Survivor’s Hated Jonny Fairplay Separates From Top Model Wife

Jonny Fairplay was a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands several years ago, and he is still making headlines. Back in the day, Fairplay came onto the competitive show and lied to his cast mates and America when he claimed his grandmother had died. He showed deep emotion, and everyone reached out towards him in a sympathetic nature. Well, the truth was later revealed that his grandma was actually alive and well. It had turned out that Fairplay wasn’t playing very fair. Then again, his real name is Jonathan Dalton. Got us again there Jonny!

This time he is making headlines, because of his recent separation to wife Michelle Deighton, who is also a reality star from being a contestant on one of the America’s Next Top Model seasons.

According to TMZ, Fairplay filed for legal separation from Deighton after she left without explanation and took their infant daughter with her. He is supposedly looking to get full custody of their daughter. The Web site also reports that Deighton showed up to his home earlier this month to find the locks were changed. Guess who showed up right behind her? The infamous Fairplay grandmother. The grandmother claimed the model was trespassing, called the cops, and blocked Deighton’s car in the driveway. The model instinctively hit the blocked car and escaped by flooring it over the grass.

Fairplay’s whole life seems like an episode of Survivor!

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VH1’s Premiere Party For Season Three of Basketball Wives

CelebrityMagnet Tom Murro and good friend The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Kim Granatell attended the season three official premiere party for VH1’s hit reality series, Basketball Wives. The Friday event was hosted by stars Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozado, and Jennifer Williams at Club 4Sixty6 in West Orange, NJ.

The party was held to celebrate the successful premiere of the show, which features the power players behind the NBA’s most sought-after men. The night was packed with plenty of ballers, surprise celebrity guests, and camera crews galore. The attendees were asked to “dress to impress” considering the cameramen were filming the festivities for a future Basketball Wives episode.

Although CelebrityMagnet and Kim G were not too well-versed on the content of the show, they felt what a better way to find out about it than on a weekend at a nice club in New Jersey. As soon as they entered, they were quickly brought past the huge crowds and up to the VIP red carpet where they began the night chatting to a familiar face in a sequin dress. It turned out to be Tiffany Rios, one of this season’s contestants from American Idol.

After they flashed their pearly whites for some pictures to document the night, Kim G spent some time settling a “pressing” issue that had come up. The paparazzi had caught Kim entering the Intercontinental Hotel on Thursday morning with Michael Lohan. In response to all of their antagonizing words and persistent questions, Kim G playfully responded, “Can you keep a secret? Well, so can I.”

The guests at the party not only took photos and enjoyed cocktails, but also got a chance to shop like the basketball wives themselves. set up shop for guests to browse outfits, even some that the stars may be wearing on the show. Celebrity stylist Meital B. was also on hand to give some expert tips on how to dress like the ladies.

“As Kim and I were standing in our section, I noticed the ladies pointing to Kim and then waving hello,” said Murro. “They actually recognized her and called us over for a photo.” Basketball Wives who watch The Real Housewives? How funny! It makes sense they might share a lot in common since the VH1 series is simply a version of the Bravo hit, but with a basketball theme!

Speaking of themes, the club brought out a Cake Boss-style cake in the shape of a basketball and hoop.“They were very sweet, and while we were taking our picture with the ladies, Kim actually sat down on the cake,” said Murro. “The poor thing then had to drive home with a chocolate covered backside, and in the photo you can actually make out the lines of the basketball on her dress.” Thankfully the stain came out the next day; however, that was quite a party “foul.”

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TSA Forces 95-Year Old Woman To Drop Diaper

A lot goes into being airborne in America, with a Transportation Security Administration that acts erratically and often fumbles. This month revealed some unsettling discrepancies in the agency’s defense tactics; after the plane police forced a 95-year-old woman to drop her adult diaper before inspection, and allowed a man with an expired boarding pass and no passport to jet cross-country the next day, travelers became less than trustful in the TSA.

A flustered elder claims that despite being alive for almost a century, the absurd aircraft cops demanded that she ditch her adult underwear. The TSA insists that they would have let the woman keep her pull-ups, and that her coldhearted claim is insulting and inaccurate, ” We have reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted professionally, according to proper procedure and did not require this passenger to remove an adult diaper. Various options to proceed through the checkpoint were presented to the passenger and her daughter during private screening to resolve an anomaly discovered during a pat down. Although TSA did not request it, the daughter ultimately chose to remove the adult diaper in a bathroom and return to the checkpoint.”

If the golden ager was indeed badgered to surrender her pamper, then how did a stowaway manage to sneak a seat from New York to LA the next day? Last Friday, a Nigerian boarded Virgin American flight 415 a void of a passport, and with a stolen, expired passport in hand. It wasn’t until the plane was en route that the frazzled flight crew noticed there was an extra passenger on board. Olajide Noibi vanished the vessel at Los Angeles International Airport and spent the next few days in the Cali sun without consequence.

For the safety of Americans travelers, the TSA should aim to be boarding pass bluecoats rather than pamper patrol.

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Want to Visit the Museum of Math?

There are plenty of museums throughout the country, but one that doesn’t exist anywhere in the United States is a math museum. Math enthusiastic Glen Whitney is looking to change that come 2012 when he’ll bring us the Museum of Mathematics, nicknamed MoMath, located in Manhattan on 11 East 26th Street.

Whitney, who has been a math professor as well as an employee at an investment firm where he used algorithms to determine where to put money, aims for this museum to be fun and invigorating. “There are all sorts of myths about mathematics out there,” Whitney explained what we all know to be true, “All these are cultural myths that we want to blow apart.”

With the use of colorful, engaging and interactive props, Whitney hopes the museum to be “a place where that spark can ignite… We want to expose the breadth and the beauty of mathematics,” he insists.

If the museum turns out to be anything like the traveling Math Midway that Whitney and his team built two years ago, it certainly holds some promise of making math… fun for all. The Math Midway, which looks more like a math carnival than a math class, features activities like riding on a square-wheeled tricycle, a universal wheel of chance, a mysterious harmonograph, function grinders and more.

Whitney’s desire to create this museum came from both his “lifetime love affair” with math and the news that Goudreau, the only other math museum in the country, had closed in 2006. There are plenty of science museums that cover math topics, but none that focus on math alone.

“I really felt that I found my calling,” Mr. Whitney said. “I don’t mean to be grandiose, but it was something that felt like it really fit with my lifetime of experiences and abilities and likes and so on.”

And others seem to be in support. The museum, thus far, has raised $22 million, including $2 million from Google.

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Happy 165th Birthday Saxophone!

On June 28, 1846, Adolphe Sax emerged from his workshop with 14 new babies. These 14 babies were the patents for the saxophone.

The saxophone was initially made out of wood and flared at the tip to create a music-amplifying bell. It came in several sizes ranging from soprano to contrabass.

Before his patents expired, Sax made hardly any money on an instrument that would later revolutionize music. He spent tons of time in court trying to defend against knock-offs, but once the patents expired, many changes were made to the instrument and it became easier to play.

The saxophone appearred in the US in 1888 when Charles Conn of Indiana becgan producing them. They were highly popular for Vaudeville acts before gaining a lot of popularity during the 20’s with jazz. Famous jazz musicians, Charlie Parker and Lisa Simpsons are known particularly for bringing the saxophone into the realms of American pop culture.

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