Winners Revealed For The Inaugural People Magazine Awards


(PCM) Hopefully you were able to catch the live telecast of the inaugural “People Magazine Awards” which aired last night on NBC. In case you missed it, we are pleased to bring you a complete list of this year’s award recipients.

The star-studded event special and snapshot of the year in pop culture was hosted by Nick Cannon.

Presenters included Jeff Bridges, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Eric Dane, Josh Gad, Josh Groban, Diane Guerrero, Ryan Guzman, Sean Hayes, John Krasinski, Elisabeth Moss, Ryan Phillippe, Nicole Richie, Melissa Rivers and Roselyn Sanchez.

The first ever People Magazine Award winners are:

Movie Performance of the Year – Actress
Jennifer Aniston

Breakout Star of the Year
Billy Eichner

Television Performance of the Year – Actor
Jon Hamm


Comedy Star of the Year
Kevin Hart

Role Model
Kate Hudson

On Screen TV Couple of the Year
Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina,

Movie Performance of the Year – Actor
Michael Keaton

Model of the Year
Karlie Kloss

Television Performance of the Year – Actress
Lisa Kudrow

Triple Threat
Jennifer Lopez

Next Generation Star
Chloë Grace Moretz

Hero of the Year Award
Nora Sandigo


Style Icon recipient
Gwen Stefani

People’s Sexiest Woman
Kate Upton

“The PEOPLE Magazine Awards” was produced by dick clark productions. Allen Shapiro, Mike Mahan, Barry Adelman and Mark Shapiro from dick clark productions are Executive Producers, along with Carol Donovan and Michael Dempsey. “The People Magazine Awards” are sponsored by L’Oréal Paris and Kohl’s.

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A Complete List Of Reddit Initialisms, Acronyms And Terminology


(PCM) If you are anything like us that you have probably found yourself with a healthy addiction to the self-title front page of the internet lovingly known as Reddit.

When weeding through the comments on one of our recent postings, we came upon an initialism/acronym that we didn’t recognize, as there are so very many nowadays. This got us thinking that perhaps there are others who are just as clueless when it comes to understanding a lot of Reddit speak which can be chock full of initialisms and acronyms that stand for a variety of different phrases.

We have put together a complete list of some of the more common ( and less common) Reddit/online initialisms/acronyms and terms that you may see floating around in your news feeds. Please feel free to comment and add any others that you feel that we may have missed.

AMA = Ask Me Anything
AMAA = Ask Me Almost Anything
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
Cake Day = A users anniversary of joining Reddit
CCW = Comment And Criticism Welcome
DEA = Does Anybody/Anyone Else
DIAF = Die In A Fire
Difficulty Level: X = A successful feat that holds unique challenges for its’ subject
Downvote = to dislike a post or comment
DM ; HS = Doesn’t Matter, Had Sex
ELI5 = Explain Like I’m Five
ENT = a big part of r/trees part of Reddit’s pot smoking community
FIFY = Fixed It For You
FSM = Flying Spaghetti Monster
FTFY = Fixed That For You
FWP = First World Problems
GGG = Reference to the Good Guy Greg or Good Girl Gina meme
GTFO = Get The F**k Out
HIFW = How I Feel When
HMB = Hold My Beer
I Have The Weirdest Boner Right Now = An inappropriate response to news that is not meant to be arousing
IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer
IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
IMO = In My Opinion
IRL = In Real Life
ITT = In This Thread
Karma = Absolute sum of upvotes or downvotes, consists of link and comment karma
karmawhore = person who is accused of posting just for karma points
Lurker  = user who frequently visits Reddit but does not contribute by posting
LSHMSFOAIDMT = Laugh So Hard My Sombrero Fall Off And I Drop My Taco
MFW = My Face When
MIC = More In Comment
NSFL = Not Safe For Life
NSFW = Not Safe For Work
OAG = Overly Attached Girlfriend meme
OC = Original Content
OP = Original Poster
Orangered = the term used the little red envelope that indicates a message
SMH = Shaking My Head
SO = Significant Other
SRS= S**t Reddit Says
TIL = Today I Learned
TL;DR = Too Long, Didn’t Read
Troll = User who does something just to get a rise out of another
WIP = Work In Progress
Woosh = Previous commenter didn’t get the joke and it went over their head
X-Post = A link that has already been submitted to a different subreddit.
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary
YSK = You Should Know
YTMND= You’re The Man Now Dog


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Today Is National Maple Syrup Day! Grab Some Pancakes And Dig In!


(PCM) We are not really sure why National Maple Syrup Day happens to fall right smack in the middle of December or the origins as to why it exists in the first place, but somebody had to pay homage to ooey goodness that is warm maple syrup, so why not today!

The incredibly sweet and unique flavor of maple syrup was first discovered by the Native Americans who came up with a way to harvest and boil the sap of a maple tree into a thick syrup. The sap of the maple tree begins to flow in late winter, so that may be the reason the this day was chosen to celebrate this gooey treat.

If you are looking for few ways to celebrate National Maple Syrup Day you could start the day off by having a delicious breakfast of pancakes or waffles covered in warm real maple syrup. Maple Syrup can also be poured over vanilla ice cream for a dessert twist later in the day as well.

Also, we were very surprised to learn that the sap of the maple tree can also be used as a beverage. Leave some sap in the fridge and grab a cold sip whenever you are inclined. The sap can also be drank as it is being harvested from the tree.

