The Academy Awards Top 5 Memorable Speeches

Now that The Academy Awards has finally come to a close, why not reminisce on some of the most unforgettable moments at the Oscars®. It’s subjective to argue what was either the “best” or the “worst” Oscar speeches, but its undeniable that they are all significant.

#5 – Angelina Jolie for Best Supporting Actress (Girl Interrupted, 2000). Dressed in complete black, Jolie proclaims her undying love for her brother and simply creeps out the audience.

#4 -Gwyneth Paltrow for Best Actress (Shakespeare in Love, 1998). To watch Paltrow gushing and choking on her emotions will either pull on your heart strings, or close the youtube box completely.

#3 -  Marlon Brando for Best Actor ( The Godfather, 1973). The actor had asked spokeswoman, Sacheen Littlefeather, to represent him at the awards.  Win he won, she declined the Oscar and stated, “He very regretfully cannot accept this very … Read the rest…

Reviews Are In… How did Anne and James Do?

It’s the morning after the Oscars, and along with the winners, everyone is talking about the show’s hosts. The reviews are in and they are not looking so good. The Hollywood Reporter said James Franco “bombed.”

According to Rob Shuter from, a TV executive stated, “This was a disaster. Before the show began something was wrong with James. His live interview on ABC backstage should have been a warning sign. He was awkward and looked as if he knew what a terrible evening was ahead for all of us.”

We agreed that Franco appeared to be a a little out of it, and Anne Hathaway seemed to have a case of nerves and the giggles. Although, she definitely gave the night the old college try. I don’t think the show went as The Academy planned, and that they will probably go back to their old, traditional ways … Read the rest…

Bieber Off the Market

Bieber fans across the world our in tears today as they were forced to face the truth. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are a REAL couple. The duo showed up to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party last night in color coordinated Dolce & Gabbana. This is the first time that the couple have made a public appearance together.

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Oscar Winners

Miss the Academy Awards last night? No sweat. We have a list of all the winners. The King’s Speech, The Social Network, Inception were the top winners of the night.

- Best Picture: The King’s Speech
- Best Actress: Natalie Portman
- Best Actor: Colin Firth
- Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale
- Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo
- Best Directing: The King’s Speech
- Best Original Screenplay: The King’s Speech
- Best Adapted Screenplay: The Social Network
- Best Original Score: The Social Network
- Best Animated Feature Film: Toy Story 3
- Best Cinematography: Inception
- Best Art Direction: Alice and Wonderland
- Best Visual Effects: Inception
- Best Film Editing: The Social Network
- Best Sound Mixing: Inception
- Best Sound Editing: Inception
- Best Original Song: Toy Story 3
- Best Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland
- Best Makeup: The Wolfman
- Best Documentary Feature: … Read the rest…

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