New Jersey Professor Suspended Over Game Of Thrones Picture


(PCM) Francis Schmidt, who is an art professor at Bergen Community College in New Jersey, claims that he was put on an eight day suspension after he posted a photo online of his daughter wearing a Game Of Thrones t-shirt.

The text on the t-shirt featured a quote from the HBO hit series which read “I will take what is mine with fire & blood”.  According to Schmidt, a school official saw the image posted online and perceived it as a threat and reported Schmidt.

The school officials who laid down Schmidt’s disciplinary action were questioned whether or not the reference was meant as a threat against the dean.

We are sure that Schmidt is going to appeal the school over his suspension and the school is calling the situation a private matter.

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Nintendo’s Original Game Boy Turns 25 Today!


(PCM) Gosh…we are really starting to feel our age! Today, marks the 25th birthday of Nintendo’s iconic Game Boy hand-held gaming system. A Japanese firm released the very first 8-bit Game Boy on April 21st 1989 and we are sure no one at the time knew just the impact that it would have on the gaming industry as we know it today.

We remember begging our parents for one of these back in the early 90′s! The Game Boy marked a true revolution in the world of hand-held gaming by allowing players to take their favorite games such as Mario, Tetris and Donkey Kong on the go and there was no looking back ever since.

While Nintendo was not the first company to come up with the idea for portable gaming, both their price point and incredibly popular and addictive games made the Game Boy a must have for gamers and truly helped Nintendo make their mark in pop culture history.

While the Game Boy itself has been discontinued, it has certainly laid the groundwork for the faster and sleeker hand-held gaming consoles that are available today, as well as, many if not all of the smartphone games we find ourselves engrossed in currently.

Nintendo sold almost 119 million original Game Boy consoles when they were initially released and then another 81.5 million of the next-generation Game Boy Advance consoles, which were later launched in 2001.

Sometimes we truly miss the simplicity of those big red A + B buttons and large cross-directional pad, as it makes us want to dig out our original just for old times sake. We are certainly all about embracing technology and moving forward with the times, but every so often a trip down memory lane can be therapeutic. Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy…we still love you!

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Construction Set To Begin On The World’s Tallest Building


(PCM) Construction is set to begin on the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia, which when completed will have the prestige of being named the tallest building in the world.

The planned tower will stand 1 kilometer high and is rumored to have the cost of $1.23 billion to complete. The tower requires 5.7 million square feet of concrete and over 80,000 tons of steel. It is said to trump the current tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai by almost 600 feet.

The planned location for the Kingdom Tower will be in the city of Jeddah which is located along the coast of the Red Sea. There are also plans for a 98-foot terrace that will be placed on the buildings 157th floor.  In addition to the terrace, Kingdom Tower will house a Four Seasons hotel, luxury condominiums and office space.

The tower is the first phase of the planned Jeddah Economic Company’s approximately $20 billion, 17 million-square-foot Kingdom City project, of which Kingdom Tower will be the main focal point.

Definitely one to steer clear of for those that are afraid of heights, but definitely well on its’ way to making the record books once it has been completed.



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Pennsylvania Teen Suspended For Asking Miss America To The Prom


(PCM) Here we see yet another case of a school district taking things a little too far! When 18-year old high school student Patrick Farves asked Miss America Nina Davuluri to the prom, we are sure he never expected it to result in a three day in-school suspension.

Davuluri was making an appearance at Central York High School to speak with students about diversity and the importance of science, technology, engineering and math studies.

During a question and answer session with Davuluri, Farves, who is a senior, stood up and asked Davuluri is she would accompany him to the senior prom, before proceeding to walk up to the stage with a plastic flower. Davuluri giggled and the student body cheered for Farves.

School officials say that they did have advance warning that Farves was planning on popping the prom question to Davuluri and warned him ahead of time not to do it and that there would be consequences. Farves has since apologized for disrupting the school event.

Does anyone else think that a three day in-school suspension seems a bit harsh in this situation? I think the whole thing is adorable and what teen boy wouldn’t jump at the chance to ask Miss America to the prom?

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George Zimmerman Did Not Paint A Picture Of Trayvon Martin And Sell It!


(PCM) Despite reports to the contrary, George Zimmerman did NOT sell a painting of Trayvon Martin for $30,000 dollars. The news was first reported via the satirical news website, The News Nerd and many people are falling victim to believing in this newest viral hoax.

The News Nerd featured an image of George Zimmerman holding up a painting that he allegedly made featuring Travyon Martin against the backdrop of an American Flag featuring the words “God one nation with liberty and justice for all.”

Despite the fact that is quite easy to see that the image has been photoshopped together, many people began sharing the story via social media and it has created an outrage. Many were commenting that they were sickened and disgusted by the painting and none bothered to find out if the story was either true or false.

Had this been a true story, then yes we certainly agree that it would be incredibly disturbing and downright offensive, however this is not the case, at least this time. Zimmerman has been using his fame from the tragic case to make a bit of cash and even went as far as to do a painting of some of the other people involved with the prosecution for his case in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The AP has since filed a cease and desist letter claiming Zimmerman’s painting was a copy of one of their photos.

Zimmerman claims that painting is a theraputic activity for him and something he can safely do indoors. One of his painting that features the same phrase as the alleged Trayvon Martin painting is rumored to have fetched up to $100, 000 dollars.

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