Guardians Of The Galaxy Is The Next Film To Get Its Very Own XXX Parody!

GOTG(PCM) Prepare to spread your orbs, whip out your infinity stones, and get hooked on a feeling, because is going into production on the Guardians of the Galaxy adult parody, Gnardians of the Galaxy: 50 Shades of Groot.

The upcoming parody is being brought to you by the same company that gave us the porn parodies for TV show’s such as Bob’s Burgers, Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who and Spongebob Squarepants to name a few.

In honor of James Gunn’s Marvel movie masterpiece becoming the highest grossing film of 2014 domestically, and the recent announcement of the upcoming sequel, knew that now was the time to begin work on showing the world what real space genitals should look like. (for those that happen to be curious)

The upcoming parody will be written and directed by Lee Roy Meyers and casting is set to begin shortly. The film will be available exclusively for free at

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Illinois Man Puts Together An Amazing Halloween Light Display

(PCM) Steve Jandick of Naperville, IL has certainly got into the spirit of Halloween decorating and has created one of the best light displays that we have ever seen.

He and his buddy/neighbor Nick Thomas, who assisted him with putting together the lights, have truly outdone themselves, especially with their completely synchronized show set to the classic Queen song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It is just brilliant!

Jandick revealed that the various light shows take about a year to plan out and coordinate and it runs from dusk until 9:30pm during the week and till 10:30pm on weekends.

His light shows have been attracting large crowds of people and thus far there have only been a few complaints. His current show plays 30 songs in total which also includes Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, along with bands such as In Flames and AC/DC! You can view more songs and videos on Steve’s YouTube Channel!

We just want to see what this guy could do with lights at Christmas time too!


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Air New Zealand Unveils The “Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made”


(PCM) Air New Zealand has gotten quite creative with their new airline safety video and have unveiled the Hobbit-themed “Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made”.

Fans of “The Hobbit” will be overjoyed with the new flight safety video which features appearances by both Elijah Wood and “Hobbit” trilogy director Peter Jackson.

The video opens up with two “Hobbit” superfan running to board their air New Zealand flight only to find themselves seated next to Elijah Wood himself. The video then swiftly transports the fans to Middle Earth and flight safety instructions are hilarious portrayed in that setting.

Air New Zealand is urging travelers to use the hashtag #airzhobbit to spread the word and since the video has been uploaded to YouTube it has already surpassed over 3 million views and continues to climb.

In a stroke of marketing genius the new video comes just prior to the release of the third and final film in the “Hobbit” trilogy “The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies”.

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A Review Of The Awesome October 2014 Loot Crate


(PCM) For those that aren’t in the know, Loot Crate is an amazing monthly subscription box that contains all sorts of amazing geek and gamer themed products. A strong bonus is that many of those items happen to be Loot Crate exclusives as well!

The wonderful folks over at Loot Crate were generous enough to send us here at PCM, a crate to review and we were absolutely thrilled by the contents it contained!  The theme for the October 2014 crate was “Fear” and it was certainly chock full of some incredible products!

Loot-Crate1Without a doubt my favorite item contained in October’s crate was the adorable Death By Kitten t-shirt by Super 7. I literally grabbed it out of the box and wore it the very day that the crate arrived! Who would have thoughts that kittens could be scary? Well, when they are in the shape of a skull it is pretty frightening, then again maybe not, but nonetheless this shirt rocks!

One of the October Loot Crate exclusives was the Sledgesaw Hammer Pen by Capcom in support of Dead Rising. I can see that this will now be my new writing instrument of choice. I absolutely can’t wait to begin answering questions about this one, especially when I pull it out to take notes during a meeting or press conference.

Being that I am a huge, huge fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the cutesy “Oh, Brother” Art Print from SuperEmoFriends was a wonderful crate surprise. I without a doubt need to get a frame for this and place it on my desk as soon as humanly possible.

The crate also contained some wonderful reading material such as the uber informative “How To Survive A Sharnado” guidebook because … well you never know! There was also a Walking Dead comic included with an exclusive Loot Crate cover. I have already read the issue from front to back and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Also included in the crate were Loot Crate Labs Slashes and Bites Temporary Tattoos, a piece of Toxic Waste Candy, and a Smite gift card!  Overall, that is a ton of products for a monthly price that equals out to just under $20.00 per month. You really can’t beat it!

Now we are on the edge of our seats to see what goodies will be in next moth’s epic Loot Crate!

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Mr. Incredible And Batgirl Duke It Out On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame


(PCM) A new viral video is making the rounds on the internet which showcases a scuffle that took place between costumed characters, Mr. Incredible and Batgirl.

As if that was not odd enough, another individual dressed as Chewbacca jumps in and tries to break up the fight with no avail. Next, Where’s Waldo and Freddy Kruger jump into the fight and trust, me we couldn’t make this up even if we tried.

Can you just imagine the sight of all these icon pop culture character embattled in an epic throw down on the streets of Los Angeles?

The fight broke out just in front of the famous TCL Chinese Theater on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. There is no official word on what initially caused the fight, but the costumed characters that often frequent the Hollywood Walk of Fame are often incredibly territorial about their spots and placement on the block.

The video was captured by, as they so happened to be the right place at the right now filming footage for another event that was taking place at the TCL Chinese Theater that evening.

You can see the absolutely stunned look on the face of several tourists who witnessed the fight and currently authorities are looking into the situation now that the video of the incident has surfaced.

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