It should also be noted that pancake syrup is not the same as real maple syrup. Unless the ingredients on the bottle list maple syrup, it is no longer contained in bottles of pancake syrup. Today would definitely be the day to splurge a little bit and get your hands on some of the real stuff .. trust us .. you will certainly be in for a treat.


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NASA Interns Parody Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”


(PCM) Who said an internship at NASA couldn’t be fun? A group of NASA interns have created a hilarious parody of the hit Meghan Trainor song “All About That Bass” changing the title to “All About That Space” showcasing their love for all things intergalactic.

The video specifically spotlights NASA’s new space exploration craft Orion and the interns delightfully dance their way around the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

As you may have read, the Orion spacecraft completed it’s very first successful space flight back on December 5th and the video was created to help keep the excitement going about the spacecraft and its’ mission to one day take astronauts to the planet Mars.

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Walker Stalker Con 2014 Provides Plenty Of Fanfare Along With A Little Bit Of Frustration


(PCM) We have returned home for quite a hectic weekend attending Walker Stalker Con 2014 which was held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ. To say that everything went off with out a hitch would be an outright lie, but I can say that there was a fairly healthy balance to the pros and cons of attending this particular fan convention.

One thing that everyone involved with putting together Walker Stalker Con needs to keep in mind is to never underestimate the veracity and fervor of Walking Dead fans. They are some of the most devoted fans I have ever witnessed and they are undoubtly the reason that The Walking Dead has become just so insanely popular. The turnout for Walker Stalker Con NY/NJ was insane and it was quite obvious that those in charge were ill-prepared to deal with such a massive amount of attendees.


My advice to those who put Walker Stalker Con together would be to without a doubt look into moving the convention into a bigger venue in the New York or New Jersey area the next time around. While the Meadowlands Exposition Center is a nice venue, it just did not have what it takes to contain the overwhelming amount of people who turned out for this event.

In fact at one point, only about an hour after the doors opened the fire marshal had to step in and shut things down for a few hours as the building was way over capacity and the Con was ridiculously oversold. Fans who purchased tickets, both VIP and General Admission, who attempted to step back outside the Expo Center for some fresh air or grab a bit to eat were furious when they were told due to the fire marshals orders they were not allowed to reenter the building until some of the crowds began to dissipate.


You can only imagine the frustration for these individuals, some of who spent upwards of $300 to $400 dollars for both autographs and photo ops, as well as, VIP credentials to be turned away when attempting to re-enter the convention. Needless to say, we witnessed quite a few choice words being tossed around outside, as many, ourselves included, were forced to stand out in the freezing cold for about an hour or two. Many of the volunteers working the Con had absolutely no clue what was going on and were consistently giving people wrong information.

In fact, we have to note that we have never been to a convention where we’ve witnessed more volunteers taking selfies and cell phone shots with the talent than this one. In our opinion this is a tad bit unprofessional, as they appeared to be behaving more like fans rather than professionals working an event whose job it is to be sure that the event runs smoothly. Not to say that the hard working volunteers don’t deserve some time to grab a pic or two with their favorite talent, we ourselves as media have plenty of snaps with various celebs, but there is a time and place which is most certainly not in the middle of all the chaos while the event is running full swing.


We certainly keep in mind that Walker Stalker Con is only one year old, so of course there are going to be growing pains along the way which we are sure the organizers will have worked out by the time Walker Stalker Con 2015 rolls around.

Once inside the convention things began to smooth out quite a bit and it was incredible to see so many zombie, horror, and sci-fi fans all gathered together in one place. Despite some of my nit picky criticisms about the organization for both the autograph/meet&greet lines and witnessing a slew of VIPs not getting anything close to the experience they were promised, the talent and their incredible demeanor certainly made everyone way more forgiving.


Actor Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead certainly drew in Walker Stalker Cons longest lines of the day, along with present and past cast mates such as Steven Yuen, David Morrissey and Emily Kinney having fairly large draws as well. Walker Stalker Con is a convention that was funded by fans for fans and it was a beautiful to witness the reactions of fans as they were able to meet and interact with so many of their favorite actors and actresses in such an up close and personal way. We can’t tell you how many tears of joy we saw streaming down the faces of fans after these encounters and they surely created memories that will last a lifetime.

It was also wonderful to see a cast of individuals who are certainly willing to go above and beyond for their fans. Many of the celebs in attendance took no breaks signing autographs and posing for photos with the thousands of fans in attendance to be sure that everyone got the experience of a lifetime. Being there since around 9am, many of the actors did not leave the convention center until nearly 10pm that night! If that doesn’t speak volumes for the type of people that make up this cast than I don’t know what can…just an amazing group of people.


We can say that the organizers of Walker Stalker Con did a fantastic job of booking talent that does not often appear at many of the other conventions held throughout the country, so fans were able to get a lot of bang for their buck in being able to meet nearly the entire cast of The Walking Dead, past and present. It was also wonderful to meet and interact with cast from George Romero’s “Night Of The Living Dead” film franchises, as well as, AMC’s Comic Book Men with a surprise appearance by Brian “Q” Quinn of Impractical Jokers, and of course the lovely Mike and Evan from Science Channels Oddities.

The next Walker Stalker Con will be taking place in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center on January 30 through February 1st 2015. It is our hope that organizers will look into the many comments and concerns from attendees in order to make Walker Stalker Con the very best it can be for years to come.


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