.

Personally, I’d have to say his window cleaning abilities impressed me the most, but the video is up for interpretation.

If you have a funny dog video to share, I’d highly encourage you to post it for us to see. I am always looking for the next best pooch laugh, and this was the one that made me smile today, enjoy:

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The Cast of “The Walking Dead” Get Spooked!

The cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead ran into a few “walkers” and screamed their way through “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood during a recent visit to “The Walking Dead: Dead Inside” maze. Although they may play fearless survivors on the show, some proved to be less courageous than their characters when faced with the terror of the maze!

The cast was on hand to celebrate the eagerly-awaited Season 3 premiere, then followed-up with separate visits. Laurie Holden, who stars as strong-willed “Andrea,” called the maze “scarier than the show.” “The Walking Dead: Dead Inside” maze is based on the Golden Globe-nominated hit television series and features “walkers” and props cast from the show’s original molds. Hershel’s walker-laden barn and such menacing characters as well-walker, bicycle-girl and deer-eater also infiltrate the maze. Universal Studios collaborated with the show’s creators to create an authentic, true-to-the-series experience.

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Sponsored Video: Henry Weinhard’s Beer Dream Brought to Life

Think you’re the beer master? This video might make you rethink that. Perhaps beer is your drink of choice, or maybe you even brew your own IPAs or stouts, but chances are, you haven’t thought of this!

When it came to beer, Henry Weinhard dreamed big. How big?

In 1887, Henry Weinhard tried to fill a fountain with beer. But he had even bigger plans for the beer he dedicated his life to. And in 2012, a team of devoted fans finally brought his greatest invention to life…See for yourself!

As always: Drink responsibly!

This post is sponsored by Henry Weinhard’s

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Kelly Marcel Tied to ’50 Shades of Grey’ Screenplay

50 Shades of Greyhas literally been the hottest topic of the year. E.L. James’ erotic novel reigned supreme on the bestseller lists for months and everyone in Hollywood can not stop talking about who will play the mysterious Christian Grey and the seemingly innocent Anastasia Steele.

While the coveted roles are still up for grabs, a writer has finally been hired to create the film adaptation. Kelly Marcel, the co-creator of the Terra Nova and producer of The Madonnas of Echo Park has been hired and is now faced with the challenging task of turning James’ naughty novel into something suitable for the big screen.

The author announced the news on her Twitter Monday morning writing, “Hi guys, I’m thrilled to announce we have a screenwriter for Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti will produce the film alongside James. The producers have nothing but praise for their screenwriter.

De Luca remarked that, “Kelly’s work demonstrates her flawless structural technique and passionate commitment to emotion, humor and depth of character which is particularly visible in the celebrated screenplay for the upcoming Saving Mr. Banks.

Brunetti added that the producers were “taken with the depth and passion of Kelley’s engagement with the characters and world EL James has created and we knew she was the right person to augment our Fifty Shades family.”



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