New Antique Reality Series to Air on Fox

Fox has decided to cash in on the latest trend of television shows : antique appraisal. Leigh and Leslie Keno, twin brothers who’s faces viewers may recognize from PBS’s Antiques Roadshow, will host Fox’s Buried Treasure.

The premise of the show involves the brother traveling around the country, going into people homes, and helping them sell collectibles and other items.

Series creator, Joe Livecchi provides a reason for the recent craze of appraisal shows, “Right now, a lot of people in America need cash, and we’re helping them find it in their own homes.”

Buried Treasure joins the likes of TLC’s Pawn Queens and What the Sell?!, Discovery’s Auction Kings, History’s American Pickers and Pawn Stars, as well as Spike TV’s Auction Hunters.


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Remembering the Late Gil Scott-Heron

Friday May 27th, 2011 poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron passed away due to complications from pneumonia affected by his status as  HIV-Positive. Although Heron struggled for survival from years of failing health, his legacy still remains most surprisingly among younger generations.

Even now tweets are still requesting sympathy of his death pouring through Twitter’s trends. Facebook even has posts from members that have linked videos uncovering some of his greatest works.

Much of Scott-Heron’s poetry reflects upon the state of society in regards to race relations. Some have compared Scott-Heron’s style to black militancy although his works focused on mashing together poetry and music. Contemporary Hip-Hop artists have used his musical compositions as a source for creating innovative songs such as Kanye West’s songs “My Way Home” and “The People”. Scott-Heron has also been sampled by Mos Def, Black Star, Dr.Dre and Common.

Although coined as the “Godfather of Hip Hop” Scott-Heron remained true to his jazz roots and three months ago released album titled, “I’m New Here”. The album received positive reviews and resembles stylistic movements similar to “The Revolution Will Not be Televised”. The album was even sampled by indie-pop group member Jamie from the xx, titled “We’re New Here” with a revamping of Scott-Heron’s material.

Gil Scott-Heron is a pivotal figure of spoken word and role model for poets all over the world. Despite the absence of his human presence, his revolution will finally be aired.

“I did not become someone different that I did not want to be, but I’m new here..can you show me around?”

-Gil Scott-Heron

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Bye Bye Ronald McDonald

For years Ronald McDonald has gone under fire for subconsciously manipulating the minds of children. From brilliantly red wigs to hugely opposing shoes, Ronald entices children from all corners of the world. Currently protests against the use of the clown as the mascot for McDonalds has been put under scrutiny. There is even a campaign to advocate Ronald’s retirement,

Reasons for letting the Red Mister go is due to the constant cries from children to indulge in the obviously unhealthy food options. The American diet is shifting from fast and easy, (considering our bulging waistlines), to natural and organic. Parents from all parts of the nation are joining together to end clown tyranny and aid in choosing better foods.

Although the campaign is gaining popularity, backlash against the campaign has risen. Some state that it is up to the parents to make decisions of what their children eat regardless of the influence of the red clown. There is also concern over the rights of Mcdonalds, where Ronald is an important thread of the historical development of the global franchise.

Whether the retirement of Ronald Mcdonald is successful in teaching children to make healthier food choices, the overly enthusiastic and hip clown will be missed in generations to come.

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Disney Surrenders to the U.S. Navy

After beginning the attempt to trademark the phrase “SEAL Team 6″ on May 3, The Walt Disney Co. has officially dropped its attempt.

Disney’s interest in SEAL Team 6 arose just two days after the highly trained, counter-terrorism unit was brought into the media when its members killed Osama Bin Laden. The quick movement to own rights to the name not only annoyed the Navy but also made Disney the joke of late night comedians.

Disney’s move to drop the application was made in response to the U.S. Navy’s own filing of trademark applications for the names “Navy SEALS” and “SEAL Team” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on May 13. A Disney spokesman said, “Out of deference to the Navy’s application for these trademarks, we have withdrawn ours.”

Disney’s ABC-TV had planned a TV show that would focus on elite military units, in much the same way as NCIS and JAG. Now, having dropped the attempt for trademarking the name, Disney is said to still be planning the TV show and just won’t use the name. The trademark application, should Disney have gone through with it, also would have brought about “SEAL Team 6″ snow globes, Christmas tree ornaments, clothing, and games.

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Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale

Fairy tale classic, The Little Mermaid, has been picked up from the sheets of story time and revamped into a darker remake. Unlike the Disney film where the central character pursues her dreams of being human with music breaks every ten minutes, this version follows the original plotline created by Hans Christian Anderson. The story includes a mermaid who tries to coy the eye of a prince but already has competition from a mermaid who has sacrificed everything to be with him.  An inevitable love triangle persists and  ultimately ends with the decision of murdering the Prince or dissolving into the water.

Initially Joe Wright, director of the Soloist and Abi Morgan (writer of Brick Lane) were pinned as creative heads but currently Shana Feste (Country Strong) will be working on Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale. Tobey Maguire will lead the production rights according to Hollywood Reporter.

The Little Mermaid became a Disney classic which settled its position as part of the Renaissance Era. With a revamping of an old plotline and its incorporation into the Post-Animation period, we will see how quickly the Little Mermaid may dissolve into the water.

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