Best Wedding Proposal!

(PCM) There can be some debate on how I titled this piece, as I know that there are a million plus “best wedding proposals.” As far as creative ideas go, this one takes the cake… the wedding cake that is.

The video below will show you a five-minute proposal. Yes, five minutes! The now fiance surprised his soon-t0-be wife with a short musical number.

As you can see in the video, she pulled up into her parents’ driveway and was met by her brother. The brother was instructed to sit her in the back of the SUV trunk and give her headphones so she can listen to the song, “Marry You,” by Bruno Mars.

The Honda CRV pulls out of the driveway and the show begins. When you realize that it is all of her family and friends that participated; it will bring a tear to your eye. They even have laptops up to show people remotely who couldn’t make it to the big day.

At the end the crowd clears like a scene out of Grease and her man appears. He walks towards her as the song finishes and proposes.

Many will say this is corny, overdone, or (insert other negative response here.) But, I think this man absolutely deserves some credit for not only concocting this concept, but getting all of her loved ones involved. What an amazing memory they will have to share.

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New Oscar Rules For this Year’s Season

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has incorporated some new rules in several Oscar categories this year, including visual effects, music, makeup and foreign-language film. 

The changes in the 85th Academy Awards will not affect any voting procedures, as it did when the Academy allowed the best picture category to include anywhere from five to 10 nominees.

In the case of visual effects, the new standards guarantee that nominees will be chosen from a pool of 10 films selected by the visual effect branch’s executive committee. Before this year, the committee could put forward from seven to 10 films

The award given in the makeup category will now include hairstyling, and will be known as the Makeup and Hairstyling Award. In addition, during the nomination process, all branch members who have seen the seven shortlisted titles will receive ballots to list their top three choices.

In the music department, the new rules will affect how a best original song is selected. The executive committee can now recommend a fourth songwriter for an individual song “in rare and extraordinary circumstances.” In the past, up to two songwriters could be eligible per song, although a third could be added if the committee felt they were an equal contributor. 

And finally, in the foreign-language category, movies must be submitted to the Academy in a 35mm or DCP format but are no longer recquired to be exhibited in these styles in their countries of origin.

These new rules were approved by the board of governors this week. The Academy Awards are set to air on February 24 at the Dolly Theatre in Hollywood and Highland.

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Marvel Studios is Pushing Forward With an Out of This World Project

Last September with The Avengers movie already underway, Marvel revealed plans to unite another team on the big screen. But unlike Iron Man and The Hulk, these superheroes don’t consider the planet earth home sweet home.

With the success of Thor, another intergalactic superhero, Marvel believes there’s room for some more outerspace action in Hollywood according to Kevin Feige, the chief of Marvel Studios.

“There is an opportunity to do a big space epic, which Thor sort of hints at in the cosmic side of the universe, with characters in a property called Guardians of the Galaxy,” he told Entertainment Weekly last year.

At that time, the company had already began working on the “Big Idea,” code word for the long slate of superhero films culminating in May’s mega hit The Avengers. 

Gaurdians of the Galaxy will arrive on the heels of an entire sequence of Marvel productions, including Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, which are currently in the works. Captain America 2 is next in line and is scheduled for an April 2014 release date.

As if the movie industry isn’t already saturdated with superheroes, Marvel has confirmed that they are coming out with three additional titles after Captain America 2, including Guardians, Avengers 2, and director Edgar Wright’s much anticipated Ant-Man. 

Sounds like fanboys should rejoice, or cringe, at the fact that so many classic superheros will be brought to life over these next few years.

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Man Proposes With LEGOs?!

What does a grown man do with a LEGO collection? Why, propose of course! Anthony Pinder knew he wanted to do something special when he proposed to Adriana Gomez, his girlfriend of six years, so he decided to put his growing LEGO collection to use – or at least have an excuse for it. Watch the creative proposal above!

The 24-year-old would leave their shared NY apartment apartment to work on the video, building scenes and taking photos of every moment along the way. “That plan worked out really well because, after several thousand photos and a week’s worth of editing, she was definitely taken by surprise,” Pinder, who works as an audio-visual technician, told Huffington Post.

“Near the end of the video, she started freaking out, in a good way,” Pinder said. He knelt down to propose, and Gomez said “yes!”

Who could say no to that kind of proposal!?

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Kate Middleton’s Sleeping on the Street?

Duchess of Cambridge, and wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton is planning on sleeping on the streets to raise awareness for the homeless problem in London.

Teaming up with actress Lisa Maxwell, both women hope their participation will bring attention to a very important issue. Originally, it was Middleton who approached Maxwell, a well known activist, about possibly sleeping out on the street. “She asked me about sleeping out, so I said: ‘Next time I do it, you’re doing it with me. No excuses’,” Maxwell recently told the Mirror.


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