Cowardly Lion Costume From The Wizard Of Oz Sells For $3 Million


(PCM) Talk about making a pop culture pay day, the infamous Cowardly Lion costume worn by actor Burt Lahr in the classic film “The Wizard Of Oz” sold for over $3 million dollars at a recent Bonham’s auction in New York City.

Auctioned off at Bonhams’ Turner Classic Movie Presents… There’s No Place Like Hollywood, the Cowardly Lion costume is verified as the same costume worn by Bert Lahr during the 1939 production of the classic, The Wizard of Oz.

Made of real lion hides, the costume was discoverd folded and tucked away in one of the oldes buildings on MGM’s lot and was aqcuired by The Comisar Collection and owned by Los Angelos TV founder James Comisar.

Several lion costumes were created for the production of The Wizard of Oz but the costume department ran into issues with consistency; most lion hides have distinct swirls and patterns, making it hard to have a uniform lion costume.

As a result, Lahr had to wear the same costume for every day of production, requiring the costume department to dry the costume every night in an industrial sized dryer in order to dry out all of the sweat produced by Lahr under the bright Technicolor production lights.

According to the New York Daily News, the face is sculpted to the likeness of the late actor and according to a spokesperson for costume owner James Comisar, there was a secondary costume that was used in the film that also recently sold at auction for over $1 million dollars.

Comisar says that he plans to use the money that he received from selling the Cowardly Lion costume to further invest in his exhibit and collection of TV memorabilia that includes items from “I Love Lucy” and “Lost” to name a few.

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Uber’s Use Of Their ‘God View’ Tool Leads To An Investigation


(PCM) An executive at the popular ride sharing company Uber is currently under investigation after he used the company’s ‘God View’ tool to track the movements of a journalist who was on her way to meet him.

Johana Bhuiyan, a journalist for Buzzfeed, claims that her movements and activity were tracked without her permission and she along with several others are now looking for answers.

Bhuiyan claims that when she arrived at Uber’s Long Island Headquarters in New York, Josh Mohrer, a general manager of Uber New York was waiting for her when she arrived. He reportedly pointed to his iPhone and commented “I was tracking you”.

This raises some serious concerns about Uber’s customer privacy policy especially when it comes to geolocation data and information.

Uber’s own security policy says that they are not allowed to check a customers riding history and by Mohrer admitting to tracking Bhuiyan they have already broken their own policy. The “God View’ tool is supposedly only available to those employees at a corporate level.

In yet another shady encounter with a journalist, who just so happens to also be from Buzzfeed, Uber VP for business, Emil Michael spoke with their editor-in-chief Ben Smith and claimed he wished to unearth and broadcast embarrassing facts about journalists who criticized his company.

The conversation with Smith occurred at a dinner party set up by Uber to launch a more cordial relationship with the media, however it has now put Michael under investigation as well.

Many people feel that give these recent allegations that Uber is not concerned with the importance of customer privacy. Thus far the company has issued no comment on the investigation.

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How Does Your State Rank On The Thanksgiving Misery List?


(PCM) Real estate blog Estately has put together a list that ranks all of the U.S. States to determine whether or not they are due to have a miserable Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday that is all about giving thanks and appreciation for our bounty in life, however we all know that in reality it is filled with burnt food, arguing relatives, too much drinking, and of course the stress of gearing up for those endless Black Friday sales.

Estately compiled their list based on six key factors to determine which states are most likely to have a less than “thankful” and bit more miserable Thanksgiving this year. The factors included the likelihood of a family food poisoning episode, the likelihood of relatives getting drunk and making a scene, the likelihood of political arguments, dietary restrictions impacting food quality, favorite NFL teams losing on Thanksgiving day games and of course the likelihood of everyone guests and cook alike abandoning the meal to shop a Black Friday sale.

We are very sorry to the good folks of Ohio, but it appears that they have the honor of being ranked the number one most miserable state to be in for Thanksgiving. Iowa and Pennsylvania round out the top three followed by Arizona, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Alaska, Maine, Virginia and Missouri making up the top ten.

According to the list the very best states to spend Thanksgiving would be places such as Hawaii, New Mexico or Arkansas. Where does your state rank? Do you agree with this list?

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“Drunk Girl In Public” Star Apologizes For Hoax Video


(PCM) After receiving quite a bit of negative backlash online after it was revealed that the viral video “Drunk Girl In Public” was a hoax, star Jennifer Box has issued a public apology.

The video was released shortly after the viral video that featured a woman being catcalled on the streets hit the net and featured an allegedly intoxicated Box walking down Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles. In the video she appears lost and is looking for directions, during which she is propositioned by several men who are attempting to lure her to their homes and take advantage of her.

The “social experiment” video, as it is now being called, sparked a ton of public outrage online as people were horrified that the men would be attempting to take advantage of a clearly impaired female.

Box has now released a statement and public apology claiming that the film’s producers tricked her into believing that the video would not be passed off as being real. In her apology she claims that she was hired as an actress for the video which she was told was for a “light-hearted prank show” and the men were actually incredible gentlemen during the filming, as they were hired as actors as well.


She apologizes for the poor characterization of men that was portrayed in the video and the drama that it has caused. Overall the video received well over 12 million views on YouTube before it was finally made private. The Smoking was the first to reveal that the video was indeed a hoax and the filmmakers have yet to comment on the issue.


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Grandmas Get High and Play Cards Against Humanity, Hilarity Ensues

Marijuana(PCM) If you’re in the need for a good wholesome laugh to usher in the beginning of the end of the week, look no further than Cut’s video of three sweet grandmothers all smoking marijuana for the first time and hanging out.

Cut, a media/news/publishing outlet uploaded the video to their Youtube page, Cut Video, on Wednesday. Within hours the video went viral, gaining over 5 million views after being shared by various popular outlets like BroBible, social networking site Reddit, and more recently Buzzfeed.

The six minute long video starts with a music video-worthy slo-mo shot of the three grandmothers taking hits from a bong while JenRo’s “Malt Liquor” sets the scene before cutting to grandmothers introducing themselves, pre-hit.

All three acknowledge that they’ve never smoked pot before, saying that they were too busy raising their children or had never forayed into the land of illegal drugs, content smoking cigarettes and drinking cocktails as housewives.


Filming in Washington, one of four states in the U.S. where recreational use of marijuana is legal, the grandmothers proceed to take turns hitting a bong. Doing their amateur’s best, each grandma takes a rip, one even coaching the other one, saying, “There, do it like you mean it!”

The sight of three affable, straight-laced grandmas taking hits from a bong, then a vape is enough to inspire laughter, but the three go on to discuss various topics, play a short-lived game of jenga, and learn new words while playing Cards Against Humanity.

Reactions have been mixed with most people embracing the humor of the video, recognizing that three women in the 60+ age range partaking in a recreational drug is hardly harmful or offensive, but some have called the women and those who created the video poor role models, citing marijuana’s status as illegal in the majority of states and its possibly harmful and unstudied effects.

Watch the extended cut of Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time below and visit  Cut’s Facebook and website here.

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