Prepare Ye the Way of the Revival! Godspell!

Now with Easter finally approaching, I feel compelled to write about another Broadway revival, Godspell, now running. First opening in NYC’s famed Off-Broadway at La Mama Experimental Theatre Club on May 17th, 1971, Godspell was originally a master’s thesis. The aspiring master was John-Michael Tebelak. He had procrastinated on the project till Easter break, during which time he found himself at a church on Easter Sunday with a positive anticipation for some sort of spiritual experience. What he found instead was a dull minister with a bored congregation. Yet from such an unsatisfying experience, he drew this piece of wisdom; the gospel had lost its joy and should have the opportunity to get it back. Though not a particularly religious person himself, Tebelak still saw the lack of joy that should be felt by such a story as that of Jesus Christ and so he put pen to … Read the rest…

The Folklore of Mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

We all know that phrase and not just because of the Snow White trend that has crept into pop culture these past few months with the likes of two Snow White movies (Mirror Mirror out today, March 30, and Snow White and the Huntsman due out June 1st) and Once Upon a Time, a fairy tale themed TV series with Snow White leading the list of main characters, but because we grew up surrounded by these legends and lore.

And we’re surrounded by plenty of mirrors these days, too.

Now, some of us may enjoy taking that glimpse in the mirror, but if you think too long on any of the tales, superstitions and beliefs that surround mirrors, mirrors could end up seeming pretty terrifying. I mean, mirrors are kind of spooky whether they’re in a funhouse or in … Read the rest…

Squad Car Backseat Musical: Bohemian Rhapsody Video

The unemployed Canadian man, Robert Wilkinson, uploaded this clip of his inebriated version of Bohemian Rhapsody to his YouTube page after receiving it from prosecutors as evidence after he chose to fight his drunk driving charge. He has let it be known that he has about a thousand dollars ($ Canadian) to his name and is looking for legal counsel.

According to the officials: “After getting busted last November in Edson, Alberta, Robert Wilkinson, 29, was placed in the back of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police cruiser, where he launched into an a capella version of the Queen classic”

To quote the artist “This has to do with the brotherhood of man on planet Earth.”
Is it just me or does he resemble “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski?

Officer : Sir, calm down

Robert Wilkinson: I can’t. Do you have to cuff me?

Officer : Yes I do

Robert … Read the rest…

Quaker Oats Man Slims Down!

It looks like Larry – the Quaker Oat’s mascot – has dropped a few pounds, and maybe even gotten a little Botox!  The cheery old man has been the face of Quaker Oats for 135 years, and the company decided it was time for a bit of a makeover. Times are changing Larry!

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the image, known for his trademark navy hat and heavenly smile, was redesigned for 2012 to make him look “about five pounds” thinner.

Why put Larry on a diet?  Because oatmeal is healthy, of course! The changes are subtle, but he does look a lot healthier – the way a man should if he’s eating oatmeal all the time. I mean, look at Bob Harper!

Anyway, the changes are subtle enough that most people won’t notice; at least they won’t know they’ve detected a change. Check out the side … Read the rest…

Thieves Steal Man’s Entire Front Lawn

That’s right, the entire front lawn was missing! Earlier this month Steve Woolnough, 54, woke up and walked out the front door of his home in England only to see that all of his grass was gone…artificial grass that is.

“I’m absolutely seething over it, I really am,” he told the Sun. “How dare someone steal what I have had to work hard for. You try and make your house look nice and someone comes along and steals what you have got.”

It was a small yard, just about 100 square feet, but artificial grass is expensive. Not to mention his front lawn is now destroyed. Police believe it was a gang of thieves – what, they don’t think one thief could snatch up a 10 x 10 front lawn by him (or her) self?

Regardless, police are taking it very seriously and are asking anyone who saw anything suspicious … Read the rest…

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